Jan 202014

Shroud1An intercepted transmission was received a few days ago on popular HoloNet site. The transmission was from The Shroud. Yes, it seems the great spymaster behind the level 55 macrobinocular missions, is back. This time he seems to have an interest in the Kuat Drive Yards.

More on the transmissions from The Shroud after the Jump…


The transmission appears to be addressed to Shroud SF-5. From what I have gathered, this is a designation given to operators working for The Shroud. It seems as if he, The Shroud, uncovered a plan of the Empire that has one of their agents embedded and married to someone in the Kuat family. This would give the Empire a definite advantage if they gain access to Kuat’s well known starship manufacturing facilities, even tip the war back in favor for the Empire.

Of course, The Shroud could not allow one faction to gain the upper hand. In an attempt to insure that the Empire would not gain complete access to the Kuat Drive Yards, he sent Shroud SF-4, an agent of his. The Shroud thought SF-4 would be able to handle the situation, but according to the posted transmission, a vibroknife from the Imperial Agent made short work of SF-4. The Shroud always has a plan and has leaked the Empire’s plan through multiple Republic informants. This will bring Republic fleets into the Kuat arena and of course the Empire will counter with their own fleets. Almost as if everything has been planned by The Shroud, he can sit back and watch to see which will emerge the stronger faction.

To find out the entire story we will have to run through the Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint when Update 2.6 goes live or get on the Public Test Server to run through it and check for bugs. There might just be some clues left by The Shroud, but I can almost bet there will be a few surprises.


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