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  • League of Xtraordinary Slackers

“You’re a slacker. You remind me of your father when he went here. He was a slacker, too.”

Now, when Mr. Strickland used this line, in the movie Back to the Future (1985), to the character Marty McFly, it was meant to put him down. However, today’s guild would simply take the tardy slip from Mr. Strickland and smile wearing the term as a badge of honor. What guild is that, why none other than the League of Xtraordinary Slackers. We will see how these slackers formed a guild and even what it means to “Slack Together.”

Relax a bit as we meet the League of Xtraordinary Slackers after the Jump…






  • Guild Q&A

When did the League of Xtraordinary Slackers guild form? Was SWTOR your first game?

I started the guild back in 2004 in Star Wars Galaxies! (gee I feel old now 🙂 We were the League of eXtraordinary Beings then aka LXB.


We were on the Intrepid server, and after mergers went to Shadowfire where we met our current SWTOR Sith side friend/sister guild Black Watch! Throughout nearly a decade our community has remained just that, a gaming community of extraordinary people. We’ve gone to multiple MMOs such as Vanguard, PotBS, LOTR, and non-MMOs such as ­­­­Steam games, Minecraft (our SlackCraft server running feed-the-beast mods still going) and just staying in contact via forums/sites/Facebook. When SWTOR was announced we knew THAT was the game to return to full time MMO slacking! Even after years of not playing together scores of slackers returned to play with our guild in SWTOR. We started as LXB and changed our name to Xtraordinary Slackers because it’s always been an ongoing joke with us; never starting raids on time, level slacking, etc. Heck the E in the name overslept and missed the guild rename! So we love to have fun with it! 🙂

After 2.0 we had a bit of a falling out with SWTOR and but we returned strong in September with many returning and new slackers joining the ranks so we’ve been a guild rebuilding but our fundamental attitude and mentality hasn’t changed. Like bad house guests, you cannot get rid of slackers too easily 🙂



Which server and faction are associated with the League of Xtraordinary Slackers? Does the guild have a presence in the opposing faction?

We are Republic on the Harbinger PvE West Coast Server. As I alluded to above, we have a Sith side friend/sister guild Black Watch lead by Lovto/Lulu. They also started in SWG.



What type of guild would best describe the League of Xtraordinary Slackers? How are some ways the guild helps to maintain the fun and social aspects while gaming?

Aside from specializing in methods of extraordinary slackery, we are a guild about community first and foremost. Making friends and enjoying content together! As I said previously we’ve gone beyond any one MMO, though Star Wars has always been our mainstay. We’ve always had a PvE focus, but have grown into PvP a lot! We are a quirky, mature, friendly, helpful bunch that’s had and has families and couples slack with us. There’s a reason we’ve survived for nearly a decade with folks staying with us for years.  Of course, they may also just be too lazy to go anywhere else 🙂 We’re social and casual yes, but the casual does not mean we never do things, despite the name 😛 We include and offer things for all ranges of activity levels.  SWTOR may not offer much in side activities but we make the best of it, with Taun Taun nest day, lazy Sunday PvP, datacron hunts, there’s a lot that can be made fun!

Slacker Fun

Always time for some Slacker fun!


Even though the Leagues of Xtraordinary Slackers is a casual/social guild, one focus remains raiding correct? Is it hard to find a good balance between casual and still progressing through the Operations?

I think no matter how “casual” a guild is, for any longevity you must provide end-game content, which is usually Raiding. Progression is natural, but that’s not our number one focus. We love to LAUGH. Have fun with EACH OTHER, not take things too seriously, though that doesn’t mean we don’t want to kick butt and win and progress through stuff! But the main goal is to simply enjoy the experience of Raiding/Operations. It’s not just about the destination but the journey! It’s a time to get together and make friends, relax with friends, not stress! Sometimes Raiding can be a bit too serious, cold, clinical, and scary. And nothing against hardcore progression, there’s certainly awesome guilds out there for that and serious raiding progression guilds like our friends from the awesome guild Dagobah Exiles we’ve run with in the past. We’re more relaxed of course, but learning to communicate and work as a team while having fun and getting to know each other is the idea, as well as to  provide a helpful, friendly, fun atmosphere where new people to raiding feel welcome and mistakes won’t be yelled at or a wipe isn’t the end of the world. And trust me, I am not just the King of slackers but the King of mistakes 🙂 Just blame me when all goes wrong!


