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  • Order 65 guild – Galactic Republic

Whether it is character creation or guild creation, sometimes the hardest part is coming up with a good name. Finally, you come up with one, only to find someone else has it, but with trial and error you finally get a name. Then along come server mergers and you and your guild move only to find out that on the new server someone already has that guild name. Frustrating, as all that is this week’s guild Order 65 had to go through a similar situation. As we talk to their GM, Gumball, we learn how they took it all in stride and remained focused on having fun, playing SWTOR.

Let’s meet Gumball & learn more about the guild Order 65 after the Jump…




Order 65 banner

  • Guild Q&A

How did you get started into gaming?

I was one of those kids you would see leaning into Pac Man for hours at a time, waiting my turn to pump quarters into the void, just to see how many keys I could see.  Gaming is a natural place for my mind and my hands.


Do you play mostly MMOs?

I am in school for game development and graphic design.  I play many games on every platform I can.  I own a Republic of Gamers laptop, a wicked desktop, Wii, PS3 (PS4 is preordered) and an Xbox 360.


How did you come to be a part of Order 65?

Funny story to that one; I was friends with the original Guildmaster of Guardians of Light.  We met the day the game dropped.  I had already had my guild set up from the minute you could on the SWTOR web site, but about a month after the game dropped, my father was hospitalized, and I was too busy to play.  In my absence, my guild died.  When my father came home, I was recruited by one of my other friends, who just happened to be in GoL.  My friend had quit the game for strange reasons, so there was a new GM.  She quit the game a few months later, because of a cyber-stalker and left the guild to me.

 Order65 guild1


When did Order 65 become a guild?

This guild was created the day the game dropped, 12/20/2011.


Was the guild always known by this name? If not, what were the other names and what led to the change?

We were originally Guardians of Light.  At the time of the first server change, we lost that name.  I was GuildMaster for maybe a month at the time. We did not want to be associated with the GoL name, so we brainstormed for a new name.  Many of us are huge Family Guy fans, so I chose the name Blue Harvest.  It was a good tie in to both FG and Star Wars.  When the big servers all sucked up our old servers, we lost that name to another guild that was already on The Harbinger.  We had worked very hard to establish ourselves as Blue Harvest, so we took votes and suggestions from everyone in the guild, and we all decided Order 65 was to be our family identity.  It had to be “Star Wars” related and Order 65 was the order to kill the Emperor, should he become beyond the control of the Senate.


What faction and server are associated with the guild, currently?

Order 65 is a Republic Guild on the Harbinger server.


Does Order 65 have a presence on the opposing faction in SWTOR?

We do. Our Imperial guild is Peanut Butter and Jedi. There is a story to that, but I will only get into it with our Guild Queen’s approval.


What sort of guild is Order 65?

We are a social guild.  We love to hang out on Mumble, tell dirty jokes, laugh and enjoy the game and most importantly, each other.

How involved in Operations, PVP etc. is the guild?

We raid just about all the time.  We have scheduled raid times, but are always tossing ops together at a moment’s notice, depending on who is on. We have players who are exceptional PVP players and are currently drooling over the idea of 4v4 matches.

Is there one specific area the guild hopes to build up?

Overall, we would like to get the achievements of the serious End Game stuff, but as far as what we as a guild want to build? I would have to say it is our reputation as a fun, friendly, helpful and competent group of people who know what they are doing.  So far, I think we are already there, but that is about the journey, not the destination.

Order65 guild2


Would you consider Order 65 is a hardcore or casual guild or perhaps somewhere in the middle?

First the long answer. Some of our members are among the greatest gamers I have ever known. They know stats and mechanics like other people know their own phone numbers. But, we have always been of the mind that elitists suck, so we keep anyone in the mix as long as they are willing to do what needs to be done to play at that level.  It makes some of the content a bit harder, because not everyone plays with that level of dedication.  Having said that, we have structured teams for hard and nightmare mode content, but allow any member who knows how to play attend any event, given they are up to the task.

