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Growing up my friends and I would pretend to be comic book characters. However, before we could get started there always was the debate on who would be the “bad guy” or “villain.” Although, not everyone was happy when we started playing, but none of us would have had any fun without someone being the nemesis to the hero. The same holds true in movies, books, and video games like SWTOR. In fact, the very idea you can play on Empire side or the “bad guys” is what got today’s guild started. Lisen’tia, guild leader of House Koriaya, took time to share her “evil” thoughts on the matter of RP and why being bad is good in their guild.

We get our “evil” Sith on with House Koriaya on after the Jump…





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  • Guild Q&A

How did House Koriaya get started? Has the guild always been interested in RP? When did you get started in the guild?

I’m the Guild Mistress of House Koriaya. I created the guild back in September of 2012 for an alt character of mine for role play purposes only. He was the only full-time member. Originally, there were no plans to even build the guild at all. In answer to your question though, yes House Koriaya has always been involved with and interested in RP.

It wasn’t until November 2012 that House Koriaya became a regular project of mine. This was the first time since 2006 that I actively chose to be a leader, or officer, of another guild.



What level of RP is the guild involved in, all the time, most of the time or only during guild events? Does your guild pursue the Light or Dark side, and why does the guild stick to that side of the Force/morality?

House Koriaya is Dark Side only. I chose to make the guild Dark because I wanted to ensure that there was a guild for those who wanted to play very dark, very evil characters on the server. When I first learned about SWTOR, I cheered and did a dance once I found out that there was going to be an entire faction devoted to the Empire. I thought to myself, ‘FINALLY, a game where I can really be the villain, where I can really be evil!’


I was disheartened by the sheer number of players who wanted to ‘break the mold’, so to speak, by Rping as “the good Sith” or “the bad Jedi”. I made it a rule that any player who wanted to be a member of House Koriaya would have to be able to RP as a villain. We are the bad guys. Period.

The best answer I can give you about how often House Koriaya engages in role play is to say all the time. I can and do RP anytime, anywhere and with anyone. I engage in random RP no matter the location or circumstances, tailoring my character(s) to the situation.



House Koriaya has a very detailed backstory. Who came up with it and where did the research come from?

You’re talking to her. The seeds for the existence of House Koriaya came about when I first created my main, Lisen’tia Shi’koriaya. She began as a slave on a Sith Homeworld, and it was a simple matter of reading through Wookiepedia to find a named planet in Sith space to use. I chose Nicht Ka because there is nothing known about it, which left me open to fill in that history and description.


Lisen’tia observing the planet Nicht Ka

Originally, House Koriaya was just a tribe, or large gathering of Sith Purebloods. The in-game character creator gave me the idea that all of Koriaya’s slaves were marked, and I was inspired to give a name to that metal; Ka’ein. I was further inspired by other Rpers.

I can distinctly remember role playing with a character who was a Blademaster to a noble House, and I thought to myself, “What a cool idea. Was this just a noble house on that Sith planet? Are there other noble Houses?” To the Google I went! I became fascinated and read a number of different forums where individuals discuss Star Wars canon, and the possibilities that could or could not fit within canon. Sith noble Houses were discussed and in a flash of inspiration, my main became a slave to House Koriaya belonging to the Shi commune.

Tulak Hord and Marka Ragnos tie into the development of House Koriaya because of their overall influence on Sith society in general. It was frustrating to try to determine exactly when and how a society grew from being a coalition of squabbling tribes to a cohesive unified machine like we see today.

To break it down and answer your question; I am the one who wrote the back story for House Koriaya.



The guild utilizes several RP initiations. How are these utilized in RP, recruits becoming members and training, like Master/Apprentice? Can you elaborate on the meaning behind The Blood and Force ritual?

How are they utilized? Well, in a nutshell, I have created and devised an entire role play devoted to the Master/Apprentice relationship. If someone role plays an apprentice to a character who is ‘qualified’ to train, or be a Master, they are actually trained. They are taught the Sith Code, the Koriaya translation, given tasks and challenges to perform and have four Trials that must be completed before they are granted the title of Lord.


The Ritual of Blood and Force is a ritual that I created after delving into Sith canon. It was developed alongside the back story of House Koriaya. I got the idea from the guild leader of another guild when she would role play that she had the racial memories of the previous leaders. I decided to give it a name, and created the Ritual of Binding and Knowledge to explain passing on knowledge and wisdom from one Darth Koriaya to the next.

Blood and Force is pretty much what it sounds like. The RP ritual entails the use of blood and dark side, and is intended to bind the character to the House. The ritual has two main components to it: the character can no longer ‘betray’ the House, and they gain access to the accumulated strength of everyone else bound through the “Heart of Koriaya”. This is another name for the Darth of Koriaya I made up.



How do the non-Force using classes fit in the guild? What rituals do they go through upon joining the guild?

