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If you haven’t heard yet, Update 2.7 is on the PTS (Public Test Server). We will get into some more of the details concerning what is currently being tested in Update 2.7, but first a couple questions. Are you playing on the PTS, to help test new content and changes in Update 2.7? If not, what kind, if any, of an incentive would get you to log onto the PTS and assist with testing? There is a definite need for players to help out on the PTS, especially to get more Warzone and Galactic Starfighter queues to pop.

 Highlights of 2.7 on PTS, Dev notes & more after the Jump…





frontline-gaming-teens_t700I know talking about helping test on PTS, again, makes me sound like a broken record. However testing new systems is really something where we, the players, can assist and have our voices heard, not that they will change everything as we wish, but we do get our say. We get heard via our bug reports and posts on the PTS forum section. Now, when I say help test, I’m not talking everyday for several hours, but maybe once or twice a week.

Do you feel testing is important for players to be involved? Let us know in the comment section below.



  • Update 2.7 on the PTS

As stated above, Update 2.7 is now on the PTS. There have been the many class changes we have discussed over the past couple of weeks along with some exciting new content as in Flashpoints, new GSF Domination map, brand new Huttball map and a new way of introducing Nightmare Mode in Operations. Below is a list of highlights from the patch notes for Update 2.7 on PTS posted in the Dev Tracker.


Ranked Arena Season 1 has ended! Characters that had a qualifying rating will be mailed their rewards. Giradda congratulates the winners and looks forward to the bloodshed in Season 2! Ranked Arenas are still active for you and your team to prepare for the next season, which will begin in 2.7.1. Matches played between Seasons will not affect your ratings.

Quesh Huttball Pit, a new Warzone, is available for play! Baron Deathmark hosts the latest Huttball match on the toxic planet Quesh. Join the Warzone Queue and Go Berserk!

New Galactic Starfighter Domination Map: Denon Exosphere! The map features a wreckage field from the ongoing battle, a large strategic space station, and Republic and Imperial Capital Ships clashing over the ecumenopolis planet Denon.

New Flashpoints! Beginning the next major storyline of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Korriban Incursion and Assault on Tython Tactical Flashpoints are now available to players at level 55.

Tython FlashpointKorriban Flashpoint

Nightmare Mode is now available for the Dread Fortress! Even greater horrors await those who wish to challenge the bastion of the Dread Masters, and even greater rewards in the form of new Dread Touched equipment!
This iteration of Nightmare Mode is a little different than others. The usual additional mechanics are present, as well as a new buff on the enemies called Nightmare Power. This buff grants the usual additional health and damage that has been added to previous Nightmare Modes. Anyone powerful and coordinated enough to defeat Dread Master Brontes while under the effect of Nightmare Power will be granted a new unique title!
At a future date, we will remove this buff, leaving the new mechanics in place but the health and damage dealt will return to usual hard mode values, and the title will no longer be possible to obtain.

 dread master brontes


  • Dev notes

EricMusco Operation Musco – Mission: Active – March 7th | 03.06.2014, 05:09 PM

Hey folks!
Tomorrow we continue with our weekly community stream and this week, we continue with Operation Musco! My Operative will be jumping into some Warzones and Flashpoints with the stream. If you are new to the stream, we will be streaming on our official Twitch channel from 4 – 6 PM Central time on the Prophecy of the Five server.
Come join us in-game or in the chat room! See you tomorrow.


Be sure to check out Mr. Musco, as he plays his Operative on the Prophecy of the Five server. He will be participating in Warzones and Flashpoints. Here is your chance to “kill” a dev in a Warzone. If you are on the Prophecy of the Five server be sure to be on the lookout for Eric’s Operative. If you are not on that server, be sure to watch his Twitch stream tonight.



