Apr 082014

Korriban FlashpointToday, Update 2.7 is live in-game. What all does this update bring to the game? According to the SWTOR website, this update begins a new three part story arc. This story arc starts with Forged Alliances. Both factions have two Tactical Flashpoints, Assault on Tython and Sith Incursion. These Tactical Flashpoints are level 55, similar to the two Czerka related ones.

Let’s see what else Update 2.7 offers after the Jump…





Update 2.7 is called Invasion and revolves around the new story arc, but that isn’t all this update has for players. The SWTOR Developer Blog gives us a glimpse at what else is being offered.

Tython Flashpoint

New Huttball map – The planet Quesh is the setting for the latest version of Huttball. Look for this new map when you queue up for Warzones!


New Galactic Starfighter map – Denon Exosphere is the name of the newest Domination GSF map. Players are thrown into a huge space battle that has Capital Ships (not player controlled) and space wreckage all over. This looks like a fun map to play and I am looking forward to playing it.


New Nightmare mode – Dread Fortress is the latest Operation to have a new level of difficulty added. Yes, this Op has Nightmare mode. This means new gear called Dread Touched equipment. Be sure to read the patch notes about how Nightmare Power works. There is a unique title you can earn by defeating the Operation when Nightmare Power is present.

dread master brontes

Now with all these new additions, this sounds like a jam packed new update, but there is more! This update also has improvements to Bolster (crossing fingers), Dreadforged Gear made craftable, new tier for PVP gear – Berserker, improvements to item ratings, and loads of other bug fixes etc. That doesn’t even cover all the added classes/advance classes changes (be sure to read the patch notes).


With all these additions to the game, what are you most excited about in Update 2.7? Let us know in the comment section below.



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