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  • Sanctuary for Old Souls – Galactic Republic

Welcome to Community Checkpoint. It has been awhile, but we are back with another great guild. Sometimes things happen and there is no logical explanation for why. I had been searching for a guild to highlight, but not having any luck I logged onto SWTOR to level up my trooper. I was on the planet Voss when I got an in-game whisper. At first, I was trying to figure out who had messaged me, as I did, I read the message carefully. It was a well written and short guild invite. I replied and met Fragima. We got to talking about the guild he is with, Sanctuary For Old Souls. I quickly invited him and his guild to be highlighted on our Community Checkpoint. Their guild might seem large, but they and their leadership are down-to-Earth and love SWTOR. Enjoy!

Time to meet Fragima and learn about the Sanctuary For Old Souls after the Jump…




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  • Guild Q&A

How did Sanctuary for Old Souls get started?
Our founder (Oldsoulx) in early 2013 wanted to create a community with friends, and like-minded individuals on SWTOR, he created the guild with some friends, and I joined shortly after since I knew him, and we kept on growing.



Is this the first MMO for this guild? What other games, if any, does the guild play?
Technically no, one of our high ranking officers created a guild on ESO thus they are officially part of our family. We also share the same founder as the Sanctuary for old Souls guild on WOW (Oldsoulx on SWTOR and Oldsoulr on WOW), on the Darrowmere server, a few players from WOW came to SWTOR too.


What faction and server are associated with the guild?
We are on The Shadowlands server, the Republic faction.


Does the guild have a presence on the opposing faction? If so what is the name of that guild?
We sure do! Also on Shadowlands server, it’s called Sanctuary for Old souls II, and it’s equally big and active.



Tell us a little bit about yourselves. How did you get into gaming? What was the first MMO you ever played? How long have you been playing SWTOR? What is your favorite class/advance class?
Fragima: I started gaming in the early 80’s, I would go play The Atari 2600 at my cousin’s, from there I would play at friends until years later I got a Sega genesis, play at arcades, PC games. My first multiplayer experience was playing Command and Conquer and Starcraft. My gaming library expanded to RPG’s, platformers, FPS, strategy… you name it. I got an Xbox and had a huge gaming library, then the Xbox 360. A friend of mine who is very experienced in MMO’s convinced me to get SWTOR (my first MMO) , but I did not want to do it because since it’s a BioWare game (I’m a huge fan of KOTOR so I knew it would be high quality), and since I’m also a big star wars fan, I just knew I’d be completely addicted to it, and what do you know, I was right! I love SWTOR. We started playing around November 2011. My first toon is my Jedi Sentinel, love that class and the Jedi knight storyline, it’s my favorite. I also made a vanguard tank, and a Powertech tank, they are also really fun with cool story lines, and currently I’m working on an Imperial Agent.



Sanctuary For Old Souls promotes itself as family. How does the guild help to nurture this philosophy?
We base our interactions with treating one another with integrity and respect, we keep gaming casual so there is no pressure, and officers lend a helping hand to inexperienced players, like a big brother would, we gear them up, show them what to do, give them tips (Xylem the other GM is particularly good at this) we also tell everyone that real life comes first, we don’t take the game too seriously, but we enjoy doing big events and helping one another, just like a family!



Is there a particular type of gameplay that SFOS focuses on primarily? How has the guild been fairing in Galactic Starfighter, Operations or Warzones?
We focus on PVE content, we have 4 progression raiding groups currently, but we have some guildies who enjoy PVP and GSF too. There are a few, in the guild, who do are pretty good at it.


Has the guild been enjoying the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event? Has anyone in your guild won one of Rancor mounts?
We’ve had some gamblers for sure! At least two guildies got the big rancor mounts, very happy for them!



Are you and the rest of the guild excited for Galactic Strongholds? How is the guild getting itself ready for Update 2.9? Have you been hosting any fundraising events to be able to purchase one of the Guild flagships?
We sure are! Love new content, I have been waiting for guild ships since launch! Guildies are donating money which we’ll use to buy the flagship, hopefully we’ll have enough to get one right away.



Is the guild currently looking to recruit? Are there any specific class/advance class requirements?
We are always recruiting nice people who just want to enjoy and have fun, our guilds are usually close to cap (500) , we recruit very often to keep a healthy number of people active, there is no requirement, other than just have fun, and respect others.



How is the best way for potential new players to contact the guild?
Contact anyone! Do a search (/who sanctuary for old souls), everyone above friend rank (the entry level) can invite, you can also send an in-game email to the GM’s Fragima or Xylem on the Republic side, and Fragilma or Petrebon on the Imperial side.



That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint! I want to thank the members in Sanctuary For Old Souls for allowing us to learn more about their guild. Special thanks to Fragima, for one sending me the in-game message and two, all the extra effort in email replies and gathering information to answer my questions. If you are on The Shadowlands server looking for a guild that into PVE content in a more of a casual style, I suggest contacting a member of Sanctuary For Old Souls to learn more about their gaming family.

 What kind of guild is yours? Is it a Hardcore or Casual, PVP or PVE or RP, whatever your playstyle let us all hear about your guild! So if you are in a guild or a leader in a guild, why not contact me and see if we can tell the community about what you folks are doing. Just submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Look forward to highlighting more guilds here at Corellian Run Radio.



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  1. Thank you for the article 🙂

  2. @Fragima You are very welcome! It was great meeting you and the guild 🙂 All the best to you and everyone in Sanctuary For Old Souls!

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