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Greetings everyone!

Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Name’s M1SF0RTUNE; addicted gamer, avid roleplayer, and brand new writer for Corellian Run! I wanted to take a bit of time to tell you who I am and about the articles I’ll be writing for you good folks. Hit the jump for some details on your new writer, my articles, as well as my first in my series of Roleplay Articles!




–Introduction to M1SF0RTUNE–


My real name is Mysen, though I prefer M1SF0RTUNE, an old gaming name that’s followed me since the early Counter-Strike: Source days in ’03. As of this post I’m currently 21. 16 of those years have been spent playing hundreds of games, namely shooters and eventually RPG’s, though I tend to dabble in every genre including RTS, TPS, Platforming, Action-Adventure, Survival Horror, Racing games, and just about anything other than Sports games. I didn’t join the MMO-verse until Star Wars Galaxies back in ’02, which is where I started roleplaying (as well as in Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy where there was an avid RP community there). I always enjoyed the idea of roleplay, where you would assume a character, and I made quite a great deal of it since SWG. I’ve jumped from MMO to MMO, even WoW for a few years, looking for something suitable to my tastes until lo’ and behold, Star Wars – The Old Republic, a sequel to one of my favorite RPG’s of all time (the original Knights of the Old Republic), finally fell into my lap, and a year before launch at that!

I was in SWTOR’s beta for at least over a year, playing build after build after build as my Sentinel. I didn’t actually get into the full game itself until a month afterward where I spent 8 fulfilling months playing the game and even heading up a massive RP guild until I had to drop my subscription. I came back some time after the Free to Play update but not able to pay the subscription, so I worked for a long time to alleviate a lot of those restrictions. As of the month of this post, I’m currently subscribed for a single month, but otherwise I’d be playing as a Preferred member.

That’s about the bulk of my gaming and roleplaying credentials. Regarding my writing, my dream one day is to become a great writer, and a well-known one at that. I’m looking to write for the video game industry one day, maybe with Bioware or Valve if I make it that far, or my own company if I make it even further. I’ve considered doing journalism as well as one of my entry points into the industry. I’ve dabbled in writing numerous things, from fanfiction, a game guide, loads of blogs, and even all my roleplaying sort of counts as writing practice. Here at Corellian Run will actually be my first jab at writing public articles, so I hope I don’t screw up!

Other than that, I love to make new friends, having a good time, and of course, play lots of video games! If you’re interested in hitting me up in SWTOR, my main is my Jedi Sentinel on the Begeren Colony Server, Nomund’dras, and my main Empire toon is my Operative Mathys on the same server. I’m on a lot and there’s a good chance you’ll find me leveling or roleplaying.

Now that you know about me, how about I tell you a bit about the War Stories?


Introduction to War Stories

Here’s how these articles are going to work. The general headline for them will be “War Stories,” but I’ll be breaking them down in sub-sections. Below are the sections and descriptions of what I’ll write in:

  • The Front Lines: In these sections, I’ll be talking about any big events that happen regarding the big war of the Republic and the Empire. This will namely dabble in large guild events taking place around the server. This can range from guilds looking to backstab each other or make an alliance, or two guilds on opposite factions about to go to war with each other. Basically, any big event happening on the server that affects one or more guilds and/or both factions, you’ll find them here!
  • News From the Fleet: These sections are going to be centered around more casual events and will be very small-scale. This may center around small group of players sharing drinks on the fleet to Jedi Training on Tython, and maybe folks talking politics on Coruscant. I may also share small events from other worlds here or quirky stories worth mentioning. If “The Front Lines” are hearty meals, then “News From the Fleet” are the tasty snacks!
  • Interviews: Any great character has a story to tell, a history, a personality, even goals and accomplishments. This section is where I’d highlight a player and some of their biography. If you’re interested in character stories or want some ideas for one of your own, these would be great to check out! (I may also write Guild versions of interviews as well.)
  • Stat Management: This section is about tips and tricks to roleplaying. I’ve seen a lot of players struggle with what roleplaying even is and how to start, others… could use a bit of a guiding hand. If you want to learn how to roleplay, definitely take a look at this section of my articles.
  • Quest Chain: In this final section, these are all about player journeys. While interviews give us a short scoop on a character, “Quest Chain” is about following their personal journeys. These may or may not include characters that were interviewed, but we’ll see updates on their role in the galaxy. You’ll definitely see my characters show up a lot in these sections, but chances are these sections will be rare in my articles.

While these do seem like a lot and could make for obnoxiously long posts, thankfully, I won’t be writing all sections every article. Each post I’ll write may vary from one to all five of these sections and I may write only two or three average, so it will be rare I’ll utilize all of them in a single post. However, all of these are meant to share roleplay stories happening (at least on my server) and also give tips and ideas for other players who would like to roleplay.

So I’ve taken up your time long enough with these introductions, let’s quit monkeying around and get to my first article!




War Stories


Today will be a rather small post, at least until I start getting my feet a bit more wet. For now though, my first article will feature a Stat Management and Interview entry for your reading pleasure!


Interview: Nomund’dras

Nomund’dras, formerly known as Galactis, is a member of the Jedi Order and a loyal member of the Republic. However, he shows his loyalty in a rather unorthodox way.

Born on Alderaan, he was recruited into the Order very early in his life. He was apprenticed by Jedi Master Belth Allusis, a known hero in the Battle of Bothawuii. Nomund’dras was in the battle with Master Allusis, but was forced to leave to warn the Republic of the Empire’s imminent attack. The young padawan lost his master that day, but carried out his wishes and pleaded his case before the Senate. However, the Senate believed the claims were outrageous, untrue, and were only generated from the young Padawan’s grief, and chose not to take any action.

