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HoloNet Links #151

Wow, how time flies by, especially when you are at the Casino. Okay, so I haven’t spent all my time at the slot machines, but I have found myself hearing the winning and losing sound effects playing in my head. How have you been doing at the event? If the Casino hasn’t sparked your interest, maybe you have been spending time enjoying the Double Reward bonuses in GSF. The Double Rewards has been a great way to generate extra credits in the game.

User Interface website, dev notes & more after the Jump…




Besides these two things, there have been a few topics going on in the SWTOR world. Bounty Contract week just ended this past Tuesday. Somehow, I totally blanked out on getting any more contracts completed, but in other news I just got a gold certificate…just kidding. Last Friday was the Community Cantina in Los Angeles. BioWare did come through with showcasing some great images of decorations we will be able to place in our Strongholds. Speaking of Strongholds, they also posted a few images of the Tatooine Homestead.


You can go to my article on the event to see other images from the event. What did you think of the images from the Community Cantina?




  • SWTOR UI website

The past few weeks I have been messing around with the Interface editor in SWTOR. I was trying to come up with a UI for healing. So, the other night I was searching for some ideas and came across a website specifically for SWTOR UIs. The website has several different examples of User Interfaces, including some created for a particular class or role and some others for Raids. Below are a few examples I saw on the website, SWTORUI. If you are looking for a different type of UI or maybe you have created one you would like to submit to their site, be sure to head over to SWTORUI for more information.

UI example1Here is one example of a UI submitted by a player.



  • Dev notes

EricMuscoAre the collections prices intended or a bug? | 06.19.2014, 09:02 AM

Hey folks,
I want to add some clarity around what was wrong, what is intended, and what is being changed. First off, the what is wrong. There was a little confusion around things when we last talked about this issue. It appears that the current rarities in the pack are correct, however, the tooltips and rarity icons for those items are not. Just to reiterate, the rarity of the items that you have been seeing in the packs is correct and is not being changed. What is being changed are the tooltips and rarity icons to make sure that this is accurately represented. Our current target is to get those adjusted in Game Update 2.8.1, it should be noted that the Star Cluster pack also becomes embargoed in that same update.
Another thing that I know was questioned was the collections unlock prices. Those prices are intended. Collections prices are something that is not completely static from one pack to another and can shift. Similarly, many of you might notice that in the Star Cluster pack there are different amounts of items at different rarities than normal (more rares, less commons, etc). With the Star Cluster pack, we were trying out some new things. I can tell you that the team has heard your feedback around both the rarities and the collections pricing and will adjust accordingly in future packs.
I apologize for the confusion around this and I hope this clears things up!
TLDR – Rarities and collection costs are right. Item rarity icons and collections tooltip rarity are not and are targeted to be fixed in 2.8.1.



Eric posted the above dev post, on Thursday June 19th. It was to hopefully better explain about the increase on collections unlock fees and the different number of rarities in new packs. He says that the prices of collection unlocks is not a bug, but in fact a known increase in some items. The next part has to do with the mistake of tooltips and rarity icons. This caused confusion as the new packs were open. Eric has stated that the target for fixing the tooltips and rarity icons will be when patch 2.8.1 rolls out. Another key part of the post is where Eric mentions the dev team has heard the community’s feedback on the rarities and collection prices. The devs are paying attention and reading your posts.



Star Wars Community News & Events

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06/13 HoloNet Links #150 by Jason Taylor

06/14 LA Community Cantina by Jason Taylor

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  • Han Solo “breaks a leg” on set

harrison ford1 comic-con 2013As several places had reported Harrison Ford was injured on set while filming for Star Wars Episode VII. However, most wrote or mentioned he broke his ankle, when in fact it was his leg that was broken. That is according to an AFP news article. In the article, it states that even though it was his leg that was broken, he is doing fine and on schedule to begin rehab on the leg soon.

I’m glad to hear it wasn’t any more serious. Please nobody tell Harrison Ford/Han Solo to break a leg.



  • SWTOR music video

This week our music video comes from the guild Penumbral. In light of their one year anniversary they created a guild video. Besides doing a great job of showcasing what the guild focuses on in-game, it is a very well-produced music video. The choices in music, in-game locations and guild events are interesting. I like how they had members of the guild do short voice-overs. Great job on the video Penumbral and congrats on your anniversary. If you are interested in the guild, they are located on the Jung Ma server or go to the guild’s website.

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