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strike fighter - swtorComing up from behind an asteroid, I level off in my Strike Fighter. Checking my instruments, no starships within weapons range, but off in the distance I spy a larger ship. It must be a Gunship. Skillfully banking to the right and deciding to maneuver behind the enemy. Swinging back around towards the target and now heading at it directly from behind. Checking my instruments for any other enemies in the area and the radar is clear. Switching weapons to full, I prepare to take on this large starship, which must be a Gunship.

Learn what happens next after the Jump…



As I finally close the distance and get into firing range, sensors start going crazy as I’m getting hit by laser fire, but no ships. Wait a minute that is no Gunship. Scrambling to switch power to my shields and possibly get the Co-pilot to do something with the hull damage. As this has been happening the large lumbering starship has turned and started to fly away. “Ah ha, that’s right run, I mutter.” I move in faster and ready my weapons. At that moment, something flies out the back of this starship. The object looks small possibly a sensor probe, but no it is a mine. Suddenly my Strike Fighter is rocked and my Co-pilot is muttering something about his suit not made for space. It is during the fireball, which engulfs my Strike Fighter, now I fully realize that I just met the new Bomber class starship.

Imp bomber

Jason Attard, senior game designer on SWTOR, posted a new developer blog talking about this new class of starship, the Bomber. In this new developer blog, we learn how this class of starship serves a very different role amongst its fellow starships. It can be very defensive and use drones/mines to guard positions or funnel enemies into a kill zone. The bombers can also help fellow teammates by dropping a repair drone that enables the Bomber to be a healer/support platform. To me the biggest thing to notice, besides all the mines, drones and weapons, is the size and armor of these Bombers. They are at minimum 2000 health/hit points. This large size and massive armor brings to mind images of the old Flying Fortresses seen in old World War II movie reels or documentaries. Be sure to read the entire developer blog by Jason Attard to learn more unique things the Bombers bring to Space Combat and also get on the Public Test Server to fly the Bomber for yourself.

Rep bomber


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