Jun 302014
One of the two Jedi Shadows I have!

One of the two Jedi Shadows I have!

I am so excited for Double XP Week, which starts tomorrow, July 1st-July 7th. I will still be raiding at my normal times, but after that, I will be dedicating my time to leveling some ALTs. Fourth of July (Independence Day for Americans) falls conveniently in the middle of the week, so I will get some extra time to play because of the holiday as well!

Last time SWTOR had a Double XP Weekend I wrote a post about what I would be leveling, but this time, I have a better game plan for what I’ll be trying to do.

Find out Heather’s plan for Double XP Week after the Jump…



I currently have two Jedi Shadows on the Harbinger (levels 22 and 23). I have no idea how that even happened. I also have a low level Assassin on the Prophecy of the Five server, which is just ridiculous. Clearly, I’m obsessed with the Deception/Infiltration skill tree, because that’s four different characters I have using it.

One of my old main toons, a Sith Juggernaut, has been sitting at level 51 for a very long time. I also have a Scoundrel at level 37 and a new Smuggler (future Gunslinger) on the Bastion PvP server!

My first priority will be to get one of the Shadows to level 55, which might actually take me the whole week. That way, whenever my Assassin is having a bad day in the warzones, I can do endgame PvP on the Republic side with my Assassin’s gear in legacy armor. I will really try to get this done, but I like getting my beauty sleep. I foresee some late-night gaming this week!

My second priority will be the new Smuggler I impulsively created while writing the first paragraph of this post. Double XP sessions always seem like a good time to make a new toon. Plus, the GSF double requisitions event was still going on, and I figured, RPing in my head, that a Smuggler would be the best toon to be flying a ship. (By the way, I think I’m becoming obsessed with GSF, which my guildies will be delighted to hear.) I really doubt I’ll be able to make it to 55 on two toons (let alone one) this week, but I can try and get as much done as I can.

If I somehow get those characters to level 55 (yeah, right), then I will work on the Scoundrel and Juggernaut.

I know–I’m betraying the Empire this week! But I’ll never have one of every advanced class if I don’t play Republic.

Will you be leveling this week? What’s your game plan? Leave a comment here, send a tweet @Heather_PLS or e-mail to heather@prettylittlesith.com.

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