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Hello everyone, and Happy Belated Turkey Day to ya! M1SF0RTUNE here with another entry in the War Stories. I know I’m a week later than my usual timeframe I’d post an entry, but things have gone a bit hectic in the real world for me so writing articles will be a little tough. However, I certainly don’t plan on quitting anytime soon, because I’ve got a couple fun new articles for you. Today’s entry I’ve got for you includes an Interview with another character of mine plus another Stat Management. Hope you enjoy!


Interview:  Mathys

Mathys – Senior Medical Officer, Shadow Ops, Imperial Intelligence.

Not much is known about this Imperial Intelligence Agent, but it’s known he’s tried very hard to keep it that way. Mathys was born to a noble Dromund Kaas family, who was unfortunately killed by a rogue Sith Lord, leaving him as the only survivor at a very young age. He was found and adopted by a farmer who took him in for many years. Through his surrogate father, Mathys grew a fierce loyalty to the Empire and the security and order it stands for, as well as a compassion most Imperials lack for their fellow man. Unfortunately, one day, the farmer Mathys called his father was killed by the same rogue Sith Lord who began a series of attacks on Dromund Kaas settlements. Mathys was enlisting into the Imperial Army when this event took place. Since then, he’s grown a deep hatred for the Sith and their methods, especially as he fought with several of them during his time in the Army.

After a few tours of duty as a field medic who also specialized in information gathering and espionage, he was recruited by Imperial Intelligence and has been with them ever since. However, things haven’t gotten much better for the young and inexperienced agent. At the age of twenty, he wed a woman whose name and details are currently unknown. However, it is known the agent loved her very much, and was devastated when her life was taken during an early assignment where his identity was discovered as the result of Sith influence. Details of this operation are currently classified. Since then, he’s grown jaded and kept to himself as he continued his work for Intelligence, but his disapproval for the Sith, their leadership, their methods, and their place in the Empire has been made well known among his colleagues.

His philosophy is to ensure the safety and welfare of Imperial citizens, as well as the safety of any innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire of the war between the Empire and the Republic. As for what he may do to ensure this is unknown, what is known is that as long as he draws breath, he will fight for the Empire until the very end, even if that means fighting the Sith who rule it.

Stat Management

So last time on Stat Management, I wanted to talk about Discipline and Restraint, but another thing I’d like to discuss today would be Assertiveness. Both of these aspects are crucial for good interaction and roleplaying between other players. So let’s begin with Discipline and Restraint, and why that matters.

A lot of young roleplayers often think that they’re welcome to do whatever they want, play as whatever character they want, or can shift other roleplays whenever and however they want. However, this is not good roleplay ettiquette and can be intrusive as well as invasive, or at worst, obnoxious and overpowered and can descend into godplay, which is terrible roleplay ettiquette. This is where the discipline/restraint thing comes in.

Great and experienced roleplayers restrict themselves from being in roles where they are all-powerful, have political control, or in situations where they would know important characters. Such examples they would avoid include affiliations with main story characters (i.e. Master Satele, Darth Malgus, Revan, etc.), being the most powerful Force user in the galaxy (often would, say, force choke a player whenever they feel like it), or being a Supreme Chancellor, Jedi Grandmaster, Sith Emperor (however exceptions to this specific scenario are strictly within guilds, as mentioned in a previous War Stories article). Good roleplayers would never put themselves in these roles, nor would they be an all-powerful person who could bend anyone to their will and attack/kill anyone they please. They remember they’re playing with other people and are considerate and refrain from taking any unfair action. Any form of attacks on other players would typically be done in Duels, where a player’s level and/or skill define their character’s strength in the roleplay, not what they want their characters to be. They have to earn the ability to be powerful.

This is where my last article comes in when I talked about creating characters with flaws, but another addendum I would add is that they are typically “normal people,” in a sense. Any good roleplayer would be just another Jedi, or Soldier, or Sith; just a simple person with simple capabilities and an even simpler place in the universe, which is an exercise in the ever-important restraint that ultimately pays off in good interactions and good roleplays.

So to put it all simply, if you restrain yourself from making an overcomplicated and overpowered character and discipline yourself to play as a simple character that operates on skill/level rules for encounters, as well as treats other players’ characters as equally or more powerful characters than they are, this will ultimately lead to fair, fun RP’s. This also means to restrain yourself from trying to take over someone else’s RP, which can be tempting but is ultimately rude and can cause some frustration when other players are trying to do something else.

Now let’s talk about the flip side of this equation, Assertiveness.

A lot of roleplayers are actually fairly timid. Part of the reason why is because when other players have another roleplay going on, they don’t want to divert it or interrupt it and ruin someone else’s fun. But this can lead to roleplayers end up not actually making any impact at all and leads to frustration and the belief that they’re being ignored, with that couldn’t be farther from the truth. That’s what ends up leading some players to end up barging into RP’s and taking over someone else’s story, which doesn’t usually lead to good results.

The trick to assertiveness in RP is knowing how to gradually involve yourself. You have to be passive-aggressive, in a sense. A good place to practice this would be in Cantinas, where a lot of roleplays tend to happen. This is a great place to practice because it’s a very public area and they’re always spur-of-the-moment RP’s where anyone can join or leave, as long as they don’t get too melodramatic or make a scene of some sort. Simply walk up, and have your character order a drink where other players are gathered. Don’t acknowledge them, just hang out there a while until someone greets you, or you decide to add in on a conversation. This takes a great degree of social skills since you’ll need to know how to converse with people, but look at it this way. How would you meet someone for the first time in a bar? Go with instinct, it’s usually a great launch pad for getting started. Start with conversations, and maybe just conveniently being in the same room something is happening, and wait for something to involve you happen first before you jump into some big RP.

Guild RP’s a great place to practice this. Figure out your place in a guild and their story, then if something in the guild’s story involves your character or what they do for the guild, that’s the time to shine. Don’t be discouraged though if it doesn’t take. Sometimes players will have a plan for their RP and don’t want it to be derailed. Simply spend your time looking for RP-ers that are usually improvising. These are the players who don’t have anything set in stone and allow for variables to change things or take an interesting direction, so they’re welcome to the idea of other players coming in and doing their thing and maybe even willing to let them take control of the story.

The biggest key, however, both to good discipline/restraint, and assertiveness, is focusing on YOU. You have a character who has an arc or a way they work, so all they should be doing is being themselves and going through the motions their character should be experiencing. Take Mathys for example. He’s a character designed to hate Sith, so he would either ignore or be open to fighting Sith save for extremely rare exceptions. He’s also a character who helps people, so he’d often take sides of innocents and heal anyone caught up in a fight, even if they might be Sith. This means Mathys has no business in some affairs, but business in others, and that’s how you determine whether or not he’s able to be squeezed into a certain RP. But typically, just stay in your own bubble and focus on your character, and just by being yourself and acting out your character, will you get involved in major parts of RP’s.


Alrighty, so that was a little long-winded Stat Management for today, but hey, Discipline/Restraint and Assertiveness are very important elements of handling and getting into good RP’s, respectively. However, the most important tip for both cases is just practice, so if you’d like to try out this advice today, head to your Fleet Cantina and give it a go!

That’s all I got for you guys tonight, I hope you liked it. ’til then, this has been M1SF0RTUNE and another fun round of the War Stories. See you next time, and good hunting!

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