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  • The Jedi Order –Galactic Republic

Community Checkpoint is back! This week we look at a guild from the Ebon Hawk server, The Jedi Order. I was lucky enough to be allowed to meet with their council representative Scanter to learn more about this particular Jedi sect. This group is strictly for those pursuing the Path of the Jedi. These protectors of the Republic have formed a Jedi only guild to help in learning more about the Force, teaching and training others in the ways of the Force and to stand up against the oppression of the Sith.

Get ready as we talk to Scanter about The Jedi Order after the Jump…





  • Guild Q&A

How long has The Jedi Order been a guild in SWTOR? What server and faction is associated with your guild?

Well allow me to begin with a little of our history. The Jedi Order’s Leaders, Visrem – Adairi – My’kl – and Scanter, that’s me, have been in the same guild in SWTOR since beta. However, our history goes a lot farther than that. We all have been in the same community since Star Wars Galaxies where we were on Starsider server and leaders of a guild called JEDL. As far as faction goes well our main characters have always been Republic associated. We originally started out on Lord Addraes Server till they did the merge and we came to The Ebon Hawk server.

 The Jedi Order banner


What type of guild is The Jedi Order? How did the guild get started?

Our guild is a Role Play guild, but we focus on all game content as well from PVE to PVP and the new Starfighter. How our guild got started is rather a tough question. See we started out with the guild tag of The JEDL Order. That guild we started way back when the game launched but as fate would have it the guild took a direction that we were not looking for. So we sat down and came up with an idea of what we wanted and put it into action.

 The Jedi Order code


Is it true this a Jedi class only guild? Are there other restrictions on players for the sake of maintaining guild rank and RP?

Yes, The Jedi Order is a Jedi class only guild. But we do have an alternate guild we use to place our other alt characters in that are Trooper and Smuggler. As far as restrictions go, we have always tried to allow our members a lot of open ground so they can Role Play how they choose, while at the same time sticking to the traditions and lore of the Jedi way. With that being said we do have a few restrictions with some items such as the red color crystals and with certain gear that is considered as Sith artifacts by lore. We also try to produce events, such as our recruiting ceremonies and such to where everyone around can watch and be entertained, so we have restrictions on some of that we expect our members that are part of it to act like a Jedi and dress as such.



Can you explain how the different schools function in the Jedi Academy? How does a new recruit get paired with a Master?

Our schools are set up into four classes, The Shadow school, The Sentinel school, The Sage school, and The Guardian school. When a new recruit joins our guild they are placed into the school by their advanced class. The Council (leadership of the guild) is also divided up by these four advanced classes with three per class. We have our GM of that school who is responsible for making sure those events for that school is maintained. Then we have the next seat which is the PVE seat who is responsible for setting up Raids (operations, flashpoints) and events. Then we have our PVP seat that maintains the player vs player aspect of the game. With a full council we have 12 members who work together to keep the guild alive and moving. Then we have our guild leader who is our recruiter and maintains the main running of the guild. We then have a silent person who is responsible for our archives (website ) and they keep them in order and cleaned up as needed. Now mind you the leader is not the only one who recruits. He does get help from the other leadership so he is not bombed with just that. As for the Master/padawan system, we do not appoint people to a master. As lore it is up to a Knight or Master to select one of their own of their own choice. We tried years ago to appoint them but it never worked out well as you end up with people who do not get along some times.

 The Jedi Order Schools


Besides the RP benefit, is there in-game help the Master/padawan relationship provides? Are there specific teachers for different areas of gameplay or is it strictly for RP?

As I had pointed out before, yes we are a Roleplay guild. But we also entertain all aspects of the game. So our master padawan system is part of our ranking system but it provides so much more. It allows for new players to the game to find help from seasoned players of the game. We all know that when playing a new game we are all lost for a short time and do not know which direction or how to set up you character. Now this does not mean that that person has to use only that set up. It is there to just point them in the right direction of what their class can do. But any member can find out anything they wish to know by simply asking one of the leaders or even just a general member who has been playing for awhile. We encourage all our members to be helpful because we, as leaders, teach them and expect them to pass on that knowledge.



