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HoloNet Links #135

star wars gardeningHard to believe that we are closing the books on February and getting ready to head into March of 2014, but this means, for the Northern Hemisphere, that Spring cannot be too far off. Spring means renewal and new growth and SWTOR is also going through some changes, just like the seasons. Those changes can be new people in the SWTOR team, new podcasts and new things on the horizon for the game. Are you ready to see what the Spring holds for SWTOR? I am waiting eagerly to see what is in store for this game!

The Bad Feeling podcast, dev notes Open World PVP video & more after the Jump…





  • SWTOR Community Cantina in Boulder, CO

BioWare, in a recent post on the SWTOR website, announced a Community Cantina event will be coming to Boulder, CO. The event will be on March 22nd, 2014. Just like the other Community Cantina events, this is your chance to meet some of the dev and community team members. There will be a brief Q&A session and usually some giveaways. This will also be the second event to offer the M8-3R astromech pet to each person in attendance, while supplies last.

These events are a blast! If you are in the Boulder area, I would suggest making plans to attend. Below are the specific details for the event on March 22nd.

community_cantinaVenue: St. Julien Hotel and Spa

Date: Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Time: 7:00-10:00PM MST

Address: 900 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80302




  • Dev notes

TaitWatson Is The PTS of 2.7 still schedule for tomorrow? | 02.26.2014, 05:32 PM

Hi everyone,
Currently, our internal build of Game Update 2.7 is not in a state that we are happy with, so we will not be opening the PTS tomorrow (2/27) as previously mentioned. Since we are still working through some critical issues, I do not have a new PTS release date for you at this time. As soon as I have something concrete, I will update you all.
Thank you for your understanding. We are working to get 2.7 out to you as soon as possible.



Looks like there will be a delay in getting Update 2.7 onto the PTS for players to test the new content and class changes. This is unfortunate that it will be delayed, but hopefully it will give them time to iron out the critical issues and allow players to get some quality time on the PTS with the changes scheduled to come in Update 2.7. I urge everyone to take some time when 2.7 hits the PTS to go and test the new update. Your help testing and input to BioWare will help make the game better before it hits the live servers.




TaitWatson Tait What are Bioware going to do about Lockouts for the PTS | 02.26.2014, 01:08 PM

Starting in 2.7 (and available on the PTS), we are separating the lockouts for the Operation difficulties. So, if you complete the Hard Mode of Dread Fortress on the live servers and then copy over, you will be locked out of Hard Mode but still able to do the Nightmare Mode.

 The Dread War - SWTOR


Okay, I will admit I’m not a huge Operations guy, but I understand the lockout system. My advice for anyone wanting to test the new Nightmare Mode would be to copy your character before doing your weekly Operations run. That way none of the lockouts would apply to your character.

On another note, why are there lockouts on the PTS? Isn’t the point of the testing to get lots of data back from players going through this content? I understand not wanting to give away too much as far as how to complete the Operation, but it is already tough enough getting players to take some of their gaming time to test, why put up another barrier like a lockout on the PTS?




EricMusco The Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Cantina Tour Arrives in Atlanta, GA! | 02.26.2014, 01:25 PM

Hey folks!
I wanted to announce something I am pretty excited about for our Atlanta event… a new community mini-pet! That’s right, we feel the Tauntaun Fawn may have run its course and it is time for a new pet. Our new mini-pet is the M8-3R Astromech! He is a sleek yellow and silver, in honor of our forum colors. Atlanta will be the first event where we are giving away the M8-3R instead of the Tauntaun Fawn, and we will continue to give away the droid from that event forward for the rest of the year.
If you don’t have a Tauntan Fawn, fret not. We still intend to continue giving them away on our weekly stream, along with occasionally on the forums and social media as well. If you aren’t attending our Atlanta event but you want to see what the new pet looks like, Tait will be running around with one in-game on our Friday stream this week.
Hopefully we will see many of you at our events so you can get an M8-3R of your very own.



For all of you planning to attend future Community Cantina events, it looks like BioWare has a new pet they are giving away to those attending the events. M8-3R is the name of the astromech, listed in the dev post by Eric Musco. Personally, I am happy to see more droids being introduced as pets in SWTOR. If you watch the movies, there tends to be droids following people around more than animals. What is your take on the new pet? Do you like droids as pets or would you rather see more animals? Let us know in the comment section below.




Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

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02/21 HoloNet Links #134 by Jason Taylor

02/25 Episode 112: Save a Horse, Ride a Rancor – podcast

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  • SWTOR Community highlight – the Bad Feeling podcast

Anytime you are a part of something there will be ebbs and flows, the same is true with the SWTOR Community. We have had some people move on from the game and podcasting ranks. These people cannot be replaced, but that does not mean new people won’t come in to make their own mark in the community.

That was my thinking when I heard about Brian and Chuck wanting to have their podcast mentioned through our website. Of course, before we mention anyone we take time to listen to their podcast. You can trace the roots of the Bad Feeling podcast back to last April, when two friends got hooked playing SWTOR. The show is very well produced, as far as audio quality and it has that excited joy that many in the community felt when SWTOR launched. Brian and Chuck are very upfront about saying that they are so-called noobs in SWTOR. In fact, they want their podcast to reflect that they are just a couple of guys talking about the game they love and not trying to cover the news, like other podcasts.

After listening to the podcast, I emailed them to get some information on how they got started and what has been a favorite moment for them in SWTOR to date. Here are their answers:

One of my favorite SWTOR moments was when I first unlocked Death From Above on my bounty hunter. I laughed out loud probably the first 500 times I used that ability, and it still makes me grin like a madman. Another favorite was running my first Op: Eternity Vault nightmare mode. All of us were on Teamspeak trying to kill Gharj (the lava pit boss). After we finally killed him we all congratulated each other until the floor disappeared and we were all dumped into the lava again. – Brian


My moment? Whether it was when my Jedi finally broke the code, and got with his companion. I was hoping for something more, but hey it’s a family game or maybe every time my evil Sniper slaps someone for being stupid…probably my favorite storylines so far. The best is winning a Warzone though, that feeling that you were able to herd eight cats in a direction and actually win something…best days ever. – Chuck

 Bad Feeling podcast banner

I would suggest adding the Bad Feeling podcast to your bookmarks and tuning into their podcast. It is a really fun and entertaining show. For those parents out there, their show is probably a PG-13, due to some explicit in language. Brian and Chuck are two great guys having a blast talking about something they really enjoy, and that is the important part. If you have any questions about the Bad Feeling podcast you can email them at brian@badfeelingpodcast.com or chuck@badfeelingpodcast.com. You can also follow them on Twitter @badfeelingpdcst. Their website is http://www.badfeelingpodcast.com and their RSS feed is http://www.badfeelingpodcast.com/rss.



  • SWTOR Music video

Yes, it is time for this week’s music video. Axurion Exeiro is the Youtube user who posted the video below. The reasons I picked this video are because one it is a player generated event, which I always think are fun and two it is Open World PVP! That is correct, Open World PVP on Belsavis. A group of Republic players are attacking the main Imperial base. This is the kind of stuff I love to see. Just think of the wild battles that would happen if more of the cities were accessible to both factions…it would almost seem like a war was going on in the galaxy. Sit back and enjoy this great video.


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