At the same time we aren’t “unserious” or unrealistic where anything goes and you can go raiding in your tighty whities. We have organized OPS Saturdays and Mondays right now. And we aren’t going to put a new 66 geared mate who’s never done an OPS before through HM Dread Fortress… and we aren’t quite there yet as a guild, but are close. We do hope to offer both a relaxed, SM times and are closer to 16 man runs! And then in the future more serious but still the same mentality with Hardmodes for those geared, set and approved who want more challenge and fiber in their Operations diet. So it is hard to strike a balance. It’s easy to see a group of more or less the same people OPSing every week and feel like you’re an outsider or too green to OPS, but we WANT to experience OPS with new slackers! We want people to mark their calendars and look forward to raids and not to pardon the pun, dread them 🙂



As far as Operations, what has been the guild’s biggest achievement so far in SWTOR? What is the next Operation or boss the guild is gearing up to take down?

In the past pre 2.0 we tackled TFB HM. But we’ve been a guild rebuilding. Dread Fortress was sacked by us the other week, and Dread Palace is next, the dread council will not see us slackers coming, for the power of slack is strong with us! The Dude abides! 🙂 A bunch of us are geared and close to ready for progression into Hardmodes!


You’ve been “Slacked”


Have there been any of your members in the December early access of the Galactic Starfighter expansion? How have they liked the new expansion, especially the new space combat? In general, is PVP something your guild is also into?

A bunch of us have early access to GSF, yes. And yes, both space PvP and ground PvP is something newer to our guild, but a few months ago from POT5 we welcomed in a former small guild of friends that already are like family. Two of them are leading our new PvP events/groups, still with the same mentality as our PvE/OPS.

Vayper and Aayliana aka “Capt Tentacles” are the guys to lead our guild PvP sided content – Slackforce (ground) and Slackersquadron (space) into glory! Both unranked and smaller ranked teams are being set up! They’ve gotten folks who play PvE only into enjoying some PvP as a guild! Can’t ask for anything more! 🙂



While on your website, I came across your ranking system, can you explain this “unique” ranking system along with the titles? How does advancement work in the guild?

Well again, we have a quirky sense of humor and love to have fun with ourselves. We very nearly RP the slacker theme at times 🙂 We went with the Royal Slackers, given our past and my longtime nick name from SWG “the King Slacker”, because I was slackerist of ‘em all!  🙂

So King Slacker is Guild Leader


It’s good to be the Queen Slacker

Queen Slacker is Vice GM, Bimu/Zurielle and she’s been our OPS organizer and with our guild since 2005 in SWG where she was a HUGE social event organizer (Groovefests anyone?)! She’s the best! And no we aren’t married it’s totally plutonic… and yet she still manages to spend all of my credits :p

Duke/Duchess Slackers are Officer/Council ranks;

Major Slackers are officer PvP leads;

Lord Slackers are elder members;

Knight/Dame Slackers are Full Members

Noble Slackers are Provisional and

New Recruits are lowly Peasant Slackers!

Hey you gotta start somewhere right? 🙂 And Dungeon Slacker— I’ll leave you guessing for that one 😀



There is a thread, on your forums, titled “Slack Together,” can you elaborate on this thread? What are some ways your member and even other SWTOR gamers can “Slack Together?”