How has The Jedi Order felt about Update 2.6? Has the guild found ways to incorporate the Galactic Starfighter expansion into the RP ad general aspects of The Jedi Order?

Well as with all things new you have your certain players who will focus on different things. Some like it as we have all been waiting for a space system that is not on rails. But you do have players who could care less about flying around and would rather do ground stuff, No harm and understandable since everyone has different likes. We have indeed incorporated it. As lore would have it Jedi were great pilots, so we have even started making fleets inside the guild for it. Roleplaying a starfighter pilot can be really fun. We have even allowed our members to make call signs for themselves as well.



Is the guild currently recruiting? If so what roles or specific advance classes does The Jedi Order need?

Yes, we are always looking for new members, as far as any one particular class no. we except all Jedi class. But like all games you have certain classes that you lack due to dislikes or sometimes just plain hard to find. Tanks and healers are usually the hardest to find.

 The Jedi Order recruiting


How is the best way for potential new recruits or those seeking more information about The Jedi to contact the guild?

Well we try to use our website for many reasons. We use it for rank tracking, as well as a way for everyone to be a part of our community even if they play other games as well. Our web site is – www.jedLorder.enjin.com. All they have to do is register with our site and simply read the docking bay thread for information on how to join.



Even though the guild is a Jedi profession guild only, how has the guild fared in Operations, and PVP in SWTOR? Has the game allowed your guild to compete in these given areas successfully while maintaining your RP perspective?

We have had no problems in that area really. One of the good things about SWTOR is that each of the professions has everything you need. Sages are healers and dps, shadows are tanks and dps, sentinels are dps (and can offer a healing spec as well but not as efficient), and Guardians also are tanks and dps. So as you can see just playing a Jedi you can have everything you need to do operations, and flashpoints. Also as I pointed out before we have our other guild for alternate characters that are the ranged class. So we have had no problems at all in that area, and to be truthful you cannot keep a Roleplayer down. A good RP’r will find anything to rp about. We have even had members do these operations and flashpoints by Roleplaying it all the way through.



Are there a couple areas the guild would like to see improved in SWTOR? What are some of the favorite aspects The Jedi Order has found in SWTOR?

Hmm you kind of have me on a limb here (LOL), as like everyone else I can only really speak from my point of view on this. Areas of improvements, I would like to see chat bubbles. Makes it easier for RP to see who is actually talking to you and not have to filter out what others are saying to them. Guild Ships, It would be nice to have an area that only your guild can get to so we do not have to worry about trolls (people who try to trash events and such). Gear, I would like to see more Jedi lore type gear. I mean Jedi by lore always wore robes that were soft and movable. Armor looking gear is nice but to get a real good feel of a Jedi the traditional tunics would be nice. Another thing I think would serve SWTOR well is a true Vet reward system. I mean I like the event stuff but like everyone else I think items that you can only get by playing for so long to flash around other than titles would do it justice.  Favorite aspects we have found in SWTOR, well speaking only for myself, I have found pretty much all the game content great.



Thanks so much for the members of The Jedi Order for allowing me access to their council and entertaining my questions. I would like to extend my special thanks to Scanter for all of his help in taking the time to answer my question and replying to my emails. I wish them all the very best and may the Force be with them all of their days. If you are looking for a Jedi based guild for some RP on the Ebon Hawk server, I would suggest getting in touch with one of the officers in-game or going through their website to find out how you can join.

What kind of guild is yours? Is it a Hardcore or Casual, PVP or PVE or RP, whatever your playstyle let us all hear about your guild! So if you are in a guild or a leader in a guild, why not contact me and see if we can tell the community about what you folks are doing. Just submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Look forward to highlighting more guilds here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next time on Community Checkpoint.



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