MattPucevich New time-limited nightmare Dread Fortress title announced | 03.04.2014, 06:00 PM

I just wanted to take an opportunity to clarify some things regarding Nightmare Mode in 2.7, and more specifically Nightmare Power, as we’ve been seeing a bit of confusion here and there regarding the system and our plans for it.
First of all, while we don’t have *exact* dates, guilds can expect to have on the order of a couple of months to get their Nightmare Power clear before the buff goes away. Dread Fortress’ Nightmare Power will not expire before 2.8, and we will monitor progress throughout the Operation and will make sure there is plenty of notice before it is removed. What Nightmare Mode will be post Nightmare Power is still up for discussion, but again we’ll make sure to communicate it clearly before it happens.
Second, Nightmare Mode with the Nightmare Power buff active will be balanced to the same deliciously devious difficulty level as the other Nightmare Modes you all know and love.
Third, we can confirm that the balance currently up on PTS is not final and quite subject to change.
Thanks everyone for showing up and testing/streaming on the PTS! The feedback has already been invaluable.


Matt Pucevich is posting to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the change coming to Nightmare Mode Operations in 2.7. It will begin with the Dread Fortress Nightmare Mode Op. As he states, the length of time for this Nightmare Power buff Op is not exactly known yet, but Matt also says it will not expire before Update 2.8.

The change to Nightmare Modes may not be getting all the fanfare or mentions in the forum threads, but I think it might be one of the more unique changes starting when Update 2.7 goes live. This will make Nightmare Mode even more of a challenge. Players on the forums talk how SWTOR is not difficult enough and there needs to be more of a challenge in the game, well here you go. According to the Patch Notes for Update 2.7 on the PTS, Bosses will have Nightmare Power, which means more health and dealing more damage. Players who manage to take down an Operation with this new buff present will earn a title. This will be a prestige title, because the buff will only be until at some date it is removed and when the buff is no longer present in the Operation the title will no longer be available.

 The Dread War - SWTOR


RobHinkle PvP Queue… yeah, fail. | 03.04.2014, 01:47 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by Twin

A remotely associated question; Could you please share with us how the % looks on the live servers as of now? I mean, is the chance of getting each -Warzone- equal, or are some of them on higher %?
Im asking because i know i read a long time ago that Huttball was decreased due to it popping all the time back when it was the only(?) warzone that supported same faction opposition. -What im wondering is wether or not those tuned down % ever was upped to equality with the other warzones.

Couple answers to this question, I’ll try to be clear:
Live – 2.6: You have an equal chance to pop in any of the warzones or play an arena (it considers all of the arenas as an equal chance to one warzone).
PTS – 2.7: We have set the new Quesh Huttball Pit to be the only unranked map to pop.
Live – 2.7: Quesh Huttball will be something like twice as likely to pop as any other map type
Live – 2.7.1: Back to everything being an equal chance to pop. In this case, Original Huttball and the new Quesh Huttball Pit will share the “Huttball” chance in the Queue, much like Arenas do on live now. So you aren’t going to get twice as much Huttball, just when a Huttball map comes up it will be one of the two.


image via

Rob Hinkle takes a moment to answer some players’ concerns about the changes in Warzone queues. As he states above the new Huttball map on Quesh will be weighted differently, so that it will pop more frequently once Update 2.7 goes live. This time period will be between when Update 2.7 goes live and up through Update 2.7.1. Basically, it will allow players to get more of a chance to play the new Huttball map and it will only last until Update 2.7.1 goes live and Ranked season 2 begins.




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  • SWTOR Music video

YouTube user Axurion Exeiro has posted the video, called SWTOR – Remember Me. The video is a collection of in-game cutscenes and actual gameplay footage all set to the song titled Remember Me. For me, it told the story of one character and his adventures in the SWTOR universe. The use of Warzone highlights, Operation footage and even scenes of Open World PVP are just as much compelling storytelling devices as the professionally created cutscenes. Tell us what you think in the comment section below and be sure to check out Axurion Exeiro YouTube page for other videos.

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