Yes, slack together, work alone! A parody off the phrase “live together die alone” famously uttered by Jack in Lost. Basically the meaning is the same minus actually dying 🙂 Just another way of saying, we’re a guild, a community, let’s do stuff; interact! And we’ve remained a community for a long time, both elder members since SWG and newer members from SWTOR by interacting and doing stuff together in and outside of the game. We don’t force people to group or stuff like that but we want to enjoy content and each other’s company and besides it’s more work to do things alone! 🙂 So given we are growing with new members and returning members we just want everyone to feel at ease to ask for help or group up if they want and thus “slack together, and work alone!”



Is the League of Xtraordinary Slackers currently recruiting? If so are there classes/advance classes the guild needs?

Always recruiting! We’ve slowed on active recruiting and we don’t ever want to become a guild where nobody knows your name and people hardly know anyone or never interact. That being said, cricket chirps are not fun to hear either and we rarely turn people down. We’re always looking for any level and class frankly. We also have a very international group, certainly the majority of our slackers are US West Coast or Central coast based, but we have folks from Canada to England to Germany and Australia! The sun never sets on the League of Xtraordinary Slackers!



How is the best way for potential new Slackers or others wishing to learn more about the guild to contact the guild? What steps do new recruits need to follow to become part of the membership?

Check out our website. There’s a link to Contact Us, and you may also do so via application or in-game! Send a mail to moi, Erisk! Or Bimu or Jarana! Send a whisper anytime! If I’m not afk, I’ll answer! But I often go afk, surprise surprise 😉 But really, minimal steps are necessary. Obviously we want mature and friendly people. I like to talk and vette folks a bit beforehand, but there’s no activity barrier (I mean within reason, once a year logging in is a bit overslack even for us.  😛 But we understand that real life can hinder playtime, whether family, school, work, etc., but you’ll always have a place with us!



With the Galactic Starfighter expansion starting to be released, what are some of the guild’s ideas for the next expansion or as a guild in general?

Space, the final frontier— oh wait wrong universe— well! We hope to offer more guild content; the GSF offers no level or class limitations and is a much needed change of pace from the rest of the game and in itself once more is released (it’s still only early access) it has the potential to be almost its own thing. And we hope future expansions in SWTOR offer some much needed open world content, side games, and player run social events! Our Xtraordinary Slackers guild has been one that’s gone beyond any one MMO as I’ve said previously. Elder Scrolls Online is in the pipeline for 2014 and there’s much interest with our own members and with our community partners such as our WoW sister guild Disturbed on the Stormrage server, so you can be your sweet tukas that slackers will spread their Xtraordinary ways into Tamriel and beyond! But don’t worry…we hope to be staying in that galaxy far, far away for a long, long time!



I want to thank every one of the slackers that make up the League of Xtraordinary Slackers. They are some of the hardest working slackers I have met, but they keep the fun on a very high level. A special bit of thanks and credit goes to the King Slacker himself, Erisk. He was very instrumental in helping make this article possible, between email correspondences, answering the questions for the interview and providing pictures. If you are on the Harbinger server looking for a Republic guild, why not contact the League of Xtraordinary Slackers and chill while still progressing through SWTOR.

What kind of guild is yours? Is it a Hardcore or Casual, PVP or PVE or RP, whatever your playstyle let us all hear about your guild! So if you are in a guild or a leader in a guild, why not contact me and see if we can tell the community about what you folks are doing. Just submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, Look forward to highlighting more guilds here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next week!




  4 Responses to “Community Checkpoint”

  1. i joined the Xtraordinary Slackers back in October. This has been the most enjoyable guild I’ve been in, in any game. Great comunity &great atmospher in guild chat and voice comms.

    If your looking for a fun casual guild, that still offers all the end game content you want to participate in in a relaxed atmosphere, this is the place to be!

  2. @Berndt – Thanks for your comments! I had a great time learning about your guild and agree with you…if someone is looking for a guild on the Harbinger server, they should look you all up!


  3. w00t! Thank you Jason for an eXtraordinary article about our guild 😀

  4. @Bimu the Queen Slacker – Thanks for the comment! It was my pleasure and all the best you and the other members in the League Xtraordinary Slackers!

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