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HoloNet Links #130

The Rakghoul Resurgence is going on now in-game. Here is the link warning those of the outbreak on Alderaan. This new event started Tuesday, January 21st, and goes through January 28th. If you have not started the event, be sure to check out HoloNet news terminals on each faction’s fleet. The cutscene news will give some information, albeit very brief, and the starting quest that will send you to Alderaan.

Rakghoul Event, Testers Needed for PTS & more after the Jump…





Yes, as I stated in the intro, the latest version of the Rakghoul Plague event is going on now through the 28th of January. The Rakghouls are back with some wild “head chomping” moments. This time the plague has surfaced, or should I say buried itself in the planet Alderaan. After visiting the first main city area for your faction you will be told to travel to the “Spike.” It is how you get down to the tunnels where the Rakghouls are at.

Okay, the good points, from my point-of-view, some of the new Rakghouls are really well created and like I said earlier the “head chomping” animation is pretty awesome. The idea of having them buried into a tunnel system is good and gives it that creepy, confusing feeling as you progress through the missions. The items found on the THORN, (The Hyland Organization foe Rakghoul Neutralization), reputation vendor are neat, especially some of the weapons. Speaking of vendors, Jeelvic, the Jawa vendor from the first Rakghoul event is back…how he got to Alderaan is another mystery.

new Rakghoul event1Now, the bad news, in my opinion, this Rakghoul event feels like a small daily area put in narrow tunnels under the surface of Alderaan. Besides, traveling to the planet, quarantine tent and to the “Spike,” so you can enter the tunnels, you do not travel anywhere else on the planet. I understand wanting to have the tunnels being an instanced area, so the number of players can be regulated, but you have the whole planet of Alderaan, and you only use one spot to go underground, that doesn’t make any sense to me. You could have had multiple “Spikes” setup all over Alderaan, for various missions.

Speaking of the missions, there is one mission that uses the macrobinculars, but why not a quest that utilizes the seeker droids. The other missions are pretty much standard MMO missions, locate, escort, collect and kill. I understand any quest can be broken down into those basic elements, but what happened to the storytelling. Wasn’t story the pillar BioWare/EA was bringing to MMOs? That storytelling is what makes this game and when you decide to eliminate that or give just a small tease of that, what sets the game apart from other MMOS?

rakghoul event2On our last podcast, I had talked about pets and there are new pets you can get. Hmm let me rephrase that, there is one pet that is a drop and the rest can be purchased via a vendor, but first you have to find Jeelvic. I was hoping for at least one quest in which you earn the pet. Not hope for a drop, but upon completion of the quest you get a pet. There are even achievements associated with pets during this event. Achievements are a good thing and it gives another challenge to players.

Okay moving along, once you find the vendor, you have to have enough of three or four different types of tokens in order to purchase them or the mounts. I have no issue with earning items, but why multiple currencies? It is always better to keep it simple. I would rather a mount cost hundreds of Rakghoul DNA canisters, than need to have so many different types of tokens. There is a four person heroic mission, but I advise turning off your area-of-effect abilities or be ready for PVP. Also in the tunnels there are a few wandering Rakghoul Bosses you can eliminate, also a World Boss type Operation once you get high enough THORN reputation and purchase to open up priority THORN missions.

Rakghoul Boss Eyeless

Eyeless – Rakghoul Boss

It sounds like I hate the event, but I don’t hate it. However, it is not nearly as fun as the previous Rakghoul event. I understand the other event had missions similar to this one, but it did not feel as much of a grind as this one does. I love that the Reputation System was added to the game, but I’m not fond of how it has been implemented into the game. If I am helping THORN remove the Rakghoul problem, shouldn’t it make since to award a small amount of reputation points for every Rakghoul I kill? Currently, every player is awarded a few points towards their Legacy. Couldn’t this also be done with certain reputations, like some of the events, Voss, etc.?

Well those are some of my thoughts on the Rakghoul event. We would like to hear what you think of the event. Tell us some of things you enjoyed or anything that might need to be changed when the event comes back next time. Don’t forget to look at Dulfy’s website to see some of the items you will be able to work towards during the event.

What will be happening after the Rakghoul event? Funny you should ask because BioWare has posted a link to show you the current and upcoming in-game events scheduled. Next event scheduled will begin February 11th and go through the 14th. It will be the Bounty Contract event, because nothing says love or Happy Valentine’s day like collecting on a huge bounty.



  • Pilots & Other Testers Needed on PTS

test pilots neededThe latest version of Update 2.6 is on the PTS and they need your help to test. Whether it is the new Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint, the new Team Deathmatch for Galactic Starfighter or the new Bomber role starship being added to the game when 2.6 goes live, they need your help to test. Why not organize something in your guild to have eight players on each faction get into groups of four…right there is enough for one match. You could even setup prizes based on kills, assists, or deaths. Get creative and let us know what your guild did as a part of testing.



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01/20 Encoded Transmissions by Jason Taylor

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  • SWTOR Music video

This week’s video I saw on Facebook posted by the great folks at Old Republic Dads and Old Timers guild. Much has been said about twerking, maybe too much at times, but when I saw the title of the video was Imperial Twerk…well, I had to watch. Honestly, this is pretty impressive to watch. It is good enough for someone to be able to dance, but add multiple dancers in Stormtrooper armor that sells itself. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.


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