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HoloNet Links #146

BBA vendor changeHow is everyone enjoying Bounty Contract Week? The event lasts until May 20th, 5am PDT, so there is still time to collect those completed contracts. Speaking of completed contracts, they can be used to purchase items on the Bounty Brokers Association vendors. You will have to meet the reputation level for the items and have the correct number of completed contracts. What do you think of this method of purchasing items?

Festival of Splendor, dev notes & more after the Jump…





  • Festival of Splendor in-game event coming soon

Update 2.8 is scheduled to be released June 10th and beginning that day will be the newest in-game event, the Festival of Splendor. This is the official name of event surrounding the Nar Shaddaa Casinos fun. The event will allow players to use in-game credits to purchase tokens. These tokens are then used in the slot machines located at Star Cluster and Club Vertica casinos on Nar Shaddaa. Winners will receive certificates, if they win, that can be redeemed for prizes. One such prize, could be a new speeder! That’s right, you could win lots of certificates and be the proud owner of a new Vectron Magnus speeder.

 vectron magnus speeder

As it gets closer to the date for this new event, be sure to check back for the latest updates on the Festival of Splendor.




  • Update 2.8 – New Starfighter versions of Gunships and Bombers

As we mentioned in the podcast, Episode #117, there will be two new starships added to Galactic Starfighter. These two new starships will be a new Gunship and a new Bomber. The new Gunship will be considered a “Skirmisher” Gunship. The SWTOR post about Update 2.8 labels this Gunship as capable of shooting the long range shot, typical of Gunships, but it is also able to be a “dogfighter.”

The new Bomber starship has been given the role of “Assault” Bomber. The same post described the Assault role Bomber as follows, a “heavy fighter supports their team with a focus on mines or drones.” I will be curious to see what types of mines and drones will be available to this new Bomber starship. Also in the SWTOR post was a concept artwork of what might just be the new bomber. As you can see there are some strong ties to unique wing design of the B-Wing starship seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

 GSF concept artwork1

What do you think of these new types of Gunships and Bombers? Is there a starship found in the movies you would like them to focus a new ship for Galactic Starfighter? Please let us know in the comment section below.





  • Dev notes

EricMuscoWhat the heck are these Jawas doing in the cartel Bazaar? | 05.13.2014, 10:59 AM

Originally Posted by RiVaN_

There are 3 Jawas selling crafting mats in the cartel Bazaar, is this some sort of initial implementation of a “pay to win” system? Inquiring minds want to know!
Just say NO to Pay to win!


Hey there! Good catch on the crafting mats, I come bearing answers!
What you will find is that in upcoming Cartel Packs, you will no longer find an assortment of crafting materials. Instead, in their place, you will find one of three items:

  • Scavenged Scrap
  • Assorted Droid Parts
  • Jawa Junk

You can take these three items, to the vendors you mentioned in your post, and turn them in for crafting materials. Basically what is happening is that instead of receiving a random set of crafting material in your Cartel Pack, you will now receive these items which you can turn in for the exact materials you want. It takes some of the randomness out of getting crafting materials you don’t necessarily want.
Also, if you are not a purveyor of packs, we will be adding a lockbox to the PvP Items Vendor which will also grant those crafting turn-in items (purchasable with Warzone Commendations).
Hope that clears things up!



I’m glad to read Eric Musco clearing up any confusion on the new vendors found in-game. As you can read, the new vendors are not a “pay-to-win” scenario. This new system will benefit those people who are tired of leaving what crafting materials they received from packs up to chance. As the dev post states, you can take the new items to the Jawa vendors and get the specific crafting materials you need or want. The new method also applies to the crafting lockboxes available for purchase on the PVP vendors. This seems like a great solution to end the random crafting material found in packs/lockboxes.





EricMuscoETA on Faction Change and Cost | 05.13.2014, 09:04 AM

Hey folks,
This is a good question! We have been asked this a few times at some of our Cantina Tours as well but I wanted to make sure we had the answer here in the forums for folks to be able to find it.
I am remiss to ever say the word never, but I can say that it is very, very unlikely that we would ever implement any type of Faction change. As some others have alluded to in this thread, a very many things are tied into your characters Faction, and the choices they have made throughout their story. Due to that, having your faction change has a lot of impact on many things, not only from a story sense, but also technically involving your character.
Because of that, it is very unlikely we will ever implement Faction change.



This is one of those “Wall of Crazy” things. Yes, we all wish it could be a part of the game, but a technical nightmare with associating everything your character did in one faction all the way to the new faction. The only way it might work, and I strongly use the might, is if your character would be placed in the mirror class on the new faction. I am meaning abilities, skills, and even companions of the new faction. The player might also have to forgo any romance options and companion quests.




CourtneyWoodsTwitch Stream Thursday 5/15/2014 | 05.14.2014, 01:53 PM

Tomorrow we will be returning to the Bastion for PvP hour with Alex Modny. Musco will be away travelling to Vancouver for our Cantina Tour Event on Friday, so y’all are stuck with me. Everything kicks off at 1:30 PDT.
See you there!



Be sure to head over to the Twitch stream today, May 16th, for PVP hour. These stream events are a great chance to play with or against the devs, if you are on the same server. If you are not, don’t lose heart you can tune into the stream and possibly get your question(s) answered about the game in the chat room.






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  • SWTOR Music video

We have another fan-made SWTOR music video. This one is created by YouTube user Star Seeker. This music video is a tribute to the Sith Warrior class. If you have not played through the class story yet, be aware there are a few spoilers. The music for this video is called “Time to come by MythFox Music. It is a great sounding instrumental piece of music. The music reminds me of an epic movie trailer. The only other sounds are that of the voice acting and sound effects from the cut-scenes. This video gives the Sith Warrior almost a lone “swordsman” quality. What do you think of the Sith Warrior class and does this video capture your opinions of the class?


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