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  • Better Than Hacks – Galactic Republic

Many have asked, why don’t we hear from more PVP guilds? Well, this week we get to meet a guild that is all about PVP. We welcome the guild Better Than Hacks to Community Checkpoint. This guild has recently merged to help have the guild base to pursue their goal of being one of the top PVP guilds. MrJurgens, one of the main leaders, answers our questions and talks honestly about PVP in SWTOR. If you like PVP or curious to learn more about the mindset of some true PVPers, this is the article for you.

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  • Guild Q&A

How did the guild get started? This guild has recently merged with the No Shenanigans guild right? How has the merger gone so far? What server is Better Than Hacks on?

Better Than Hacks started with a core group of players, most who have been around since launch. Their presence, however, was pretty sporadic. BTH disbanded and reformed multiple times in the past mainly due to mergers that happened to be unsuccessful. It was an on and off thing.

On My Way (formerly No Shenanigans) started as a PVP/PVE guild called Republic Underworld on The Fatman, in early March of 2012. The Republic Underworld went nowhere when it came to clearing any content. We were just a very social guild and recruited anyone who wanted to be in a guild.

It wasn’t until November of last year that I decided that I did not like PVE, so I took what few hardcore PVP’ers Republic Underworld had and formed a new PVP guild. Unfortunately, the guild did not take off as planned, and most if not all of the players who joined that guild do not play anymore.

I do have a few close friends in-game who have followed me throughout unsuccessful guilds that couldn’t take off, and some friends of friends who I happened to meet and befriend and finally ended up forming No Shenanigans in July/August. We had a last minute name change to On My Way, but has since been overwritten by the new merger with Better Than Hacks.

I’m guessing my goal of running a successful PVP guild took some trial and error, but I think my friends and I can finally breathe a little as we may have something very strong, hopefully to become one of the strongest communities in PVP.

The guildmaster of Better Than Hacks was Briskid, until the merger with On My Way initiated. I was the guildmaster of On My Way, and since the merger I have absorbed virtually all guildmaster powers and duties.

BTH logoSo far the merger has been very smooth. We’ve gotten almost everyone from On My Way, and the few folks from Better Than Hacks seem to share most if not all of our ideals and skills. It’s been a great merger, and I couldn’t be happier with the direction we’ll be headed come 2.4 and beyond!

Better Than Hacks is on the east coast PVP server, Prophecy of the Five!



Besides being on a PVP server, the guild’s focus is mostly PVP correct? Is this strictly Warzones, Ranked PVP, “ganking” or some combination of them all? How is the guild fairing in Ranked PVP?

The guild’s main and only focus is PVP. If any of us do any PVE, it’s just when we’re leveling out alts outside of Warzones or we’re doing dailies or any other form of PVE for credits, crafting, etc. The amount of PVE we do is very, very light.

We do a combination of Warzones and WPVP. Some of the members from Better Than Hacks and On My Way have Ranked WZ experience and ratings, but neither side has run together nor has the community of the merger run together due to several reasons; such as the Ranked community diminishing, virtually no Ranked queue pops, etc.

The main reason why I wanted to lead a PVP guild was to be a force to be reckoned with in Ranked WZs. Unfortunately, once my guild was starting to get somewhere, BioWare announced that they actually never really put any resources in Ranked Warzones and because of that, decided to indefinitely shut that piece of PVP content down.

We were so close, but hopefully Ranked Warzones will be back much sooner(™) than expected and those of us that were interested in running Ranked WZs regularly can take action as soon as it’s back.



Although PVP is high on the guild’s list, how has the membership done in PVE? What are some areas the guild helps newer members in PVE and/or learning PVP?

The PVE the guild does is extremely light.

Newer members are left with a trial rank for a while before being promoted to a regular rank. We help them by grouping up with them for Warzones so they can obtain more comms, gain more experience, get more high-end gear, etc.

