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Each week I have the great opportunity to meet another guild and learn a little about their journey in SWTOR. This week is no different, but with one minor exception…we get to meet one community compromised of three guilds. These three guilds all fall under the Legendary banner, Legendary Guild – their Republic progression guild, Legendary After Dark – their Imperial guild and Elysium – their Republic leveling guild. Having talked to several guild leaders in my time writing these articles, I know it takes time, organization and great leadership to run one guild, let alone three guilds. We will learn more about a couple of their leaders, the guilds themselves and how they manage all of it while still having a good time playing SWTOR.

Let’s get Legendary to the third power after the Jump…






  • Guild Q&A

How did Legendary get started and when? Is SWTOR the first game for this guild? What other games does Legendary have a presence or will have?

Vriff: Legendary was founded on 12/22/11 in SWTOR on one of the lightest servers, Axial Park. SWTOR is the first game for this iteration of <Legendary> itself, but I have founded and led guilds in past games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Astroempires, etc.  I was the first guildmaster of Legendary, followed by Merwin, and now Decayeth. I am the only founding player still playing.  SWTOR is the only game we have a presence in at the moment, but we will be expanding to Star Citizen when it releases.

On our original server we were the largest guild, and the only republic guild to down the Nightmare modes (at the time EV and KP), honestly if it wasn’t for guilds like us and Phoenix Rising (after several iterations they are now known as our sister guild, Birds of Prey) there wouldn’t have been any endgame or 50 PvP on Axial Park.



Can each of the guild leaders tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in Legendary?

Decayeth: My name is Christan aka “Decayeth”, I’m 40ish years old, a father and a software developer. I started to play the game shortly after launch, putting an end to a long hiatus in video games. SWTOR is my first MMO. I was invited to the guild by someone with whom I was leveling and datacron hunting. When I reached level 50, I was among the 2nd wave of 50s. Being French Canadian, I wasn’t too sure I would be given a chance to raid but the officers and guild members were really nice to me and soon took me in their operations. During the summer of 2012, I became an officer after being involved with the overhaul of the website. I came up with a sign-up system that included a fair raid level ranking that allowed flexible groups and rewrote the guild rules. After both Vriff and Merwin had resigned as guild masters, I was elected to be the “technical guild master,” a title I prefer to be “guild leader.”

VriffVriff:  Well, I was chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, when three other people were looking for a 4th to do Hammer Station, I joined the group, we faceplanted. After that, I just asked “Hey, you guys want to start a guild?”, and <Legendary> was born (the original name was going to be Legends of the Old Republic, but we decided that was too bloated).  As for about me, I’m a Computer Science and Mathematics student, and I live in the (usually not so) great state of Tennessee.  I’ve lead many past guilds across many games but <Legendary> is the first to have such great success.



Legendary has a multi guild presence in SWTOR correct? Can you tell us the three different SWTOR guilds associated with Legendary?

Decayeth: Yes, the Legendary community is comprised of three guilds in SWTOR, <Legendary Guild>, <Legendary After Dark>, and <Elysium>. The three guilds are found on the Jedi Covenant server.

 Legendary banner


Now that we know there are three different guilds under the Legendary banner, what are some of the differences and reasons for having three separate guilds?

Decayeth:  <Legendary Guild> is our raiding and progression guild, it has more than 170 active accounts, 450 toons of which a vast majority are level 55. The guild tries to be the best balance between casual and hardcore, social and progression on the server and I think the officers have worked really hard to achieve that goal above their own interests. <Legendary After Dark> is currently growing up to be <Legendary Guild>’s imperial equivalent.   <Elysium> is our leveling guild, meant to recruit new players and level our alts.

Vriff: Elysium was formed by myself because LG was always near the player cap and we still wanted to expand, and draw in new blood but could not due to our size.  The guild, After Dark exists well, because we can’t share guilds between factions, haha.



The progression focused part of the guild, is known as Legendary in SWTOR correct? What does it take to be a progression raider?

Decayeth:  As a guild leader, I see progression, on different levels. I see the progression of the guild, each team’s progression, overall progression of your sign-ups then individual progression. I feel that a as progression raider, you must have and feel the drive to achieve more and be the best you can be, both individually and as a group. You need to prepare yourself and know your class, gear, rotation and fights you are about to engage. You have to respect your fellow raiders and help nourish respectful and fun group chemistry. Finally, you have to understand that there will always be someone better than you at the class and that you may have to step down for them to shine. In the end, progression raiding means that everything pushes you and drives you to be better no matter what.

Vriff: It’s technically known as <Legendary Guild> due to our original guild name being taken, but we do go by Legendary.  Decayeth covered the rules better than I ever could lol.

 Legendary Guild


How does Elysium help prepare players that want to move up?

Decayeth: <Elysium> is a pure leveling guild. They may run flashpoints and may sign-up on our story mode operations when they hit 50 or 55. If then enjoy raiding, they can move up to <Legendary Guild> at any time.

Vriff: Since <Elysium> holds many, many of our alts it’s a place where newbies of all kinds can get advice and help from our experienced players.



What has been the biggest achievement for Legendary as far as Operation progression so far?

