Oct 102013
dread guard background This week, Drew is joined by Jason for another epic guys’ night. They discourse about arenas and their related strategies, Oricon, the new gear with Update 2.4, and more!


  1. What are your first impressions of the new Warzone Arenas?
  2. Strategies:
    1. Mark targets before match by clicking targets in the PvP roster UI display
    2. All DPS vs. All DPS → Mark targets and focus lowest in health. One sign used.
    3. 3 DPS + 1 heals → Focus heals, keep melee dps locked down, burn down ranged after heals
    4. 2 DPS + 1 heals + 1 tank → Burn DPS and lock down healer so tank swaps guard, separate healer from tank using knockbacks and roots, then burn healer.
  3. Is it a nice change of pace to have PVP Warzones, like the new arenas, designed without objectives…just defeat the other team?
  4. Can you queue up just arena matches? Are the specific types of arena formats that allow you queue for just arenas?
  5. Do you think having arenas in normal rotation with other warzones will be an issue, as far as people dropping from pvp maps they do not wish to play?
  6. What do you think about the new PVP gear on vendors?
  7. Speaking of new things on vendors, on the Oriconian reputation vendors players can earn the right to purchase new mounts like the new armored tauntaun, would you like to see the PVP vendors get an exclusive mount…maybe the armored dewback?
  8. Have you tried Oricon, and if so, what do you think?


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