Apr 102014

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Goodness gracious, it’s been a long time since I wrote something here. Life’s been keeping me crazily busy, and it’s cut into my SWTOR time for sure (as well as a certain game involving jetpacks and mechs that came out recently), which includes the ever-dominating college, job hunt, and a couple theater gigs.

So after much debate on what to write for an article given my lack of SWTOR time lately, I’ve decided to turn toward more of my acting stints for inspiration, and sure enough, I managed to put together a Stat Management segment for all you lovely people!

Let’s hop to it!…



—Stat Management—

Last time, I posted an article about “acting” the role you create. Today, I want to talk to you about Dialogue and the importance of dialogue.

First thing’s first. What is the voice of your character? Think this through, and don’t refer to your character’s voice in cutscenes. Completely ignore that. What kind of mannerisms does your character use? What kind of slang? What body language do they like to use? Are they softspoken or loud? Are they confident or reserved? Is their voice pitch high or low?

Take these and a number of other factors into consideration, as well as the personality you’ve created, to figure out how your character essentially talks, and what your character would talk about.

Commando1For example, think of a pilot character with an affinity for blasters. He loves talking about them, and dislikes talking about his family origins on a Tatooine evaporator farms. If someone were to bring up blaster rifles, he would sound excited and jump right into the conversation, be able to talk about the components of a rifle, and even why he likes them.


Like you yourself, you talk about things that interest you and stay out of things that don’t, and the same rules apply to a character. Once you figure out what they enjoy talking about, the next trick is to figure out just how they like to talk.

Again, refer to how they sound, how they talk, and consider if they like to ramble or if they’re shortspoken and concise. Think of how your character would talk to another person; would they like talking and go on and on and on, or would they avoid conversation as much as possible, giving brief and barely-thought-out answers like “Okay” and “Sure” and “Uh-huh” like they’re trying to get out of the convo. Would they also be blunt or polite? Do they talk slang and curse often, or do they carefully choose their words with wisdom? Think deep about your character’s voice in this regard, and once you do, start talking with these mannerisms in mind.

So if you have a talkative character, respond frequently and with large replies. If they’re not, give short answers. If they’re a blunt person, be brutally honest and forget manners altogether. If they’re a wise Jedi, speak softly and politely with clarity and careful thought. You probably get the idea by now.

The only tricky part by this point is talking with the other player. Just remember, keep your character’s hat (and mindset) on at all times, and respond to a question or comment like your character would. For example, if you’re asked what you like, and you have an antisocial character, you might say “I don’t have a preference,” or “Not a lot,” or something along those lines. If you have a cocky trigger-happy character, you might say “Well I love chicks and guns,” and if you’re a character with a short temper, you might respond with “That’s none of your damn business!”

Those are only a few examples, and there are hundreds of thousands more I haven’t even listed. If you have your character’s personality and their voice down in your head, then dialogue will come naturally and you’ll initiate in hopefully some really engaging conversation!

Whew, that was fun! Sorry these articles aren’t coming out as fast as I’d like. I hope I’ll be able to start posting some more again soon, as well as spend more time on SWTOR. Time will tell however, but for now, thanks for reading, and if you have any requests on some RP knowledge, feel free to comment below!

For now, happy roleplaying everyone, and good hunting!


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