Oct 162013
Starfighter flight suits This week, Carla and Drew discuss Update 2.4 hitting the live servers, the announcements of the new expansion Galactic Starfighter, and more!



From the Newsnet

  1. New FREE expansion: Galactic Starfighter
  2. Join the Battle Awards
  3. Update 2.4 stuff


Fact or Fiction?

This week is accidentally “two truths and a lie,” but it is about Galactic Starfighter!


Tip of the Week

Arena advice


Community Buzz

  1. TORWars.com: Retention and Winback
  2. Reddit: New loading screen to get you excited



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  5. SWTOR Escape Pod Cast

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  2 Responses to “Episode 105: OMG Real Space Combat!”

  1. Hey guys, you said comment with my opinion on this, so here goes! 🙂 I actually really like the way Bioware has all the raids accessible in story mode, and the level of gear they drop seems fair. I don’t have the time to commit to a progression raid team, but I really love operations, and having a story mode option where I can see the new content with my guildies without being hard core is amazing! Basically I don’t count story mode as progression. Carla, it sounds like you do. I think story mode is just for fun and to give you an idea of the fights, and then progression is really only HM and NiM. Elite raiding guilds like Suckafish just skip story mode altogether and start right at hard mode. And the 69 gear that drops in story mode gives you the starting gear you need to get into HM TFB and S&V. I think it’s a good way to hook people on doing operations and show off the beautiful content Bioware worked so hard on. Also Carla, the new Dread operations drop 72 gear on the last bosses even in story mode so keep pushing through 🙂 Thanks for all you do for the community!

  2. Bioware is doing it right. I think you are missing some important information. In story mode the dreadfortress last 2 bosses drop 72 mod level gear tokens. So you can still advance the gear gind in SM but its not a loot pinyata (sp) for farming the first boss. I assume dread palace is set up the same.

    What’s more controversial is 78 mod gear for ultimate coms. Sure it’s not stat prioritized great but seems like a bit of a F-You to people that worked hard and wipefested to get 1 piece in nightmare… Also makes SM obsolete or really easy very quickly.

    At the end of the day, SM is for everyone to see the content. Even if your only option is pugging. If your a “raider” and have guild/grp that goes together you should be working towards HM or farming it. I think this setup, sans the 78 mods for doing flashpoint weeklies, is supporting that.

    Typos courtesy of my phone.

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