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Up for
Nightmare Pilgrim?

HoloNet Links #120

Welcome and a Happy Halloween to you all. Speaking of which, I know that “holidays” are not exactly done in SWTOR, but the community members can still create in-game fun, write fan fiction or make a video with a Halloween theme. Just off the top of my head, wouldn’t planning a trip to Voss and battling the Nightmare Pilgrim fit right in with the Halloween holiday? What do you and/or your guild have planned for this Halloween weekend? Let us know in the comment section.

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Happy Halloween from CRR!

  • SWTOR Music video

Although in SWTOR you might not know it is Halloween, but thanks to Youtube user anubis234, we have this Halloween themed music video. The video has been edited so it appears to be an old black and white type of film. There is a nice bit of emotes to convey the intro, which is a short voiced part (I’m assuming it is the video’s creator). The rest of the video is set to a song from the movie, “The Nightmare before Christmas.” The in-game footage, ranges from various areas on Taris and Karagga’s Palace Operation.


  • Update 2.4.2

Tuesday Update 2.4.2 was put into the live game. There have been some bug fixes throughout the game which can be found in the patch notes on the SWTOR website.  First off, Season one has been delayed and unfortunately this also included the PVP leaderboard. Hopefully they will get the major bugs fixed and put both of these in the next big patch, Update 2.4.3. Now they did make some changes to PVP, as far as relics, a few fixes in Arenas and removing the rating required for all PVP items.

– Removed Rating requirements from all PVP items.


– Conqueror and Obroan Focused Retribution Relics now activate properly inside Warzones.



– Players are no longer able to reach the spawning areas in Orbital Station by climbing on nearby pipes.

– Tatooine Canyon has undergone a minor makeover to block some of the desert sun, resulting in the Arena being less “bright” and more visually consistent with other Warzones.

– Arkanian and Dread Forged Relics of Reactive Warding now function as described and do not trigger inside Arena Warzones.



– The Highest Earned Rating is no longer incorrectly set to 0 in rare instances.

Along with some fixes there have been some Cartel items added to the game.

A new bundle, The Rising Hero Bundle, which contains the following:

Authorization: Artifact Equipment

3 Major Experience Boosts

Medical Probes

Unlock: Inventory Module

Unlock: Cargo Hold Access

Unlock: Additional Cargo Bay

Unlock: Crew Skill Slot

This bundle can be purchased for 2163 Cartel coins, a 40 percent savings, through November 12th.

They have also brought back a few armor dye modules that can be purchased.  However they will only be offered for a limited time. Be sure to check the information below to see the colors and dates they can be purchased on the Cartel Market.

The Black and White Dye Module will next be available for 24 hours beginning on November 1st at 11AM CDT. Cost: 1000 Cartel Coins.

The Black and Dark Purple Dye Module will next be available for 25 hours beginning on November 2nd at 11AM CDT. Cost: 600 Cartel Coins.

The White and Black Dye Module will next be available for 24 hours beginning on November 3rd at 11AM CST. Cost: 1000 Cartel Coins.


There have also been changes and fixes to some Operations and the Flashpoint: Czerka Core Meltdown.


Czerka Core Meltdown

– Players who have the “Bloom” preference turned off no longer have a psychedelic purple ceiling experience during the encounter with the Enhanced Duneclaw.



Dread Fortress

– Removed a rogue red square that just wanted to be a part of something bigger from the phase door of this Operation.

– Corruptor Zero’s Concussion Mine firmware has been updated to a new dreadware version and the effects now correctly attach and detach as described.

– The magnet in the Grob’thok encounter will now display an effect on the ground to make it easier to spot its location.

– During the encounter with Draxus in 8-Player Story Mode, the damage dealt by Mass Affliction is now consistent after the Corruptor is defeated. Dread Palace

– Dread Master Calphayus has upgraded his Focus Crystals, and they now have immunity to crowd control effects that are equal to his own immunity.


Eternity Vault

– During the encounter with Gharj, players who attempt to enter the cave behind the boss while he is still alive are now defeated.


For complete details on all the changes discussed here and the rest, be sure to read through all the patch notes posted for Update 2.4.2.


  • Dev Notes

EricMusco Rating Requirement Still a Requirement | 10.30.2013, 09:45 AM

Alright everyone, here is the scoop. The patch note is correct to what our intent was, unfortunately the 3 items (2 crystals and a mount) which are on the PvP Items vendor were missed with the change. Our intent is still to remove the rating required from those items and that change is planned to happen in 2.4.3.
This will have no effect on the current Valor requirement, that is something separate from rating and there are currently no plans to change that.
Thanks everyone!


Above, I discussed the patch note about PVP items having the rating requirement removed. It looks like they missed three items. The requirement is still getting removed. It is just a bug that these three items did not have their rating requirement removed as it was intended to do. The next patch, as Eric mentions, should fix this issue.


JA-3 speederAmberGreen Can’t use JA-3 Speeder on my lower level characters | 10.30.2013, 09:32 AM

While it was quoted above, Eric Musco posted yesterday that we’re aware of this issue and that it’s slated to be fixed in the very next game update! Thanks for your patience, folks.