Decayeth: I think our biggest achievement, is the ability to maintain progression, while retaining a balance between casual and hardcore gaming. We also strive to promote social and progression without being cliquish or elitist. It would have been very easy to stack 8 officers or best members in one group like other guilds do. We now have 4 fixed teams, 3 of which who have SNV HM on farm, have cleared the Withering Horror in TFB NiM and teach TFB HM and SNV HM to our core members.

 Karaggas PalaceTFB

Vriff: I haven’t been involved in much progression since I started playing again, but for me it was when we downed Kephess Hard mode before EC NiM came out right before I left the game.  We named one of our officers, Hinso, The Kephess Killer because we were all dead and he solo’d Kephess down from around 40k HP alone and downed it for us.


Although, a whole part of the Legendary family is working on being the best and having the best gear to clear Operations, how does each one of the various guilds help to stay to true to the guild’s philosophy of the game should be fun? Are there specific events the Legendary guilds host to help guild members have more fun?

Decayeth:  Progression should never be done at the cost of alienating core members.  For a long time, we had no fixed teams. We decided to allow fixed teams on specific evenings of the week, but the rest of the time have remained true to our origins with sign-ups. Every week, we try to do 8man or 16man story modes to include as much members as possible and will often goof a lot during those. We’re always having a blast even when wiping.  We often do “silly” and “challenging” runs, for example: we have 5-6 manned TFB SM up to Kephess without tanks; we 8 manned SNV SM without tanks; a few have tried two-manning EC SM or EV SM. Since we are a very social guild, we often have many people in Teamspeak just chillin’ around. Members from GAF and Ascension are often in channel with us. Carterr (GAF’s guild master) and I are both on the same page when it comes to the benefits of being strong sister guilds and often discuss about the challenges of leadership.

Vriff: Decayeth covered it well, we’re all about everyone having fun, and we’re dedicated to keeping that our priority. If someone cannot have fun, or wants people to treat the game like a second job, they’re usually not a great fit for us.

 the crew


Primarily the Legendary guilds are Republic, but Legendary After Dark is an Imperial guild correct? Is this for a change of pace, a full fledge Imperial guild, or a bit of both? Are there plans for a future Imperial progression guild?

Decayeth: Correct, I would say Legendary After Dark is a bit of both. We have always been a Republic guild first and foremost, but lately have a few officers who are taking care of the imperial side. Yoggy has been doing a fantastic job and we know he has our traditions at heart. I feel like <Legendary After Dark> is where <Legendary Guild> was six months ago and I think they are on their own progression right now, slowly but surely.



Are the guilds within Legendary recruiting? If so which guilds are recruiting? Are there specific needs for each of the guilds, in regards to advance classes or player roles?

Decayeth:  Yes, every guild is recruiting for their own respective needs. <Legendary Guild> is currently recruiting raiding toons, we are looking for strong standbys, especially DPS, for our fixed teams with the objective of building more teams. <Legendary After Dark> wants to increase their numbers so they get to run more stuff. <Elsyium> will recruit anyone leveling.

Vriff:  Legendary Guild is mostly recruiting DPS that can do at least 2600+ DPS parses on the dummy, but Elysium and After  Dark are pretty much recruiting anyone interested.



In the Elysium part of Legendary, is it used to help teach and mentor future progression Ops players? What are some basic techniques or tips you give guild members as they learn to gear their characters and run more endgame content?

Decayeth: <Elysium> is really a leveling guild. Members can run Flashpoints and even the beginning story mode Ops there, but there’s no teaching and mentoring done within <Elysium> since there is no progression per se. As soon as they reach level 55, they can join <Legendary Guild> where we do all of the mentoring and where we do end game content. A few members have already joined <Legendary Guild> but the core members are probably free to play or preferred members.



Does the Legendary guild participate on the PTS? If so has the guild tried any of the new content that will be in Update 2.4, primarily the two new Operations?

Decayeth: Sometimes our members participate on the Public Test Server.  We were mostly active before Update 2.0 was released. We have a few members who have played the new PVP arenas in 2.4 and some of our members have tried the new operations, but our fixed teams are pretty much still doing the current released operations and tackling Terror from Beyond Nightmare. We are definitively looking forward to the new content, including the new operations, but mostly the Super Secret Space Project.

Vriff:  As a guild, no, we do not, several of our players do play around on it though.



How is the best way for players to contact someone about being a part of the Legendary family of guilds? Are there steps players need to take when they submit an application via your website?

 Vriff: The best way is to contact us via our website. The steps they need to take are filling out the application to join, but if they’re interested in one of our raid teams, they need to talk to Vriff, Zyanna, or Decayeth.


Thanks to the Legendary group of guilds. It was a great pleasure to get to know a little bit about their guilds and how they operate. I would like to wish all the members on each of their guilds all the best in-game and in everything they do. A huge hand in making this article possible goes to two of the guilds’ leaders, Decayeth and Vriff. It was them taking the time to reply to my emails and answer the questions that made this article possible. If you are on the Jedi Covenant server and looking for a Republic progression guild, or are looking for a Republic leveling guild or if you have an Imperial character looking for a guild I would suggest contacting the Legendary Guilds via their website.

If you would like to possibly have your guild, like the guilds in Legendary, highlighted on Community Checkpoint…all you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, We love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!



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