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  • Narn Regime – Sith Empire

An iconic scene for me in the Star Wars movies is the cantina scene in Star Wars Episode IV. It is a collection of various species from all over the galaxy. Each species was unique and yet all came together in the same cantina. In that same way, games, specifically MMOs, tend to bring people together from all over the world. Take for instance today’s guild, The Narn Regime, they are a combination of several different gamers, from different cultures and countries…yet, they have banded together to form a guild that fits their gameplay style. We will learn about how they got started, their main focus in SWTOR and what challenges, if any, they have from being a multi-national guild.

Get ready to meet The Narn Regime after the Jump…




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  • Guild Q&A

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into gaming? What is your favorite game and why? Is SWTOR your first MMO?

I and many of the members are long-time gamers. Personally, I used to play videogames since I was 10 years old (37 now) on a C64, and played all my life through Amiga, PC and PS2 and PS3.

So, among so many memories, it is a little hard for me to even think about a favorite game.

On my personal top five and without a particular order, I can say I REALLY REALLY loved Kotor1, Grim Fandango, Metal Gear Solid 4, Heavy Rain and Red Dead Redemption.

These days I have been particularly impressed by Guild Wars 2, and to answer your question, yes, SWTOR is my 1st MMO, since I never managed to fall in love with WoW.



How did the Narn Regime get started? What faction and server are associated with the guild?

The Narn Regime is a “dark side” guild on the Red Eclipse server.

Server choice was totally random for me and, I guess, for many of the other members.

We actually started as a couple of friends investing a ton of time leveling our toons on Rep side, inside a guild who used to raid during “prime-time” (i.e. around 7pm UK time).

As soon as we capped level, me and Nuno, my Portuguese friend, a former guild leader, and co-founder, started to struggle to find a place where to experience endgame content, due to our inability to be online that early.

We, as the most of our actual members do, have kids and family in addition to time-consuming jobs, so we only have “night-time” as a free moment when to enjoy operations.

We switched sides hoping to find another guild that could help us raid late but we were not that successful. At that point, we met Sacha, an incredibly amusing English guy who was sharing our troubles so we had the idea to start a couple of forum threads both on the official one  (still visible here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=635791 ) and redeclipse.eu ones.

We were surprised by the forum answers and in-game contacts we suddenly had.

Looks like we really caught an underground trend and, with the help of the very first active members like Kostas, Milos, Mislav, Pete, Phil, Sally and Tom, in less than a couple of weeks we had our first Op team ready to go!

Titan 6 HM


Is there another name the guild goes by? What is the meaning behind that name? How has the search for “late night raiders” been going? Does the time of maintenance patches impact your raiding times?

The guild name has been straightly  “stolen” from the well known early 80’s TV show “Babylon 5” and it’s a name we are very fond of, since it reflects more or less the average age and cultural background of the members (mostly 30 to 40 years old people very fond of the 80s culture 😀 ). It also contains a respectful reference to our old Rep guild, where we (me and Nuno) “grew up” as players.

Since a few days we rolled a republic “sister” container guild, named “Blame the Marauder” where to play together when on the light side of the force. We do not run Ops there.

As I told you before, we are still surprised by how many late-night players in search of a home there are out there.

Every now and then we bump our recruitment threads to make supply for players/roles taking breaks or moving to other games and every time it is a surprise to receive so many applications.

Since we raid at night, we do our best to warn all members of incoming patches (kudos to Phil for that) so that we can download them during the morning hours, so it’s not really a problem for us.



The main focus of your guild is raiding right? How has this been going in SWTOR? What type of raiding guild would you consider your guild, hardcore, casual, or something in-between?

Actually, we started as a social guild, with the main motivation to gather more latenighters to have fun with. As soon as we started raiding with success all SM content, things changed and members started asking for more and we decided to push a little on the progression side of the game, so it would be fair to say we are something in-between, definitely far from hardcore anyway.

 Xenoanalyst II


Your guild is also a multi-national correct? What are some of the disadvantages to this and how has the guild helped to overcome them?

Yes, we are a multi-national guild.

We actually have people from all over Europe like Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, the U.K., Hungary and Scandinavian countries, to name a few.