This is another unintended bug that crept into this patch. The speeder was not meant to have level three speeder pilot requirement. This will be taken care of in the next patch, hopefully. Let’s be a little patient, before going crazy 🙂



AmberGreen The Priority Transport Terminal from the Republic Fleet doesn’t work | 10.30.2013, 11:57 AM

I’m sad to see that this is still cropping up for some folks; it seems that there’s still something fishy happening here. However, from what I can tell, this happens far less frequently on the Republic Fleet terminals than it did before!

Quote: Originally Posted by DxrOr

That’s it, The Priority Transport Terminal placed just in front of the trooper hangar deck on the Republic Fleet doesn’t work, I’ve tried to use it to transport to Makeb, cz and Oricon and didn’t work. I’ve tried with a commando and a shadow and no luck.

Can you please tell me what Class you were using when this first happened? (Was it the Commando or the Shadow?) Also, does the terminal work after a full client restart? Have you only seen this on the Trooper Hangar Deck terminal?

I’ll keep an eye out and would appreciate additional details to see if there’s something specific that we might be missing.



priority tramnsport deviceHas anyone noticed this bug? I have not with my Imperial Agent, but I will have to try and see if my Trooper character has any issues. If any of you are running into this issue with the priority transport system, be sure to document where you were using the terminal, where you were trying to go to, and even specifics about your character – class/advance class, specie, companion you had out, grouped or not grouped, etc. The more information you can give them in your in-game bug report the better it will help them figure out what is causing this issue.



Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

Carla and Drew have recorded Episode 106: “Holiday”…I Don’t Think That Means What You Think It Means, for your listening pleasure. Find their thoughts on upcoming Class Changes in Update 2.5, hear what they “wanted” to read in the Holiday Update from BioWare, and much more. I also wanted to remind everyone about our new writer Mysen. I have again included his first RP article, which also contains some details about him also. If you are interested in joining the writing staff at Corellian Run Radio, please contact us at corellianrun@gmail.com

While you read through any of the articles or listen to the podcast, we encourage you to take a moment and submit your feedback and suggestions in the comment sections. We love to hear from you. Thanks again for your support and for following the site, enjoy the links below!

10/28 Episode 106: “Holiday”…I Don’t That Means What You Think It Means – podcast

10/28 Community Checkpoint featuring the Narn Regime by Jason Taylor

10/20 Private: War Stories – An Introduction by M1SF0RTUNE

Corellian Run Radio’s Youtube channel

Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group


CRR Black AvatarWe are looking for people interested in helping to generate content for Corellian Run Radio. So, if you would like to write an article, create a video guide or maybe you have another idea altogether, please contact us. You just need to send us an email with your idea and a small writing sample to explain your skills and why you want to help out at Corellian Run Radio. Submit your ideas, a bit about yourself and a small writing sample to us at corellianrun@gmail.com.




  • SWTOR Fan Fiction
Mandalorian logo

image via tacticalentertaiment.tv

I came across another fan fiction story in the SWTOR Fan Fiction forum threads. This week’s writer, silvershadows, has written several stories, but they are actually closer to being novels in length. This story, “Of Blood and Honor: Conflict,” is the first one I have read by this author. I have read the brief synopsis and small excerpt, both found on the forum thread. The writing and story idea pulled me in and I had to go read more in the free downloadable PDF file. I have only completed chapter one, at the time I’m writing this, but the story has so much in it. Brightly lit casinos, bar brawls, blaster firefights, emotional tension, and romance…that is just in chapter one! Below is pasted the synopsis and part of the excerpt from chapter one. After you read those head over via the link to the author’s web page for the story “Of Blood and Honor: Conflict.” Look for the link to the PDF at the top of the page.


Someone wants Apocalypsa Cadera dead. The Mandalorian mercenary has made her fair share of enemies throughout her career, and it seems her exploits may have finally caught up with her.
An attempt on her life in a Nar Shaddaa casino leads Apocalypsa to embark on a journey to seek someone from her past, and to find out just who it is who has been trying to have her murdered. But deception and betrayal await her as she finds herself once more drawn into a dark world she thought she had long escaped.
Meanwhile, her husband Torian and adopted son Layne find themselves on the Imperial world of Cress, in the thick of the war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Fighting on the front lines, they are confronted by an old enemy and joined by a new friend, until tragedy strikes and they are forced to leave in search of Apocalypsa, who is in danger unlike any she has faced before.


Excerpt from Chapter one:

Turning to the man at her side, the armored woman laughed quietly. “I think she might cry.”

He shook his head at her, grinning as he took a healthy swallow from the mug of dark beer he held, letting the spicy drink roll around his tongue. “They usually do.” He turned to set the mug on the bar, next to the shimmering black helmet that completed his own armor. “Apocalypsa’s specialty, making people cry. Should charge extra for it.” “Can’t help what I’m good at.” She reached for his drink, but he snatched it away. “Greedy Torian, never shares.” She poked him with an armored finger. “Aren’t we supposed to share everything?”


The story was dedicated to the author’s cat, a companion for 12 years. Tika Waylan, the author’s cat, passed away the day the story was completed. I can identify with losing a pet, well more than pets…companions. My deepest sympathies sent to you for the loss.


That’s all for this week! If you have a particular link, story, video, or topic related to SWTOR we would love to hear about it! You can send those to us here at Corellian Run Radio and we can place it in a future article. Just email us the links and/or the details for the event at corellianrun@gmail.com, or you can also leave any link suggestions in the comments below, or in Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group. See you all next week!



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