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HoloNet Links #115

So far things have been pretty quiet, as far as news goes. Now, although there have not been any big announcements from BioWare, there are a few small tidbits of news, including one regarding a new change coming in Update 2.4, in regards to color dyes. Of course that is not all we have this week, I scanned through the forums, Youtube, etc and found some interesting content generated by the SWTOR community. October 1st will be here soon, but for now let’s get into this week’s HoloNet Links.

You can dye what now? SWTOR Fan art, fiction & videos after the Jump…





  • SWTOR Music video

Our first SWTOR community creation for this week comes to us in video form. Youtube user, HunterFireFlower, has used in-game video footages, edited together to create a unique look at some possible relationships between companions in SWTOR. Now, saying that about the companions there are some potential spoilers, you have been warned. Another major component to the video is the song Miracle by Shinedown. It has some lyrics that go with the relationships. Check it out and let us know what you think.



  • Dev notes

EricMusco I emplore you Bioware, please let us dye the Lore outfits. | 09.24.2013, 03:05 PM

I come to this thread with some interesting news! Today I learned of a fun, new thing we are adding in Game Update 2.4… the ability to dye lore outfits!
Very handy that this thread was still active in GD so I could deliver this news 🙂


Finally! Thank you BioWare for making this change. I know that there was a good reason for not wanting to have the lore armors colored, but allowing players to have more customization lets them feel more vested in their character. The more players connect with their character, even being allowed to change the armor color, the more time they want to login to the game. The more a player logs onto the game, means they could possibly buy Cartel coins, renew/open a subscription or even if it only creates goodwill among the player base it is a win for you, BioWare.


EricMusco Cassus Fett’s Armor and the Pursuer’s Bounty Pack | 09.24.2013, 02:25 PM

Hey everyone,
I wanted to give everyone a heads up about the Cassus Fett’s Armor coming out in the Pursuer’s Bounty Pack on Thursday and an issue relating to Collections. There are multiple pieces to the Cassus Fett set, one of which is the belt. When the pack goes live on Thursday, the belt will not be required to complete the set in your Collections. (This is a bug, keep reading!)
The belt not being required for Collections will be fixed in Game Update 2.4 on October 1st. What this means is this:

image via tor-fashion

image via tor-fashion

-Between Thursday 9/26 and Tuesday 10/1, you can complete the Collection of Cassus Fett’s armor without the belt.

-If you do not complete the Collection by 10/1, the belt will now be required to do so.

-Note that if you complete the Collection by 10/1, after 2.4 hits if you pull the Collected set down from Collections, it will now correctly have the belt. Basically if you have interest in collecting the set, try to do it before Tuesday! Our bug will make it one step easier for you 🙂

Hopefully that makes sense! Let me know if you have any questions. It is still intended that 2.4 will hit on 10/1, the dates above will move if the release date for 2.4 changes.


Attention ladies and gentlemen, if you want to unlock the Cassus Fett armor in your Collection, without having to get the belt, you have until servers come down for Update 2.4 hitting SWTOR October 1st. I think this is a very fair solution to the bug with the armor and Collection system. This will allow BioWare to make the proper fix, but in the meantime players are being allowed to take advantage of the bug until it is fixed. So, you all have fair warning, now go out there and get the armor from packs or off the GTN.



AmberGreen “Cartel Market Collections” not providing all items in item list. | 09.23.2013, 10:56 AM

Hi there Wasabi,
These descriptions were incorrect until recently, and I’m sorry if there was any confusion regarding them. We made an edit to the way some of the vehicles display within Collections in Game Update 2.3.1 on August 21st and listed the affected speeders in the patch notes. If you look at the description for the Aratech Rose (for instance) under “Vehicles” within Collections, it reads as follows:

The Aratech Rose is an adaptive speeder. This speeder requires level 10 and a minimum Speeder Piloting I.

  • Requires Level 10
  • Initial purchase includes the Legacy Perk: Speeder Piloting I. This Legacy Perk is not included when retrieving this item from Collections.
  • Increased movement speed based on Piloting Skill.
  • This item is exclusive to the Cartel Market




image via

It seems there was some confusion for those people who purchased the Aratech Rose or any speeder that offered the Legacy Perk of Speeder Piloting one. Yes, the speeder was and will remain able to be found in the Collection. The confusion is in regards to the Legacy Perk of Speeder Piloting one. This perk is not automatically given to players even when they get the speeder from their Collection. This was not a bug in-game, but incorrect descriptions. The descriptions, as Amber states, have been corrected.



  • SWTOR Fan Fiction

Mandaloriangirl is back with part three of her story Old Friends and New. It has been awhile since we heard from her, no thanks to Facebook. However she is back with the latest edition to this part of the series. If you need a little refresher, head over to her WordPress site and read part one and part two. Part three of the story picks up with her crew, Shorcuk and Dak, arriving at Lord Saragus’ estate. Na’sha is very happy of course to see her friends, but where is Aiden and why didn’t he come.


Mandaloriangirl writes in a manner that just pulls you in and in a very short amount of time. Having read this part I am very eager to see what will happen next..Lord Saragus has been a very gracious host, but he is Sith, what angle was he playing or wanting from Na’sha and how would that impact her and Aiden. So many questions, but that is what makes the writing so good…it leaves you wanting more. Read this small excerpt from part three of Old Friends and New. Be sure to subscribe to her fan fiction site, so you can read what will happen next.

I waved a hand toward our host. “Boys, this is our gracious host, Lord Saragus. Without him and his lovely sister, I don’t know where I would be. I owe them a debt of gratitude.”

Saragus smiled slightly at the statement. “Your beautiful boss gives me far too much credit. I merely gave her a place to stay, nothing more.” He turned to me with a lasting look, that made my skin tingle again.




Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

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  • SWTOR Fan Art

On this SWTOR community edition of HoloNet Links, we look at SWTOR forum user, Lawrichai’s fan art. I have mentioned this artist’s work before in a previous HoloNet Links article. This week I came across some more of their illustrations. In the forum thread titled, Lawrichai’s Illustrations: Commission Edition, we see three illustrations of a Sith Assassin, an Imperial Sniper and a Sith Marauder. I personally like how each character seems to fade to black or maybe they are emerging from the shadows to strike at the Republic. Below you can see each of the illustrations posted in the forum. You can also go visit Lawrichai’s Deviant art site for more of the artist’s artwork.




That’s all for this week! If you have a particular link, story, video, or topic related to SWTOR we would love to hear about it! You can send those to us here at Corellian Run Radio and we can place it in a future article. Just email us the links and/or the details for the event at, or you can also leave any link suggestions in the comments below, or in Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group. See you all next week!



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