Non-Forcers are as part of the guild as Forcers. They fulfill different but important roles. The biggest one to be filled is that of the Koriaya army. And the non-Forcers are as free to create whatever category or niche that they wish as the Forcers. In fact, we have a special sniper team called “Darth Koriaya’s Reach”, or in its real wording “Parodija’s Svera”.

All starting members of House Koriaya go through the Initiation Ritual. I created it as a way to make sure that I interact with all members of House Koriaya at least once.

Darth Koriaya makes a small incision on their person and with Dark side power chants over them the following:

kiekis ir aistra pancioti j’us kia sau’m

Geidamas kia zudyti, Geidamas kia mrias

raiskus sau aukoti raiskus j’us noret

tegu musjas buti kas, tegu mus buti grizti

Which translates to:

Strength and Passion chain you to me

Willing to fight, willing to die

Power I wield, Power you crave

Let us be one, Let us be joined



There is the Sith and the Military sides of House Koriaya, how do they coexist? What is the leadership ranking system for the guild?

The ranking system consists of a tiered caste system. Anyone can be an actual Officer of Koriaya, whether they play a Forcer or non-Force user. The Officer is called a Pillar, and belongs to the Circle of Pillars. The purpoose of the Circle of Pillars is to “lift up” the current Darth Koriaya, providing them the support necessary to remain Darth. What the player, is the officer “of” is irrelevant. House Koriaya has different RP groupings that give players the ability to find a specific niche within the House, and more groupings can be added. Each of these groups can have two or more Officers associated with it.

I have been approached and asked if I would ever have a Mandalorian clan as part of House Koriaya. The answer to that question was a resounding YES!

There is no limit on who can be part of House Koriaya, or what capacity they could fill.



As much as House Koriaya is into RP, the guild also embraces the other aspects of gameplay correct? What are some of your general guild rules regarding Operations, and how is loot distributed?

While I would love to do operations again, right now the guild was built as RP-PVP and that is what the majority of our members engage in. We are a constant presence in the Arenas and Warzones.

I do have rules for Operations, but the loot distribution system is determined at the start of the Operation, and is wholly dependent on the Operations Leader. However, when I have run the Operations we’ve done so far, I set Master Looter and would use a Need before Companions before Greed system.



Is House Koriaya looking to bring in new recruits? If so what steps do they need to make in order to possibly joining your guild? What server is the guild located?

We are found on the Jung Ma RP-PVP server. The actual steps to joining House Koriaya are pretty simple. Anyone can receive an in-game invitation to join the guild, but to remain a member they have two requirements to complete within 48 hours. The first is to register and “Apply” to join the website and the second is to post their character biography. I have provided a template to assist those who may not be used to writing up free form biographies.

House Koriaya screenshot

Does the Dark Side burn within?
Join House Koriaya

I am always looking to add more members to House Koriaya! The more villains the server has, the better for the community!



In researching your site, I came across something interesting regarding the Sith Code. Would you explain the new translation and what the differences are?

I take it you’re talking about the Koriaya Philosophy of Training? Well, that came about kind of as an accident. I had been creating the Koriaya website and kept thinking about the actual Sith Code. The words Peace, Passion, Strength, Power, Victory kept jumping out at me and seemed to defy real definition. What did they really mean? What is the actual real purpose behind the phrase “Peace is a lie”? Why is there “only Passion”? I delved into the concept behind the Code, beyond the canon. In canon, the Dark Jedi who come to Korriban after the Rakatan enslavement twisted the Jeda’ii code to show the “truth” behind their beliefs, but what language was that in? They did land on Korriban, and the Purebloods only spoke Ancient Sithese. It stood to reason that those Jedi learned Ancient Sithese, rather than forcing the entire population of Korriban to learn their language.

Each of the major words that comprise the mantra of the Sith Code was given a rephrase, or a translation to further flesh out the idea being presented. Peace doesn’t just mean the absence of conflict but is also Harmony, Balance and Serenity; Harmony on a Galactic scale, Balance on a planetary scale and Serenity on a personal level. Passion, Strength, Power, Victory were given the same treatment, as well as the phrases “my chains will be broken” and “The Force shall set me free”

The focus of the “rewrite” was to help guide the player towards the overall flavor of House Koriaya, and that there is a never-ending search for the ultimate state of Perfection, or the Path of Perfection as the current Darth Koriaya calls it.



If there is some players and/guilds looking to contact House Koriaya regarding an RP event etc., what is the best way for them to contact the guild?

housekoriayaThe website for House Koriaya can be found at this link. You can send an email to as well, or you can message me through Enjin by clicking the link on my name throughout the House Koriaya website.

Thank you very much for this opportunity to interview with Corellian Run Radio!!



Thanks to all the members within House Koriaya. I would also like to give special thanks to their leader, Lisen’tia. She was invaluable at gathering the information for the interview segment of the article. For anyone on the Jung Ma server looking to experience some creatively “evil” RP, make sure to get in contact with House Koriaya.

Are you an officer in a guild or a member of a guild and would like to share it with the community? If so please contact me and see if we can tell the community about your guild. Just submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, Look forward to highlighting more guilds here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next week!



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