On My Way’s side of the merger even has a few lowbie PVP’ers, as some are transfers from other servers! They’re very good in PVP from what I’ve seen, and are grouping up regularly when they can and trying out other lowbies.

We also have a guild bank! Although it’s just one tab, we plan on having 3 tabs where I can put in credits for repairs, and place in medpacs, adrenals, stims, etc. en masse so everyone in the guild can have every advantage possible in PVP.



Speaking of Ranked PVP, what does your guild think about the new Warzone Arenas coming in Update 2.4? What is the guild doing to help prepare for this new form of Warzones?

The way the guild feels about 2.4 is generally a mixed bag. Some of us are just waiting for 2.4, period, but others are pretty pessimistic when it comes to 2.4. We just don’t think class balance is being handled competently, and because of that there will be certain class specs that are going to be shelved – and if seen in Arenas – will be frowned upon.

I happened to catch the live stream of Arenas. From what I saw, in my opinion, I wasn’t really impressed. It seemed to focus too much on DPS and LOS’ing – something I’ve said to most of my guildies in the past. I’m not a big fan at the moment, but hopefully I’ll be able to adjust to it once they’re released.


Everyone is pretty much preparing for Arenas in their own way. Players who transferred from other servers are leveling their lowbies, others who are already level 55 decided to reroll classes they think will do better or will prefer than the ones they already have, others using their current level 55 characters to finish up gearing and capping their commendations.

It does seem many are all over the place when it comes to preparing for such a huge PVP patch, but we’re all on the same page. Some are more eager for the patch than others, but we’re just patiently waiting and all if not almost all of us will be ready when Arenas arrive.



Has the guild or any members been able to go on the PTS and try the new arenas? If so what were the opinions on them, despite still being in testing? If nobody has tested them, what has the guild heard about the arenas, which sounds like a great addition? Are there any concerns about the arenas when Update 2.4 goes live?

Many have really not gone to the PTS. We had one member, but he was more on the pessimistic side when it came to the topic of the Arenas. Overall not anticipated, pretty much thinks he knows what it most likely will end up being, but patiently waiting for the final results.

We’ve heard good things, we’ve heard bad things, but our viewpoints could be mostly a mixed bag. The pessimistic viewpoints in the guild are more out there, but again we’re just waiting for Arenas to come as we’re all in need of some fresh air with PVP content.



Currently, what is the favorite Warzone of Better Than Hacks? Is the guild disappointed to hear Ranked Warzones will be gone when Update 2.4 is added?

This also happens to be a mixed bag, but Alderaan Civil War and Huttball were seen more than others when asked.

Check out two members of Better Than Hacks

fighting off four enemies during a Warzone match


Some of us were disappointed with Ranked Warzones being shutdown indefinitely, and those of us that were unhappy with this decision are hoping they do come back very soon(™). One thing we would like with the return of Ranked Warzones would be for BioWare to care more about its execution. It’s very important for us that BioWare takes this type of content very seriously, as it did have many issues that shouldn’t have been flat out ignored!

There is currently a lot of speculation about the Super Secret Space Project, but there do seems to be rumors of it being possibly PVP in space or at least more freedom of spaceship controls. If it is PVP in space, would this be another PVP goal for the guild?

Most definitely! Space PVP is something we’ll be taking very seriously, and will be another form of PVP content we’ll be tackling at a hardcore level!



Do you feel there needs to be some form of more “open-like” PVP? Would an instanced area be a possible solution, especially if the faction holding the instance would get a buff, crafting material etc.?

PVP in the game does need a major improvement, overall! It is unfortunate WPVP is something BioWare really won’t focus on any time soon due to this game running on a heavily modified pre-alpha engine.

All of my guild members are aware of the issues this engine has caused, and it’s been a discussion brought up several times.

However, if things can and do improve in the future, we are hoping PVP expands with bigger groups and more objectives.

