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HoloNet Links #143

big-bang-theory-cbs via zap2itIt’s hard to believe we are almost through the month of April, but that also means we  are almost ready for May 4th. Yes, Star Wars day, as in May the Fourth be with you. One such group putting their own spin on the holiday are the writers and cast of the TV show, “The Big Bang Theory.” During last night’s episode, it was announced that May 1st’s episode would help celebrate Star Wars and May the Fourth be with you day. Next week’s episode, according to Bonnie Burton’s cnet.com article, will feature lots of Star Wars fun and special appearance by Bob Newhart as Professor Proton. What role will Professor Proton play in this special Star Wars episode? Be sure to watch “The Big Bang Theory” May 1st to find out.

Date changes for Galactic Strongholds, dev notes & more after the Jump…




  • Dates changed for Galactic Strongholds

Earlier this week, Bruce Maclean posted a new article on the official SWTOTR website. The article started off with Bruce expressing BioWare has heard the community wanting more transparency as far as what is going on with the game. In an effort to be more transparent Bruce was writing to let everyone know that Early Access for Galactic Strongholds is being pushbacked. The original date for Early Access was June 24th and will now be August 19th.

Bruce explains that the primary reason for moving the date was to make sure the Early Access felt more like a full expansion as it was being touted. Before this announcement, Early Access was only going to give subscribers access to the Nar Shaddaa Galactic Strongholds. The later Early Access will include the Galactic Strongholds, Legacy Stronghold storage and Guild Flagships. Early Access will have access to all the features of the Galactic Strongholds expansion. Bruce also gave us a bit more about Guild Flagships.

 swtor republic capitol ship

Guild Flagships will now offer expanded functionality for Guilds:

Provide powerful buffs to Guild members from orbit

Transport entire groups to your personal coordinates instantaneously

Compete in Conquest Events to conquer entire planets


Guilds will also have the ability to participate in weekly Conquest events. These events will reward guilds points for completion and these will determine if a guild has conquered a planet or not. There also will be rewards/perks for conquering a planet.

Bottom line concerning the date change for Galactic Strongholds, it is a bit of a letdown anytime something gets moved back or delayed. However when said delay/date change benefits the final product and experience when players are able to play it, is a good thing. There are several other things, Bruce did let us know, we will see when Galactic Strongholds is released in-game. Be sure to read the news article on the official SWTOR website for further details.




  • Dev notes

EricMusco Flashpoint Crash Fix Incoming – 2.7.1 | 04.22.2014, 03:09 PM

Hey folks,
Some of you have already guessed it but I thought I would dispel some of the “sorcery” around what was causing the crash. In those Flashpoints there is a cinematic transition that happens as a part of the hyperspace jump, it was an issue within that animation which would cause the crash. We were able to isolate the root cause within that cinematic and address it.
Hope that explains a little bit about the issue!



Yes, finally this issue will be fixed! This has been one of the strangest and more frustrating bugs in SWTOR I have personally experienced. You would be going along enjoying your Flashpoint, get almost to the very end, participating in a conversation cinematic and bam you get booted right to your desktop. It was not a bug that got your character killed or cost you to miss out on XP, quest rewards etc., but this bug was downright annoying.  Thank you BioWare for finally getting this bug fixed. Crossing fingers that when Update 2.7.1 goes live this bug will be gone for good.




CourtneyWoods Outdated information on Holonet | 04.22.2014, 09:27 AM

Originally Posted by iAZURAi

http://www.swtor.com/holonet/classes…l-agent/sniper These example abilities are no longer available. Very annoying, as when I created my sniper, I thought I would have this “Reactive Shots”… 55 already and never got it
I’m sure other class pages have same problems, so please fix them

Totally understand how that would be annoying! Updating the Holonet and other areas of SWTOR.com is one of my big projects this year. I do not have a timeline for you yet since this is a pretty big undertaking, but we are actively working on this behind the scenes!

  swtor holonet1

It is somewhat of a cosmetic thing, but having the SWTOR website and its features up-to-date will be a good thing. It lets people currently playing or future players to utilize the SWTOR website as a resource for all things in-game, especially those relating to classes/advance classes.




EricMusco Producer Letter – Galactic Strongholds | 04.23.2014, 09:22 AM

Originally Posted by Uber_the_Goober

So, a pushback, but for good reason?
The feature list looks fun.
My question – when guilds “conquer” planets, is this a strictly PvE thing? Or are you actually taking over enemy bases, with the inevitable PvP that comes with that?

Conquering a planet is done through completion of Conquest Events, which are PvE Missions.
Also, I know this is big news so I am going to be sticking around in the thread answering questions as I can. We probably aren’t going to talk too much about the details of each feature yet but I will answer what I can



I’m super excited about the new Conquer event quests for guilds. Before this announcement, I was watching old episodes of the cartoon “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” In the episode “Point Rain,” it was neat seeing the Jedi generals leading the Clone Trooper forces onto the battlefield. In these battles there were lots of combatants for both sides fighting each other, with blaster fire, smoke, dust, and explosions filling the skies. I am hoping that these Conquer quests generate something like that. Even if it is PVE missions, I am envisioning lots of NPCs in strong fortifications, and heavily armed. Large numbers of enemy forces that would require several members of a guild in order to complete the Conqueror quests. Now, I have no firsthand knowledge this is how the missions will work, but hey I can hope right?

Planet Conquest

Conquer a Planet in Weekly Conquest Events
Guilds, prepare for Glory!


Star Wars Community News & Events

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