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July 2nd, BioWare had the first of several Twitch streams dealing with Galactic Strongholds. The stream featured Eric Musco, Toby McCall, and Jack Woods talking and demonstrating some of the features in Galactic Strongholds. On this particular stream, the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace was the setting for this first time look at the Decorations System.

Details about Galactic Strongholds Decoration System after the Jump…




During the Live Stream, I was able to take some notes of a few things that really caught my attention. Trust me, you could easily watch the stream several times and find some element worth mentioning. Below is my list of interesting tidbits I saw during the stream. I urge you to go to the Twitch link for the video of the stream and see what elements you find interesting.

twitch stream1_1

GSH Decoration system notes:

Hook system – various sizes of pre-determined place holders for decorations. After an item is placed the systems allows for rotation and movement along the various axis. Swtor_miner dubbed the term “Omni Hooks” for the placing system. I think many of us wanted to have complete freedom for placing items, but when you see how much you can move items within the said hooks, it is pretty impressive.



Landing pads for decoration – place your player ship, other ships found throughout the galaxy…even a Sandcrawler! They are still looking into whether starships from GSF will be able to be placed on landing pads.

 twitch stream1_7


How do you get decorations – reputation items from vendors, crafting, loot drops and Cartel Market

 twitch stream1_2


What crafting professions – various professions will be able to create decorations. More news on which professions to come soon in next few weeks



Sitting on furniture! Done through slash command /sit

twitch stream1_3


Stronghold is Legacy – A Jedi Knight WILL be able to use the DK Stronghold. Jack Woods said there is a bit of story as to how Republic characters can be on Dromund Kaas or an Imperial character on Coruscant.

 twitch stream1_8


Outdoor Areas – a balcony shown for Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace items can be placed on the balconies. During the stream they placed a Hypergate item (looks amazing!)

twitch stream1_4


How do you travel to and from Strongholds – GSH UI allows you to travel to your Strongholds from anywhere and various places you can travel to from your Strongholds.



New achievements directly relating to Galactic Strongholds



To place multiple items you will need to unlock the number of items you wish to place. You can later pick up items and place them again. Items do not vanish after placing. They are not a one-time charge.



GSH is coming to PTS in a few weeks. No date yet, but will be giving out more information when known.



Terminals like GTN will be able to be placed and used in your Galactic Stronghold. “You can basically do everything without leaving the comfort of your Stronghold” – Jack Woods

 twitch stream1_6


Trophies will be retro-active. If you earned trophies/achievements, before GSH you will have access to those trophies when GSH launches.



No rent for Strongholds! This means no maintenance for player housing. Once you have unlocked your Stronghold it is yours



Neutral planets allow listings for both factions. Empire can visit Republic houses and vice versus, by either the Stronghold being opened to public or you have been given access by the player that owns a given Stronghold.



What chat will be linked to GSH? Stronghold chat is going to be tied to planet chat. Yes, folks Dromund Kaas chat will get even crazier.



Between all the questions and demonstration, there was a lot to take in, leaving more questions yet to be answered. It has taken a long time to get any real news, but it seems the wait has been and will be worth it, once the expansion goes live with Early Access this August.



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