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Christmas Guild Wishlist

This week’s Community Checkpoint has a holiday theme. I wanted to find out what some guilds in SWTOR felt about the game, as the two year anniversary nears, and also their thoughts or ideas for what they would ask Santa Claus to have BioWare place under their tree this next year. We are glad to have back the following guilds on Community Checkpoint: The Intrepid, GAF, and the Narne Regime.

We will find out their wishlists, their thoughts on SWTOR & more after the Jump…


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Now, I want to first thank all the guilds that did reply, but also make an offer to all the other guilds that make up the SWTOR community take some time and fill out their responses to the questions listed below and post them in the comment section below or add to the forum thread this article will be appearing on in the SWTOR forums. This is a great chance for everyone to let BioWare know, in a constructive manner, the changes or thoughts on how the game is progressing. Without further ado, on with the Christmas Guilds Q&A!


Let’s first meet who we have with us in our article…

Carterr, Republic, Jedi Covenant GM of GAF (Gaming Age Forum)

Jasma’n, GAF recruiter


M’arik, Republic, The Harbinger US Intrepid


Toma, Empire, The Red Eclipse The Narn Regime

narn regime banner

How has SWTOR progressed in the past two years?

Carterr: While it’s had its ups and downs (I’m looking at you, content doldrums and free to play), I feel like SWTOR is on a positive course. The amount, frequency and quality of content coming out since update 2.0 has impressed me in a lot of ways and definitely gives almost any sort of player plenty to do in game.


M’arik: SWTOR has seen a lot of changes, most noticeably for us the addition of more raiding content with significantly more challenging Nightmare modes. The addition of recurring events (Gree, Bounty, etc) and the new Galactic Starfighter expansion has helped keep things interesting outside of raiding. We’ve seen a shift from people “raid logging” (only showing up on raid nights) to people being on quite often, playing other parts of the game outside of raiding.


Toma: There have been improvements and steps ahead since release, we cannot deny that. BioWare is doing a good work by releasing new content every now and then.



What are your feelings about the current Guild Rewards program? What would you like to see changed and/or added?

Carterr: I’m a fan of the added XP bonuses, social opportunities and guild banks. In the future I would love to see the inclusion of guild capital ships, especially with the recent rollout of Galactic Starfighter, I feel there are a lot of prospects to be explored.

Jasma’n: It’d be nice to add something with guild alliances as well, and encouraging the use of chat channels. I’d also like to see an official sort of leaderboard system for guilds. Right now, there are sometimes multiple forum threads (or threads that get deleted); it’d be nice to have a consistent go-to place for this information.


M’arik: We feel the current guild rewards are a bit lacking. The leveling bonus is nice if you’re into alts, but not everyone is. The rep bonus is great if you do dailies, but not everyone does. Some things that would help every player and the guild are:
* A bonus to commendations earned.
* An amount of credits that goes straight to the guild bank each time a guild raid kills a boss.
* A SWTOR take on a guild “leveling” and achievement system.


Toma: It’s something nice to have even if I feel that the bonuses are still very, very low, especially when you take into account that they are tied to subscriptions. I really think that subscribers and even more “guilded subscribers”, who are the backbone of every successful MMO, should be treated somehow “better” than they are. Boosted rewards would also encourage people to roll more alts, adding more so-called “lastability” to the game.



What has been the best and worst moment for SWTOR?

rakghoul_02_swtorcomCarterr: The best moment was by far the first Rakghoul event. Massive open world PVP battles on Tatooine, people exploding on the fleet and getting ambushed by containment officers… it was just an overall great in-game event, one I hope they honor in the upcoming event. The worst moment was EA’s panic after losing a million subscribers and hastily switching to the free to play model. The good news is that the game is now profitable without being pay to win, even if they seem to care more about the cartel market than content at times.


M’arik: Best? Gaining challenging new Nightmare content and more to do in general. Worst? Every day that goes by without Pazaak :'(


Toma: The best moment was hands down the kill of Operator IX HM, no question. It was really an awesome moment of Guild life. Striving together to finally achieve a result is something I will never forget. Another great moment was soon after we took over The Narn Regime Guild and we discovered with pleasure how many people were in need of a late night guild.

Operator IX HM

Worst moment(s) have been: 1) leaving my first (republic) guild and moving to the dark side; 2) soon after patch 2.4 (The Dread War) was released and I discovered the hard way that the 200 or so elite comms I spent the day before to buy arkanian (69) was made eligible to buy underworld (72) items.


Since this is a “Christmas” guild Q&A, what is one thing you would like to see BioWare put under the tree this next update, next expansion and next year for the SWTOR, especially relating to guilds?

Carterr: Guild capital ships and space operations for sure!

swtor republic capitol ship

Jasma’n: Again, leaderboards would be awesome. Also, Galactic Starfighter previews implied that there would be some of the off-rails space combat that was playable solo or PVE, and I know some people are disappointed that it’s PVP-only. It’d be great to add those on. Oh, and for my girl moment… it’d be great to have armor choices besides either all-the-way-to-the-neck vs. half naked. What’s wrong with a v-neck once in a while, guys?


M’arik: We would absolutely love to see some really strong in-game/website guild tools and interface. Things like armory profiles, guild profiles, API key, an in-game (and website?) guild calendar. Even a progression “scoreboard” for raid bosses would be great…something to drive competition and get our name out there. We’re definitely looking forward to the next tier of raiding content as well, with high hopes that BioWare brings some very interesting and challenging new encounters to the game.


Toma: I would really love to have more guild management tools available “in-game” as would make life a whole lot easier, I think.

I would also love to see more rewarding loot drops from Op bosses, in terms of stats and “look” since I have the bad feeling that all “nice” things are now only available through the Cartel Market by paying real money for them, no matter how long you play or grind.

Even if pushing people to spend more money on the Cartel Market may seem “smart” to BioWare, I seriously believe that in the long run, having a lot of frustrated grinders, could eventually result in the failure of the game.



I want to thank all the guilds who were able to reply. As I said before, this is not the end of this discussion. I hope many of you other guilds will take a moment and post your answers to these questions in the comment section below or in the SWTOR forum thread that will feature this article. If we are able to get more responses, in a constructive manner, it will show BioWare what you the guilds in this community like and want.

On behalf of the staff from Corellian Run Radio, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Be sure to be safe and take time away from the game to enjoy a time with friends, family and loved ones.

Community Checkpoint will be back in about two weeks on December 30th, 2013. We are always on the lookout for guilds to highlight on the Corellian Run Radio’s website. So if you are an officer in a guild or a member of a guild, we would like to share your guild with the community. All you need to do is contact me and see if we can tell the community about your guild. Just submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, Look forward to highlighting more guilds here at Corellian Run Radio.




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