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HoloNet Links #124

2xpNewsHow is everyone feeling after all that turkey, for those of us that celebrated Thanksgiving? I know, I am feeling quite “stuffed.” However, no time to stop, even for a mild stomach ache, because Double XP is going through December 2nd. Time to log onto the SWTOR and level up your character(s) for the arrival of Galactic Starfighter on December 3rd, for those subscribers that qualify.

 Double XP info, Star Wars gift ideas & more after the Jump…





As I mentioned in the intro, Double XP extended weekend is happening now in SWTOR! Below gives you the exact length of this event. Time to take advantage of Double XP and Legacy points!

STARTS: Wednesday, November 27, 2013, 10AM PST / 6PM GMT

ENDS: Sunday, December 1, 2013, 11PM PST / Monday, December 2, 2013, 7AM GMT

Dates from SWTOR news article




  • SWTOR articles this past Week

BioWare has posted several articles this past week. All but one is about the expansion: Galactic Starfighter. Chris Schmidt gave us another Developer Blog about the starship classes. This blog was about the Gunship. He talks about how the Gunship is the Sniper in starship combat. Chris goes on to describe the advantages and disadvantages for this particular class of starship. Be sure to read through this article before Galactic Starfighter goes live.

 rep_gunship swtor

Staying with the Galactic Starfighter theme, we go on to the next Developer Blog, this one by Jason Attard. The blog by Jason is all about starship components and upgrades. He talks about how you will go about getting components and how you purchase them with Requisition. Jason Attard takes the rest of the blog to explain Requisition. He talks about the two kinds, Ship and Fleet Requisition. I highly recommend this article as a good basic guide or starter for starship components, upgrades and Requisition.

 ship components swtor

Chris Schmidt has another blog about Galactic Starfighter, but this is more about the actual developing for the expansion. The blog discusses what went into the actual level design for Galactic Starfighter. Chris breaks down the Lost Shipyards map and goes step by step through the process of level design. The article is really eye opening, to learn the amount of time and elements that goes into each of these game features.

 gsf_level design

The one article that was not about Galactic Starfighter was another interview with everyone’s favorite SWTOR PVP announcer Baron Deathmark. In the latest interview, Baron Deathmark talks to reporter, Lamalla Rann about the new Death Arena. The newest arena’s location will be the mesa filled planet of Makeb. He goes into more details about this newest arena. Lamalla also asks him if there will be anything for Huttball fans in the near future. Baron Deathmark didn’t give any specifics, but did say that there would be something new for the Huttballers out there.

 makeb arena




  • Star Wars Gift Ideas

It is hard to believe Christmas is less than a month away. So for your Christmas or any other holiday gift giving needs I will be showcasing a few items from the internet I have come across in my searches. Each week up until Christmas, I will highlight a few items for you to add to your wish list or those Star Wars fans on your shopping list.

To start with a couple of great sites to start your search are and Both of these sites have various items for a wider variety of tastes in that Star Wars fan on your list. These sites are also great to help generate other Star Wars gift ideas.

shakespeare_star_wars_bookThe two items for gift ideas this week are both books. First off, we have from Shakespeare’s Star Wars. Have you ever wondered what Star Wars would be like if that well known playwright William Shakespeare would have written it? Well, wonder no more because now you can read for yourself. This particular book would definitely appeal to that jokester in the family or maybe you are that jokester and looking to get more of a gag gift for a Star Wars fan on your list. Either way at $14.95 it should fit nicely in your holiday budget also.

StarWars Jedi Academy bookNext we have a book by author Jeffery Brown titled Star Wars: Jedi Academy. If the author sounds familiar it is because I highlighted one of his previous books Darth Vader and son. His latest book, Star Wars: Jedi Academy is a kids’ book. This one is centered on a middle school age kid “in a galaxy far, far away…” How will a boy who has only wanted to be a pilot feel when he must go to the Jedi Academy? Just because you are accepted in Jedi Academy doesn’t mean all the troubles of growing up, fitting in, etc. go away. See how the main character learns from Master Yoda to find his inner strength, handle other challenges at school and even slow dance with a girl. This book would be great for that middle school aged kid or possibly for a parent with a child that age. Jeffery Brown is a really good author and has a unique way of using cute humor to tackle deeper issues. Currently on you can find the hardcover book selling for around $6.67.



Star Wars Community News & Events

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