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Many times we assume things, even though these assumptions might be based on facts, we don’t always get the full picture…unless we dig a little deeper. Take for instance this week’s guild, Underworld Alliance (UWA). They like any other guild have governing rules, ideals, and usually a primary focus. I came across this guild and saw they were on an RP-PVE server, plus their guild name brought up possible RP storylines and I’m thinking we will have another RP guild to showcase to the SWTOR community. However, once I got to researching more on their website and through correspondence with the guild’s founder, I discovered a guild that loves PVE content, especially Operations. Why did they join an RP server and how involved are they into Operations, we will get these answers as we talk with Loggus the founder.

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  • Guild Q&A

How did the Underworld Alliance get started in SWTOR? What drew you to this particular guild?

The UWA started when I (Loggus) decided that the guild that I had been in up until that point just didn’t offer the things I was looking for. I started playing the game during beta and I joined a guild about a week into playing the game. The guild I joined was great but it didn’t offer some key things that I wanted to experience in game with other players. The server I started on was The Sanctum of the Exalted. So I set out to look for like minded people on that server to start a guild with, and the UWA was born.



What server can UWA be found on and what faction?

The UWA can be found on the Ebon Hawk server and we are Republic.



UWA plays on an RP-PVE server correct? How does this influence how the guild approaches gameplay elements in SWTOR? How does the guild find a good balance between RP, PVP, PVE and endgame content?

Well oddly enough, we do not RP at all. That would make no sense to most people since we are on an RP server. What happened was the guild originally started on an RP-PVE server. I decided to join an RP-PVE server instead of a PVE server because I was told that the people would be more mature and more helpful to new players. SWTOR is the first MMO that I have ever played, so I figured joining a server with mature helpful people would be a good start. Then when the forced server transfers happened we ended up on an RP server. I would have to say that 90% of what we do is PVE end game content. The people that come to our guild come for that experience alone most of the time. We do also PVP some of the time but nothing very serious. We also do hold different events within the guild such as guild exclusive raffles, 1 on 1 PVP tournaments, and a few other things. Mostly we love doing the endgame PVE content.


Although your guild is on an RP server, UWA has four separate raid teams. How has the guild managed to develop each team? Are there differences between the teams, as far as casual vs. hardcore, or skill level vs. gear? How does the guild decide who is on what team?

We have always had an 8 man progression raid team that has been doing endgame PVE content for well over a year now. We have had some people come and go but myself (Loggus), Sedna (UWA Officer), and Farius (UWA officer) have always been on the team. About 6 months ago we started to get a huge increase in members due to some of the bigger guilds on the server disbanding and people from those guilds looking for new homes. All of these new people were itching to get back into progression raiding so we decided to start up a second 8 man team. From there it has grown into 4 teams total all working on Nightmare progression raiding. There is really no difference between the teams, we all run 2 to 3 nights a week and we all work on nightmare progression. We basically decided who went where based upon the best group composition we could put together. So if a certain class or spec fit better on one team then another that is where they would go. We also have a raid leader for each team who handles everything to do with their raid team.


Blue Team defeats Kephess in TFB

Blue Team defeats Kephess in TFB


Managing four raid teams is a pretty amazing feat. How much organization goes into keeping these teams running? Do they operate under a uniform set of rules or do they have latitude to make specific rules geared for their team?

Initially there was a LOT of work that was put in to set the teams up, making sure everyone’s schedules worked together so that they could all raid on the same two nights at the same times. I also created a set of rules that are standard for every raid team that we have. They basically go over how we distribute loot, what is expected as far as behavior and punctuality and a few other things. After all of the teams were set up we assigned a raid leader to each team who takes care of all issues pertaining to their raid team. They really only come to me if there is a major issue that they need advice on. It actually is quite a well oiled machine right now and works with little to no problems.


Along the lines of endgame raiding/operations, how has the guild and each team faired thus far in with the current Operations? Are there specific goals for each team? How does the guild feel about the two new Ops coming in Update 2.4?

As of right now, Blue team which is the first and oldest raid team in the UWA has progressed the furthest. We have cleared all pre 2.0 content including the Warstalker title in EC Nightmare and we are 4 of 5 in Nightmare TFB and 2 of 7 in Nightmare S&V. Gold team has recently downed the first boss in TFB Nightmare and they are working on the second one. The other two teams have cleared all the bosses in TFB and S&V HM and are now working on Nightmare TFB.

We don’t have any specific goals for each team other than to have fun and try their best to progress as far as they can in each operation. We are very excited about the two new operations coming out, new content is always welcome when you have been running the same content for so long. It helps keep everyone interested in the game, and takes away some of the burnout that people experience from running the same content for such a long time. The only thing we don’t like about it is the fact that the new operations are dropping a new tier of gear (78 orconion gear). Right now in the nightmare operations the highest tier of gear you can get is 75 gear. We feel it is a bit unfair that we worked so hard to get all of this 75 gear and now it will be much easier to get the next tier of gear. It kind of made it feel like a big waste of time.



Having mention 2.4 and it being called the PVP update, how has UWA faired in PVP? Is the guild excited for the new Warzone Arenas? Will the guild miss Ranked Warzones, currently in-game, being removed once 2.4 goes live?

A lot of us are extremely excited for the new arenas. One of our big issues was that we could never really get 8 people together to do Ranked PVP since we are predominantly a PVE guild. But there are enough of us now where we should be able to run 1 or 2 4 man arena teams and do very well.



Now the guild is known as the Underworld Alliance, what is the story behind that name? For RP and even gameplay reasons would the guild like to see a third faction added to the game, centered on the Underworld found in the Star Wars universe?

I choose the name originally because my main character is a gunslinger. The Underworld Alliance sounded like the kind of guild a gunslinger would want to be in. It wasn’t really a roleplaying decision since I wasn’t planning on doing much roleplaying but it just sounded like a good fit for my character and the kind of characters I wanted to play with. A third faction would be amazing although I doubt anything like that would be implemented any time soon with all of the other things they are working on.

 swtor-gangs-bounty hunters


Is the UWA currently recruiting? Are there specific classes or roles the guild needs?

Yes, we are always looking for new people to join the guild. We will accept anyone into our guild unless they have a bad reputation within the game. We are looking mostly for tanks and ranged dps right now to help fill out a few of our raid teams.



What is the best way for players to contact the guild, who are looking to join or learn more about UWA? Are there other steps players need to take, if they are interested in joining one of the raid teams?

The best way to contact the guild is to go to our website. There we have an application you can fill out to join and it has specific questions about interest in joining a raid team. Also you can contact myself (Loggus) or our officers Farius and Sedna if you have any additional questions.


Thanks to Loggus for all the help this past week in emails and replying to the questions. I want to also thank everyone in the Underworld Alliance guild. I hope each of your members and teams keep reaching their goals in-game and in real life. If you have a character on the Ebon Hawk server and looking to be a part of one of their raid teams or just looking for a guild into primarily PVE content, then I suggest you contact UWA via their website to fill out an application.




If you would like to possibly have your guild, like UWA, highlighted on Community Checkpoint…all you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, We love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you and see you next week!




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