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Already one week into November…can that be right? Time is just flying by. Halloween has come and gone, the leaves have almost all fallen and soon we could be seeing snow. The next date on the Holiday Update blog is November 12th, 2013. This will start another Bounty Contract Event. Also on that same day, the Character Name Renewal goes into action. I will have more details on the Character Name Renewal after the Jump. Besides that I came across several fan created SWTOR videos and details on purchasing in-game Cartel Coins.

In-game Cartel Coin purchasing, SWTOR fan videos & more after the Jump…



  • SWTOR video

The videos I choose to feature on my weekly article display examples of great editing, concept, good use of music, are funny, awesome, creative etc. This particular video has some of those elements. It is really well edited and uses music as a supportive element in conveying the message. The uniqueness about this video, by SWTOR forum user Exeiro, is that it is a video request for a return of Open World PVP. In the creator’s about section it mentions bringing it back in an instance. Players want Open World PVP. Give the video a watch and leave a comment. The next time you see a thread about Open World PVP mention this video.


  • Purchase Cartel Coins In-Game

cartel_ledgerEver been logged into the game and saw something on the Cartel Market or maybe a Legacy Perk you wanted to unlock, but uh oh not enough Cartel Coins 🙁 You would have to open up a web browser, go to and then log onto your account and make your Cartel Coin purchase. Those days of going through all those steps are long gone. Now you can purchase your Cartel Coins directly in-game. This was going to come out sooner, but was delayed because of a few bugs. In the article posted on the SWTOR website, it states the exact steps you will have to go through via your account to allow you to purchase Cartel Coins in-game. Oh, and for all you Subscribers, you get to save 50% on your first in-game purchase of Cartel Coins. Be sure to read the posted article for all the details and steps for being able to make in-game Cartel Coin purchases.


  • Dev Notes

EricMusco Rising Hero Bundle Issue | 11.04.2013, 10:21 AM

Hey everyone,
I wanted to let you know that we have found an issue with item “The Rising Hero Bundle” on the Cartel Market and as such, we are going to be pulling it off of the Market immediately. Our goal will be to address the issue and put it back on the market around Game Update 2.4.3. We will have more info on that closer to its release.
The issue is that the “Artifact Equipment Authorization” that is in the bundle is not working correctly. If you have purchased one of these bundles, you will need to contact Customer Support and they will be able to assist you in granting the unlock.
Thanks everyone.



EricMusco Character names poll for prefered and f2p | 11.06.2013, 11:39 AM

Quote: Originally Posted by lironBD

so I got this mail:
so let’s say I want to quit swtor for few months until something interesting is added I’ll lose my character names now ? :X

Hey Liron!
I wanted to clear up how the Name Renewal will work to alleviate any concerns that you have. You are obviously a subscriber right now, this means that even if you unsubscribe today, you will be completely unaffected. The reason is that you would then become a preferred status player. Preferred players are completely unaffected as long as they logged in to those specific characters within the last 90 days. Being how the name renewal is next week, that is far less than 90 days
Here are the exact rules for Character Name Renewal:

If you are a Free-to-Play player:

– If your character is below level 10, and you have not played that character in the last 60 days, your character will be flagged for rename.
– If your character is below level 30, and you have not played that character in the last 120 days, your character will be flagged for rename.
– Characters level 30 and above will be unaffected.

If you are a Preferred Status player:

– If your character is below level 10, and you have not played that character in the last 90 days, your character will be flagged for rename
– If your character is below level 30, and you have not played that character in the last 180 days, your character will be flagged for rename.
– Characters level 30 and above will be unaffected.

If you are or become a Subscriber:

You will be unaffected by this

As of right now this is a one time name renewal, so if you are unaffected on the 12th then you will not have to follow these rules unless we do a renewal again at a later date. Of course if we do that we will notify players of it so they can save their names.
TLDR – Nope, you are completely unaffected by this (except that some names might open up that you want!)



Here are the complete details on the Character Name Renewal, I mentioned in the opening paragraph. Basically, if you are a Subscriber or have characters above level 30 you do not need to worry about those characters getting their names reclaimed. Now for Preferred and Free-to-Play players there are more stipulations for those characters below level 30. Here is a quick tip, if you like a name no matter the level the character log on to that character before November 12th and you are set. Get into the game and logon to those characters you want to keep the names for.



Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

I hope you have had a great week. Mine has been a bit of a drag. I have been dealing with some health issues and been unable to get in-game. Crossing my fingers that things get back to normal soon and I can get back into the SWTOR universe with you all.

While you read through any of the articles or listen to the podcast, we encourage you to take a moment and submit your feedback and suggestions in the comment sections. We love to hear from you. Thanks again for your support and for following the site, enjoy the links below! If you are interested in joining the writing staff at Corellian Run Radio, please contact us at

11/04 Community Checkpoint Guild Call Out! by Jason Taylor

Corellian Run Radio’s Youtube channel

Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group


CRR Black AvatarWe are looking for people interested in helping to generate content for Corellian Run Radio. So, if you would like to write an article, create a video guide or maybe you have another idea altogether, please contact us. You just need to send us an email with your idea and a small writing sample to explain your skills and why you want to help out at Corellian Run Radio. Submit your ideas, a bit about yourself and a small writing sample to us at



  • SWTOR Fan pic

I have wanted to add some other things I see members of the SWTOR community posting and sharing. This week’s fan pic comes from Google+ user Steve Tsuida. The picture speaks for itself. If you have a funny, cool, or interesting image send us a link in an email to or

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) on the gantry in the reactor shaft in the Cloud City at Bespin. © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.


  • SWTOR music videos

Our first SWTOR music video, posted by SWTOR forum user Laserith,is created around the group Daft Punk’s song “Lose Yourself to Dance.” To start off, the helmet fits perfectly with the music group Daft Punk. The entire video is really well edited and has the feel of being a real music video. The creator took great attention to locations for certain shots. I can only imagine how long this took to record in-game footage and then edit to the song. This is definitely one of the better ones I have seen…so far


This video is a blast from the past and yet the franchise is still going on. I’m talking about the Power Rangers. The video was posted by SWTOR forum user Shmeg. The video creator does a nice job of paying tribute of the Power Rangers in the SWTOR universe. The three in-game characters are awesome in their red, blue and green armors. Through various emotes, dances and small bits of combat they do a great job of giving the video that “Saturday morning cartoon” feeling.


Our final music video, this week is titled “Hakuna Ma Twi’lek brothers. The starting song is from Disney’s Lion King. The video is really creative. It is supposedly about a couple of Twi’lek brothers that are on tour. The video is like a “behind the scenes” look into the tour and was also created by SWTOR forum user Exeiro. The in-game footage fits perfectly and I love the outfits. It might not be a serious video or help take down a boss, but it will bring a smile to your face.


That’s all for this week! If you have a particular link, story, video, or topic related to SWTOR we would love to hear about it! You can send those to us here at Corellian Run Radio and we can place it in a future article. Just email us the links and/or the details for the event at, or you can also leave any link suggestions in the comments below, or in Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group. See you all next week!



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