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  • The Fifth Element – Sith Empire

Time to meet another great guild that plays Star Wars: The Old Republic…The Fifth Element.  This guild believes in a more casual approach to playing this particular MMO, but as the guild has grown they have become very focused on clearing Operations content. This doesn’t mean they have gone all “hardcore,” members still love to joke and have fun, but as Le’loo states…” when an Operation starts, we put our game faces on and play serious.” We talk more with Le’loo about how the guild got started and see how they feel on some of the changes coming to SWTOR.

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  • Guild Q&A

How did you get into gaming Le’loo? How did you get involved with the Fifth Element Guild?
I got into gaming a very very long time ago. I hate to give away my age, but I started with text based Diku MuDs around 1995. I played a very popular Diku named Sojourn. We (my then boyfriend, now husband and I) ended up unwittingly playing Sojourn with Brad McQuaid and Ryan Palacio (yes, of Everquest fame) and were personally invited by him and Ryan Palacio to try their new graphical MMoRPG that was in Alpha stage called, you guessed it, Everquest. We played that for about 8 years, and then finally moved on to Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest 2 (which we weren’t so pleased with since it was such a huge departure from Everquest) then progressed to World of Warcraft. We’ve tried nearly every major MMO since then. Now we exclusively play SWTOR.



How did the guild get its start? Is this the first game for The Fifth Element to be a part of as a guild?
The founding members were originally in a Republic side guild named Daughters of the Force. We had begun regular weekly Operations and then the membership stopped showing an interest in attending. Some of the members that were more interested in the high end game decided to start characters or resume characters on the Imperial side, and we chose the guild name The Fifth Element because we liked the movie. I myself have had several characters in the past in other games with the name Lielu or some form thereof, so I was inclined to agree with the name suggestion and we formed in October of 2013. We quickly filled our ranks with quality people, most in the age range of 25-45, and within a month of forming began our first guild operations.



What server and faction are associated with the guild?
We are on Ebon Hawk (US), Imperial side.



The Fifth Element is casual but does have a focus on high level PVE and PVP, correct? What are some examples of high level PVE content the guild has completed?
While we are a casual guild, i.e. we do not have raid requirements for our membership, we have a steady group of raiders and we take raiding seriously. We run Operations on a weekly schedule of Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoons. Some weeks our operations are 16 man, other weeks are 8 man, based on signups for the event. We have completed all of the current operations in both 8 and 16 man story mode. We have completed Toborro’s Courtyard in 16 man hard mode, and are looking at getting into more Hard Mode operations soon.

 TfB Fifth Element


What approach does the guild take with high level PVP? Are there PVP teams in the Fifth Element? How is Galactic Starfighter fit into the guild’s activities?
There are several members in the guild that PvP on a regular basis. Our PvP however, is more casual than our PvE functions. Some of us group together on off nights or weekend afternoons and run Warzones. We do not have any ranked Warzone teams, nor have we found enough interest in Galactic Starfighter within the guild to get a team together regularly for those games.



What are the primary times for guild sponsored Ops runs? How has raiding on the weekends been for the guild?
As I mentioned previously, the guild schedules operations for Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoons. While we are always able to fill 8 man runs easily, we have expanded to 16 man functions due to the growing size of the guild and not wanting to exclude any of the membership interested in raiding with us. We have not been able to successfully fill 16 man raids regularly, so I tend to pick up additional players though a private channel created by several guilds on the server that have chosen to Ally themselves for purpose of filling Operations slots.  I also have a small pool of people that I call on regularly that enjoy raiding with us, but prefer to stay in their own guilds due to Role Playing purposes.

EC Fifth Element


Does the Fifth Element have a ranking or organization system in the guild? How does it work within the guild? What are some examples of the different ranks and what you need to do to earn a specific rank?
We do indeed have a ranking system. The system is one I developed as a guild leader in World of Warcraft and converted to fit our style here in SWTOR.

Ranks: Recruit, Friends & Family, Member, Raider, Officer, Guild Leader

  • Recruit: Completes an application on the website after approval, receives and invitation to the guild. Recruits are allowed to raid, but are only allowed loot drops if Raiders and Members do not need the item in question for a “main” character.
  • Friends & Family: Someone not interested in raiding and just wants to be in the guild because a friend or family member is in the guild.
  • Member: Recruits are upgraded to members after they have been in the guild and been online long enough to determine that they are a good fit with the group. We are very drama free, and are cautious about brining drama into the family. Members are allowed to raid, but have not met the Raider requirement.
  • Raider: Raiders are Members that attend a minimum of 3 raids per month. They have access to guild bank repair funds, stims, medpacks and other raiding materials in the guild bank. Also, if there are limited slots available in a raid, a raider will have priority to attend over a member or recruit (providing they signed up for the event in advance).
  • Officer/Guildmaster:  These roles are pretty much interchangeable. We recruit, mediate, lead raids, and make decisions involving guild direction as a cohesive unit. To be promoted to an officer, a member must volunteer to be considered, be available online often enough to assist in guild responsibilities, and know the game well enough to be a role model or leader to the rest of the team.



