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HoloNet Links #142

As someone that works on a fansite, it is a thrill getting to write and talk about a game I enjoy playing. I’m pretty safe in saying that many of my fellow writers feel the same. It is even better exchanging emails with a dev or getting to interview someone connected to the game. Well, one of our colleagues in the fansite arena has been recognized by BioWare in a very cool and unique way.

 Changes coming for Season 2 Ranked PVP & more after the Jump…





The fansite writer in mention is the very one and only Dulfy. BioWare has added a new health and class energy regen device to the Cartel Market. The Data Entry device, 0U-1FY (elite speak for Dulfy) looks like a computer workstation in which a character will sit down and type. Below is a video, by Dulfy, that shows the Data Entry device working. Congrats Dulfy for being immortalized in SWTOR by BioWare.


  • News on changes for Season Two

BioWare posted a news blog to announce some changes coming to the second season in Ranked PVP. The blog, written by Alex Modny, first off explains that Season Two will be shorter. Yes, the approximate 21 weeks of Season One was too long. The new Ranked season will be around three months long. In the article, they talk about the shorter season means fewer tiers of rewards. I’m not exactly sure why *fewer tiers of rewards, but a shorter season is definitely a good thing. This will mean less *chance for PVPers getting burned out.

Another change coming Ranked PVP Season Two, are the new rewards for the top three from every Advance Class. That also includes the top three in every Advance Class in Group and also Solo queues. Through some basic math, we can figure out there will be 96 winners representing the Advance Class winners for Season Two.

Finally, the last changed mentioned in Alex Modny’s article talks about an incentive to get more queues to pop. They are going to offer daily and weekly quests. These will be geared to offer something else for players choosing to queue up for Ranked PVP. There will also be PVP terminals in the starting areas of all the Arenas. Now there will be no excuse for not getting your daily or weekly PVP quests done.

What do you PVPers think of these announced changes? If there are going to be fewer rewards, what rewards do you want to see for the end of Season Two? Let us know in the comment section below.


Tell us what PVP rewards you want
Go Berserk!


  • Dev notes

AlexModny What Rewards would you like to see for Ranked PvP? | 04.15.2014, 10:32 AM

Hello Ranked Veterans! With the start of Season 2 rapidly approaching (currently scheduled for 2.7.1) we are going to have all new Season rewards for participants, champions and all-stars! We hope you enjoy them immensely but in future seasons we want to make sure we are getting y’all rewards that are desirable and the best way to do this is for you to tell us!
We have a bunch of ideas for upcoming rewards but we want to hear what our PvP Community values for rewards that are difficult to obtain and show off your elite(st) status!

What do you want the top reward to be?
What do you want the middle rewards to be?
What do you want the lowest reward to be?

The more information the better! For example, posting “a TaunTaun with a spiked collar” is much more helpful than “a unique mount”. Go berserk and come up with some amazing ideas!
Without further adieu, what would you like to see for Season Rewards?



This dev post goes right along with the BioWare news blog about the changes coming in Season Two of Ranked PVP. Just as Alex states in the above post, what do you want to see for each of the three tiers of rewards? This is your chance PVPers to get your voice heard for the rewards for the next season of Ranked PVP. What can be awarded for the top tier to beat the Rancor mount? I would like to see the creative ideas some of you have for these rewards. If you have a great idea for rewards let us know in the comment section below or email me at jason@corellian.com so we can mention it on the next podcast.




Star Wars Community News & Events

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  • SWTOR Music video

Another week and we have another creative SWTOR music video. We have another repeat video creator, Axurion Exeiro posted this week’s video on YouTube. The video is titled “Tatooine Wild West.” Need I say more? Actually, I will. It is very well created and does capture the feel and look of a “Western” from the scenery, camera angles and the use of their trusted “scaly steeds.” Of course all of this would be pretty pictures without some music to complete the final part of this story. From the music that fits perfectly for along the trail to the desert bandits the group runs into. The video also has another great feature…fun. Those making this video appear to have a blast even in that hot desert environment. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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  2 Responses to “HoloNet Links”

  1. This seemed like it was really quickly written and not proofread. Example;

    “I’m not exactly sure why, but a shorter season is definitely a good thing. This will mean less likely for PVPers getting burned out.”

    I’m not even sure what this adds to the piece, if you don’t know why you think it’s a good thing, why bother saying it? Second sentence is completely missing a word.

  2. @Miss Defied Thanks for your comments and catching those errors.

    I have made the following changes in the article.
    “In the article, they talk about the shorter season means fewer tiers of rewards. I’m not exactly sure why *fewer tiers of rewards, but a shorter season is definitely a good thing. This will mean less *chance for PVPers getting burned out.”

    Thanks again 🙂

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