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HoloNet Links #137

Lucky77 Speeder1We all get a bit of “Irish Luck” in SWTOR with both Double XP and Bounty Contract events lasting through this weekend. Don’t forget that all eligible subscribers will get a Lucky-77 speeder for free. Check your in-game mail and enjoy. For more details be sure to read this post on the official SWTOR website.

 SWTOR Insider, Quesh Huttball, Alpha Company video & more after the Jump…




This weekend, I will be enjoying the Double XP and Bounty Contract events. Two of my nephews will be playing SWTOR with me. We are having a small LAN party. The agenda consists of playing SWTOR, staying up late and cracking jokes while we all take advantage of the extra XP to level up our characters. If you are curious about the dates and times for Double XP, they are listed below via an official SWTOR post.


2xpNewsDouble XP Weekend:

STARTS: Friday, March 14, 2014, 11AM PDT / 6PM GMT

ENDS: Monday, March 17, 2014, 12AM PDT / 7AM GMT


Bounty Contract event will continue through Tuesday, March 18th. More information on exact times and dates for events can be found at the following link from the Star Wars: The Old Republic website. Have you been able to get Legend status in reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association yet? I’m working on getting my reputation increased and ability to get the exclusive BBA animal mount.

 Bounty Contract event1



  • SWTOR Insider

Corey Butler and Andrew Horwitz host the March 2014 SWTOR Insider video. They discuss some elements that will be coming out with Update 2.7. Corey Butler later talks about what packs and items we can expect to see on the Cartel Market. Along with this discussion, he revealed the First Grand Acquisitions pack will be coming around sometime in May. The unique feature in this pack, for me, was some past armor sets will be returning, more importantly these armor sets will only count as one item in the pack. This means you could possibly get an entire armor set in one pack! Check out the video below to catch up on the latest SWTOR Insider.



  • Dev Blog: Quesh Huttball

With Update 2.7 getting closer every day, here is a link to the Dev Blog on the new Huttball map on Quesh. This is a great write-up on the design and unique features found in this new Huttball map. The Quesh map is not just a copy and paste of elements from Quesh onto a Huttball map. This new map has a vertical element. Each team tries to advance the ball up along a series of ramps and metal structures in a climb towards your team’s goal line. Check out this article and if you are curious about how the new Huttball map on Quesh will play, head on over to the PTS and try it out!



  • Dev notes

RobHinkle Evasion/Dodge and the next PTS Patch | 03.12.2014, 07:51 AM

One of the changes that has generated the most vocal feedback is the change to the Sniper and ‘Slingers defensive cooldown, Evasion/Dodge. We firmly believe that these Classes are lacking in a distinct emergency survive button, something that each other Advanced Class has (either via escapes like a Vanish, or more brute force mans like an Undying Rage), however, the way we initially proposed adding via the Force/Tech immunity simply created no counter gameplay at all. Combine this with only a minute cooldown, and it created a situation that we don’t feel is the right direction for the Class, especially combined with some duration increasing mechanics that players can achieve elsewhere.
To that end, in the next patch that hits PTS, the change to Evasion/Dodge is going to be reverted back to the live behavior. We still want to give these Classes something to fill in this gap, but at this moment it probably won’t be in 2.7.



Well, it looks like there are still more things to iron-out with the Evasion change that was slated for Update 2.7 for Snipers and Gunslingers. As someone who plays an Imperial Sniper, I am hoping that something gets worked out. I do not want an unfair advantage, but Snipers/Gunslingers need an ability to help when making a strategic withdraw. It would be fine with me if we would at least get Flashbang back to current live settings of being an AOE that affects up to 5 enemies within 5m. Currently on the PTS, Snipers/Gunslingers have their Flashbang only able to stun one target.



EricMusco Don’t miss our Double XP Weekend: March 14 – 17! | 03.13.2014, 09:42 AM

Hey Dan_Loto,
You pose a good question, “Why is this?” and I have an interesting answer for you, it actually isn’t.
There was a little bit of confusion when that copy was being written for the page. You will earn double experience for your character when you play Galactic Starfighter, that page has incorrect information on it and I am working on getting it removed.
What you will not get is double Requisition for your ship. That is why that line was there, although clearly it comes across the wrong way so we will get it removed. Again to reiterate, you will earn double experience when playing Galactic Starfighter, you will not earn double Requisition.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention!



Although I think most of us knew the Double XP would only give us more XP in Galactic Starfighter, it never hurts to ask if it would double requisition points. Eric makes sure to clearly state that Double XP only means Double XP and has nothing to do with requisition points. Hmm, I wonder if BioWare would ever consider running a Double Requisition point weekend.



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  • SWTOR Music video

This week’s video was posted in the SWTOR forums by LanceCorporalDan. It is a recruiting video for his guild. It is an interesting take on their military themed guild, known as Alpha Company. The video obviously has several Troopers running throughout the various environments in SWTOR. Being that they are Troopers there are plenty of Stockstrikes to their enemies’ faces. The guild does a great job of having these Troopers outfitted with armor that resembles iconic armors in the Star Wars films, like the Clone Troopers and even the Stormtroopers. The song used in the video, “We are One,” invokes the notion of brotherhood in the military. Let us know what you think of this video in the comment section. Be sure to watch the video all the way through for the bonus Star Wars elevator music and footage.


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