How did the guild come about having an entire forum thread dedicated to humor? Do you feel having a sense of humor helps when playing a game, especially with lots of other people?
Now that was an unexpected question… you mean not all guilds are filled with sarcastic people that love to poke fun at each other? In all seriousness, we have a great bunch of people that are like family to each other. Some of us even enjoy the guild so much they’ve renamed characters or created characters with namesakes in the Fifth Element movie, such as our legendary sniper, Ruby’Rod. We have quite a few ex-military folks and a few parents with small kids, joking and laughing takes a lot of stress off of the every day. We share our lives and experiences together when we play together. Despite being on a Role Play server, we honestly don’t role play at all. We have many jokesters and we enjoy a good laugh. That said, when an Operation starts, we put our game faces on and play serious.


Party time for Fifth Element!


What does the guild think about the new things being offered in Update 2.7, currently on the PTS? Are guild members excited to see a new storyline revolving around the Galactic war?
As a guild, we’re always excited about new PvE content. Many of us that played the original Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) enjoyed having player housing and our own stores, so we’re looking forward to having our own homes, even if it’s just a small portion of the functionality we grew to love. We’re even interested in tackling the new Hutt Ball game. Some of us are a little concerned about the changes to Operative Healing, but we have several new Merc healers coming up that will help us out if there are issues. We are disappointed to see that EA has resorted to class “nerfs” in any form, as many of us have had a bad taste left from previous games that continue to nerf or change classes/characters that we’ve invested our limited time in.



What are some areas of SWTOR the guild would like to see improved? Are there some suggestions the guild has to improve the game?
As a guild, I think we’d like EA to work harder on getting more people into the game. Over the last month or so, there has been a steady decline of people at least on the Ebon Hawke as noted by slow PvP queues, PvE queues and even filling Operations has been harder than usual. The common theory running around the server blames Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls beta and even SWTOR’s own public test server for the decline of available players. We can appreciate the new content coming in, however the “word of mouth” and “recruit a friend” form of advertising they are using is insufficient. They also have very little presence in social media, other than the occasional Facebook post or Tweet about upcoming cosmetic packs or game updates.

We would also like to see the Operations rewards reworked. For instance, completing an 8 man operation only yields Elite commendations, whereas a 16 man yields Ultimate commendations.  The issue is that an 8 man operation typically is more difficult than a 16 man operation because you can’t “carry” players with lower skill or gear in an 8 man, as you can with a 16 man. Of course this would be moot if there was a larger player pool to choose from and filling 16 man raids was less difficult.

And of course, as mentioned in the previous response, stay away from class nerfs, especially in the name of “PvP” balance.



Is the Fifth Element currently recruiting? If so what classes/roles the guild needs?
We’re currently heavily recruiting Healers and DPS classes, with the exception of Sorcerer DPS.



What is the best way for potential new recruits to contact Fifth Element? What steps do they need to take to submit an application?
The best way to contact us is to e-mail from the site, or contact me in-game with questions, or simply submit an application here:



What does the guild feel about the news concerning Galactic Strongholds? Are guild members planning on living on the same planet? Final question, who gets to pilot the Guild Flagship? 😉
We haven’t made a decision about housing yet, but since all of us are subscribers, and we get an unlock for Nar Shadaa, that’s a good possibility. On the Flagship, I’m guessing, I will probably be the pilot 🙂 I am, after all, the Supreme Being!



I want to thank Le’loo for all her time and help with this week’s article. Special thanks also to all the members in The Fifth Element for letting us get to know more about them and their guild. If you are on the Ebon Hawk server and looking for a casual guild into taking down PVE Operations content, why not give The Fifth Element guild a try.


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  1. One addendum to the article. Operations times are mis-stated in the “What are the primary times for guild sponsored Ops runs? How has raiding on the weekends been for the guild?” section. Operations are Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoons 🙂 I apologize for the error!

  2. @ Le’loo Thanks for letting me know and all the best to you and all of The Fifth Element 🙂

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