A defeated Nomund’dras returned to his duties as a Jedi Knight in the Order, until the Sacking of Coruscant. Nomund’dras was in the temple during the surprise attack. He fought the Sith in the upper pavilion and eventually the archives as the battle was slowly lost. He was incapacitated in the fight and was rescued by Master Orgus Din, a mentor and friend of Nomund’dras. Nomund went into a coma for a few months, only to wake up and learn the Senate agreed to the Treaty of Coruscant. Nomund was disheartened and even angered by the lack of action in the Senate and the Jedi, and so he left the Order to pursue his own path.

Shortly afterward, he came across a radical calling themselves the “True Republic.” Finding this to be a just cause, Nomund assisted the radical. Inspired by their beliefs and need for action, Nomund then began to form a petition under the same name of the True Republic. It’s unclear how many members of the Republic signed this petition and joined Nomund in his fight against the Empire, but it’s known that it was somewhere in the hundreds.

Unfortunately for Nomund, tragedy struck. In one of his investigations against a potential threat against the Republic involving the return of the Emperor, who was assumed dead, his ship was attacked and he lost his memory. He spent the next few months carrying a broken datapad of his old petition repairing his ship, the Paladin of the Dawn, and pursuing leads on who he was, what happened to the other members of the True Republic, and finding out who attacked him, while also taking on jobs to assist the Republic. His path eventually brought him to a Jedi organization known as the Knights of Peace, a Jedi group partly run by members of the Council. After helping the group and its’ leader Master Zaii’gal on several occasions, he was brought back into the Order and his years of experience since he left the Order earned him a seat in the group’s council.

Currently, he still serves the council and partakes in the war effort on the front lines, and is still looking for the one responsible for his memory loss, and potentially the murder of his petition members.

Stat Management

For my first Stat Management and first in a series of tips in how to be a good roleplayer, we have to start with the very basics.

What is RP?

In short, RP, or roleplaying, is the act of creating a character, a person, a role, and then assuming that role and playing them out. Roleplaying is a bit of a fine art. It requires some time creating a fleshed out character, and then being able to play as that character, especially as you interact with others.

Roleplaying is easy to do, but to do well requires a lot of discipline and creativity. It begins with your character, and it can’t be a simple stereotype such as a model good guy or bad guy, an all-powerful Sith or Jedi, or a hotshot Smuggler that always wins. It also can’t be a character with no flaws (a la, your “Mary Sue/Gary Stu”), or a character with an overwhelming amount of them. A character is a balancing act; making good traits and bad traits, strengths and flaws, likes and dislikes. These and many more pieces and parts need to be considered to create a good character.

The second piece of the puzzle is “progression.” A goal. A drive. A reason to do things. Something that the character wants to pursue or go after. More importantly, something that moves the character’s story forward. It can be as simple as achieving Master or Darth, or getting rich, or saving/conquering the galaxy, but it can be as complex as a person looking for love, or their place in the universe. It could be that the character is saving up money for a child, or wanting revenge on another character for a crime they committed. It can be to find enlightenment, or be a soldier who’s Force sensitive and wants to earn their place in the Jedi Order. There are infinite possibilities for wants, needs, and goals, that push your character’s story forward and encourages them to go through the events they go through.

A side note of this, by the way, and an unspoken rule: a good roleplayer doesn’t use their class stories or quest stories as part of their roleplays. Think of the Esseles for example on the Republic side. Every single person in the world can’t have gone through the *exact* same scenario of getting their ship hijacked, saving the ambassador, and crippling the Imperial ship, and it makes less sense if a character went through the Esseles event twice in their story. What a good roleplayer would do instead either not have been a part of that and just heard about it, or may have been on the ship but wasn’t part of the strike team, and other subtle ways to spin the tale without actually using the tale itself. The exact same scenario applies to class stories and even some side quests, unless you make very rare exceptions like I did with Nomund’dras in the interview listed earlier. That was an actual quest on Coruscant about the True Republic. However, the idea is that you want to ignore quests in your “storyline,” and if you have another player with you at the time, neither of you mention it again and it just sorta stays between the two of you.

The final piece of the puzzle is actually “assuming” the role. Something you have to keep in mind: You are not the character you’re controlling. A good roleplayer plays their character according to how their character is and not on what they want. For example, a single player can play as a humble, reserved, and kind Jedi Knight one minute, but a smug, cocky, and even rude or heartless Smuggler the next. The trick is to play the part, to act. Another side of the coin to assuming a role is not to speak in slang or “Out of Character” terms; “I <3 u” “:)” “I want to be great Sith but I need more Endurance,” those kinds of things are bad examples of how to play the part. You can’t use video game terms, poor typing, and game logic to type. You need to imagine that you are a person literally living in the Star Wars universe, and you are living with its’ rules, boundaries, laws, and people. Everything else that makes up the game doesn’t exist (so to speak). That said, a parting tip is not to “godplay,” which means you can’t get out of *every* situation, characters don’t do *exactly* as you want them to do, and you’re not the most powerful being in the universe. Only your level, skill, and luck, are what make you more powerful, not you wanting your characters to be that way.


That’s it for my first article folks, I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll be back in the next week or two to give you another exciting edition of War Stories!

’til then, to avoid the usual “Force be With You” farewell, I’ll leave you with my trademark instead:

Good hunting.

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