I personally love that, since it gives us a chance to game with so many different people and cultures. I see no disadvantages with that. Everyone of us speaks English (more or less :D) and we never experienced any communication problem.

We have always been VERY clear about when our raiding time takes place so, as far as people are interested running Ops at night-time AND speak English, nationality is not an issue.



How has the guild progressed so far with the current endgame content? What Operation has been the guild’s biggest achievement so far? Is there on specific boss in any Operation that is frustrating? Is there any boss that is too easy?

We cleared all of the actual SM content with some struggles on Dread Fortress last boss.

dread fortress SM

Right now we are focusing on TfB HM (downed 4 out of 5 bosses) and S&V HM (downed first two bosses). To be totally honest, I will let you know that we try to avoid as much as possible to run Explosive Conflict HM!

Our biggest achievement was to beat what has been our public enemy number one for a long time: Operator IX HM.

 Operator IX HM

That was painful enough, let me tell you, there were even cheers heard when we killed it! It’s incredible how a frustrating boss can turn into an easy one once you get to kill it!

On SM, probably every single boss can be considered “too easy” after a few runs, with exception maybe for Dread Fortress and Palace last ones, who have interesting mechanics for a SM.

HM, is a totally different thing. There is a huge gap between SM and HM and no, I do not think there are “easy” bosses on HM.



Has The Narn Regime attempted either or both of the new Operations located on Oricon? How would you rate these two new Operations? Were there any new mechanics in the fights you liked or disliked?

We have tried them both on SM only as a guild, even if some of our most efficient members are already studying and trying HM mechanics with pug groups.

It’s a little early for us to rate them since we are still chewing on them and most of us have only run those not more than 3 or 4 times.

They are fresh, they have new mechanics, and it’s all that really matters right now.

 Dread Palace 16 SM


Have you or the fellow members had a chance to read over some of the class changes coming in Update 2.5? If so what does the guild feel about the changes? Will there impact your guild in Operations?

Of course we did. We are not worrying much right now. We like to take the game as it comes 🙂

I asked around the guildies for some comment but only marauders (which are fanatics, let me tell you – Thx Pete!) cared to give me a “technical” answer, which I copy/paste here:

“Changes to Bloodthirst are probably sensible/fair although it is beneficial to be able to chain more than one together during burst phases and this will not be possible after 2.5.

Undying rage as in PVE may as well be completely removed as it would suicidal to use it.”



Speaking of updates coming, what was your guild’s reaction to the news about the Galactic Starfighter expansion? Will this affect your guild’s raiding if everyone is “flying” in space? Do you hope that in the future there is some PVE combat like in upcoming expansion?

This looks good and is a start and everyone is very excited about that, but open space PVE combat both solo and multiplayer is needed as well, according to our opinion.



Is The Narn Regime currently recruiting? If so are any classes/roles the guild needs? How is the best way for potential recruits or players seeking more information to contact the guild? What process does a guild recruit need to complete in order to join the guild?

Yes, we recently bumped our recruitment threads since we had the feeling we were lacking tanks and in a few weeks we were ready to run 16men Ops again! Usually healers and tanking class are the most needed even if we try to keep a close eye on roles and we reserve the right to take only roles we really need to allow the most of our members to run raids. Our website http://thenarnregime.enjin.com/home holds all the needed infos to get in touch with the Guild and me and the other officers are always available to answer questions both in-game (maybe not while we are raiding 😀 ) and via the enjin platform.

We have an application form that every potential recruit is required to fill and hand in before we invite anyone in-game. Our guild is a little paradise these days and we would like to ensure things will stay that way in the days to come.


The Narn Regime would like to warmly thank you for this awesome opportunity Jason!


I want to thank all of The Narn Regime, especially their guildmaster Toma for all his help and sharing the guild with us here on Community Checkpoint. I appreciate the hard work by Toma in gathering the information for the Q&A section and email correspondences. If you are interested in some late night raiding and have a character on the Red Eclipse server, I would urge you to contact The Narn Regime. All the best to the members of The Narn Regime!

Are you in a guild or a leader in a guild and would like to share it with the community? If so please contact me and see if we can tell the community about your guild. Just submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Look forward to highlighting more guilds here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next week!



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