Maybe BioWare can release a heavily modified version of vanilla Ilum? 😉 Just… hopefully the lag issues are for the most part lessened greatly, and make it to where it’s very, very hard to exploit the content for the rewards.



Is Better Than Hacks currently recruiting? What requirements, if any, do players need to meet to be eligible to join the guild? Are there any specific classes/advance classes the guild needs?

Yes! We’re always recruiting! As guildmaster, I encourage a recruitment system with an open door policy!

We’re looking for PVP’ers who can run with us almost every night, but we definitely understand how real life instances can get in the way. We’d like players who can put in at least 3–4 times. We don’t have a hard-line status on the type of gear you should have, but we recommend you have at least reached full in the first tier of PVP gear.

Exceptions can be made for the most part, as we’re always interested in working with other avid and competent PVP’ers who definitely want to be a part of our community!

One thing that I, as guildmaster, do frown upon is the attitude of elitism. I think some form of elitism is just ugly, and it’s detrimental to the reputation of the guild and the guild’s community. I’d prefer you don’t join if you have that type of character, because from what I’ve noticed most elitists tend to have very huge egos and initiate a lot of rage. It’s not welcoming, it’s not friendly, and it’s not helpful at all. It’s just intimidating, and for the most part just hard to work with.

For the most part, we have no real guild policy, other than to have fun queuing up and to leave the rage for your pillow. We’re going to win games, and we’re going to lose games. It’s that simple.

BTH Pic 1If you look close, you can see

Dizzle(4th from bottom) did over 1.4mil heals and Briskid in his hybrid spec


As for classes, there is nothing specific that we’re looking for. We just want avid and competent PVP’ers who know how to play their roles, and once you’re a part of our community you will be included in everything! We won’t leave anyone behind in gear or experience!



Besides knowing one’s role and class for PVP, what are some basic or even advance tips can you give us to help improve our PVP’ing in SWTOR? What are some common “noob” PVP mistakes?

I encourage players – especially on the Republic side for my server – to group up and form premades! Premade, premade, premade! Get a group of friends, hop into a voice comm if possible and just queue to have fun and dominate! I think more players would be more open to giving PVP a chance if the atmosphere wasn’t as ugly as what it normally is, but I think that’s something you can’t control.

I do believe though that one way of moderating the general attitude of PVP is just to group up with friends and try your best.

Also help yourself! Go online, Google how the mechanics of PVP works, go on the game’s official forums and do some research on your class and the different preferred specs. It’s not that hard, but no one can really help you if you don’t help yourself first!

I think a common “noob” mistake is not buffing yourself after you die and going in without stims. Please, for the love of Greedo, help your main stats and team by buying the high-end stims (which are VERY cheap; ~6k a pop for the most part), utilizing WZ medpacs and adrenals (save up for them if you don’t have any; 60–70k a stack for the most part), and buffing yourself every time you die!



For those seeking to join your guild or learn more about your PVP activities, what is the best way for them to contact you or the guild?

For now, they can post in our outdated recruitment post on the Prophecy of the Five server group forum’s recruitment forums. It’ll be under the “No Shenanigans” guild name. However, our recruitment thread will be changing in the near-future!

Alternatively, I recommend emailing me at, or you can send me a /tell or message to my main Republic characters, Skitty (lv. 55 Scoundrel) or Yveltal (lv. 55 Sentinel).

Additionally, we do have a website you can visit,! Although some of the information provided is somewhat outdated and is given by the former GM of BTH, it’s worth checking out!


That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. Thanks to the guild, Better Than Hacks, for letting us know more about their PVP focused guild. I want to wish the members of the guild all the very best in-game and with everything they do. A special thank you goes to their guild leader, MrJurgens for helping make this article possible. If you have a character of the Prophecy of the Five server and want to focus on PVP, look up the members of Better Than Hacks for an application or maybe see them on the field of battle.

If you would like to possibly have your guild, like Better Than Hacks, highlighted on Community Checkpoint…all you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, We love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!




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