The short answer is the middle.


In an email you mentioned the guild hosting and participating in events, what sort of events? Are these mostly guild events or can other players on the server take part in some of the events?

What is your personal favorite event thus far hosted by Order 65?

Since the guild was Blue Harvest, we host a Sunday night +10 to all stats Datacron run.  This was an idea of one of our officers for recruitment.  If people could follow the simple instructions given by our team leaders, we would help them get the +10 without the need for all the people.  We do things in teams. One person invites, a group of people work switches for shield doors and the bridge, and a group of about 13 of us pull people up at a rate of about 6 people a minute.  All in all, it takes about a half an hour to put our people in place. Then run people through for a few hours.  Our best is 538 people in one night.  And, we do this all for free.  Some other groups charge as much as 100k per person for what we do for free.

Order65 guild5

+10 Datacron run Order 65


October 1st, BioWare released Update 2.4: The Dread War, what does the guild think so far about this latest update? How are the quests on the new planet Oricon? What about the new Warzone Arenas, do they pass the guild’s “stamp of approval?”

I have been working, so tonight will be the first time I have a chance to even look at the new content.  One of my guys says it is other worldly and I will be blown away.  I will have you know that they have gotten to the 4th boss in the new operation at Hard Mode level, and it has only been 3 days.


Although it is limited what anyone knows, what is the guild’s take on the Super Secret Space Project? If Order 65 could have their say, what would the SSSP be and why?

All I have heard about SSSP is that they want to take the space ships off the rails and let us have an open sandbox kind of experience, similar to the Jump to Lightspeed expansion from Star Wars Galaxies.  This may be wrong, but if it is not, this is all I ever wanted for space.  That and space PVP.  That would be epic.


Are you currently recruiting new members? If so are there any specific needs the guild has, as far as classes or roles?

We are always looking for fun and funny people who like to be part of a group working to make this game as fun for them as it has been for us. Most of us have multiple characters for the different needs of the guild.  I have 5 Republic toons at 55 that are raid ready, plus two on the Imperial side. We keep working on new ones to see the stories, but mostly to make sure we always have someone ready, if the guild needs something specific.

Order65 guild3


What has been one of the guild’s biggest accomplishments since Order 65, even in on other servers and under other names?  Any goals the guild has yet to achieve?

We just got past the Dread Guard on Nightmare difficulty last week.  No, we are not breaking any records, but damnit are we having a good time doing it.

 Order65 guild4

We would love to be like some of our friends/sister guilds by being the first to accomplish this or that, but even those guys admit it is a lot less fun than the way Order 65 does things.


How is the best way for a possible recruit to contact the guild or an officer? Are there certain steps to filling out an application the guild’s website?

Our website is how we get anyone to join the guild, unless an officer just invites someone they connect with.  Anyone in the guild can sponsor someone to the guild, or even ask to join.  The following web page link has been our site since day one.  We have thought to change the name to reflect our new identity, but we all agreed this was our site, and it is set up so well by Jazzy, our Guild Queen, why ruin a good thing?  On that note, I must give all credit to the aesthetics of our site to her.  I have come up with the a few of the ideas that dominate the look of our site, but believe me when I say that NONE of it would exist in anything other than my head, were it not for the talents of Jazzlyn Pax. She is the heart and soul of our web presence.  Her talent and skill shows with each of the headers and the layout of our page.

 Order65 guild - Jazz


That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint. I would like to thank the entire membership of Order 65 for allowing us to learn a little more about your guild and how you all strive to keep fun in the game. A huge thank you goes to the GM of Order 65, Gumball, for all his help making this article possible. If you are looking for a social, tight knit group on the Harbinger server, I would strongly suggest contacting them via their website. No matter what their guild name is they truly seem like a great bunch of gamers!

Would you like to have your guild highlighted on Community Checkpoint? All you need to do is submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. We love to highlight members in the SWTOR community, from guilds to the many people working to plan events, contest, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks and see you next week!



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