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HoloNet Links #139

After all the “madness” of last week, with the excitement surrounding the official announcement of Galactic Strongholds, this week seems a bit calmer. Although, there is a lot of anticipation to see what we will find out next about Galactic Strongholds, Legacy storage and Guild Flagships. While the Galactic Stronghold announcement has many of us excited, let’s not forget we have a lot of new content coming in Update 2.7 which is set to go live in approximately 10 days!

Cantina event Q&A notes, Wanted mount ideas & more after the Jump…




Tython Flashpoint

It is hard to believe Update 2.7 will be here before you know it. When it does go live, we will have two new Flashpoints taking place on the planets Korriban and Tython. As mentioned in the Road Map for 2014, this will begin the new story arc lasting throughout the remainder of this year. Also in 2.7, there will be a new Nightmare Mode added to the Dread Fortress Operation and including a new gear level tier. PVP is set to get many new features, including a new Huttball map on the planet Quesh, classes/advance classes being rebalanced, a new Galactic Starfighter map, and Season 2 Ranked Wazones will start.


  • SWTOR Community Cantina in Boulder, CO

Last weekend BioWare’s Community Cantina event was in the city of Boulder, CO. This was the first event since the official announcement of Galactic Strongholds. In Episode 114 of our podcast, Carla and I discussed some of the things that were talked about during the Q&A session. A brief summary of the Q&A can be found on Dulfy’s website. Just to make note of a few things that were mentioned of note:

Level CAP will be raised and details on this will be coming sooner rather than later

More planets are in the “pipeline”

New achievement rewards besides Cartel coins or titles

Rewards on global scale for Open World PVP

New Galactic Starfighter maps


  • Dev notes

TaitWatson one time password issues? | 03.26.2014, 03:36 PM

Hey everyone,
The issue with One-Time Passwords appears to have been resolved (for real this time). We’re still keeping an eye on it, so if you still have trouble getting on, please let us know!
Something to note is that if you do get an email that was requested previously, the password will likely have expired before it reached you and will need to request a new one.
Thank you for your patience!



key-fobIt looks like the issue with the One-Time Passwords has been solved, for now. Tait Watson is asking for those of you that might still be running into this issue to make sure and post to the forums. When you post or complete your bug ticket to make sure to include all the detailed information that you can supply as to the circumstances when the problem happened for you. It might be also worth mentioning that you can purchase a physical Security Key via EA’s Origin. The physical Security Key only costs $4.99 and is another layer of defense for your SWTOR account.




RobHinkle [To: Devs] What is the purpose of pushback? | 03.27.2014, 09:24 AM

Hey Gang,
This is something we are actively considering (re: removing pushback). There are a lot of little small things this would have a cascading effect on, the one that I (personally) am most concerned about are healers in PvP. Obviously we are taking baby steps towards that already with all of the skills that are removing pushback from important DPS specs, and there is some visceral feeling to beating a guy who trying to activate an ability and know you are slowing him down, but I’m not really sure the way the game has evolved it is appropriate anymore. Cast time abilities DO get a bonus to their power because of their cast time, but I feel like the net result is probably a negative for them at the moment. It leads to feast/famine syndrome, where if they are free casting we have to make things really good, because if they are getting beat on their ability output takes a massive hit.
No real answer here from me I guess, other than it is something under discussion, be it a full removal, a continuation of adjustment for DPS classes, or something else.



This is a currently hot topic on the forum threads. Many players have voiced their opinions before and after the post by Rob Hinkle on the issue of changing or removing pushback in SWTOR. If you may not know, pushback refers to when you are casting an ability and some type of damage or attack causes the cast to be restarted, so the time on the cast has been pushed back, thus why the term pushback originated.

Rob gives an honest assessment on the where the development team is with the pushback issue, albeit maybe less of a definite answer. I’m not sure what is the correct answer on pushback, but I would rather them go slow at any changes than to implement something that might be game-breaking. What are your thoughts about pushback and/or your suggestions?




MDondelinger Vehicle/Creature Mount Ideas | 03.26.2014, 08:26 AM

Hi Everybody!
The Cartel Market team would like to get suggestions for what vehicle and creature mounts players would like to see in the future.
So what mount would you like to see in SWTOR?



This is one of those posts that is fun and also can be beneficial for getting ideas on exactly what players want in future mounts in SWTOR. This thread has already several great ideas from players as to what they personally want if they could pick the next mount to be added to the game. Many have suggested more animal mounts, some want two-seater speeders so a companion could ride, and even some have suggested class specific mounts.

AT-RT_trooperI would personally like to see the one person walkers added to SWTOR. The walkers of all sizes are iconic pieces of technology in the Star Wars universe, especially the sounds they make…mechanical crushing sounds and grinding metal with each step. If you could suggest one mount to be added to SWTOR what would it be? Let us know what you want as far as a mount in the comment section below.



Star Wars Community News & Events

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  • SWTOR Music video

LanceCorporalDan, from the Trooper guild, Alpha Company, has posted about his personal favorite guild video. The video is on Youtube via user AlphaCompany 203rd. This is a recruiting video for the guild, however it also goes through a story. It is a story of a group of Trooper recruits. As the video progresses it shows the recruits practicing drills, tactics and meeting new challenges. They begin to get new armor and start to tackle larger adventures/missions throughout the SWTOR galaxy. It is then we see this group of recruits has become part of the larger Trooper “army”/guild. This goes to show the guilds focus of being part of something larger than you and fighting as one. The use of iconic Trooper armor, simulating drill training and larger battles give the video a true military feel. Binding it all together is the use of some very epic sounding music. After watching the video, I was ready to login and play my Trooper to take on all threats to the Republic. Let us know what you thought of the video in the comment section below.


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