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HoloNet Links #153

It has been a couple weeks since my last HoloNet Links article. I took some time off to be with the family and celebrate Independence Day. Okay, so I also enjoyed the week of Double XP. I haven’t hit 55 with my Trooper, but I did finish the story arc and currently sitting on level 54. Now this week, we have the Bounty Contract week and of course more information from the second Galactic Living stream.

Details from Galactic Living stream & more after the Jump…





  • First Look Coruscant Skyrise Apartments

Yes, our second Galactic Living stream vent is also the communities First Look inside the Coruscant Skyrise Apartments. This took place July 10th, 2014 on SWTOR’s very own Twitch channel. Jack Woods and Eric Musco were back again to help with the tour of these very classy looking apartments. However, the stream first started on the fleet. Jack was showing off some of the new features that will arrive to both fleets when Galactic Strongholds goes live. There will be new crafting stations in the form of three big droids. There wasn’t much more said about crafting, except that we would know more soon™.

 GSH crafting droids2


Next we saw the place where players can begin the mini quest to start their Stronghold. We learned that upon completion of the quest players will receive a small decoration starter kit. No other details were given about the reward. There will also be vendors selling decorations which can be purchased in various methods. Finally, the last thing shown on the fleet was the public directory area. These small terminals can be used to see what Strongholds are open to visit. All the fleet elements will be located in the Crew Skills area.

GSH decoration vendors1 Decoration vendorsGSH public directory fleet1

Public directory on Fleet

As they showed us going to the Stronghold, the UI was showing what Strongholds were available and unlocks opened. There was also a vacancy number for each Stronghold. This vacancy number shows how many people can be in your Stronghold at any one time. The actual number has yet to be determined.

 GSH directory UI1


This prompted a question about invites. Jack explained a player can invite people to their place via group invites, which is similar to group invites for questing. For these invites to work, the player must be online and would need to be done each time a player wanted to visit. The other method was through giving out keys. We found out there are three levels of keys: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

GSH house invite1

GSH keys1

Gold – owner key

Silver – can visit, invite people, and kick people

Bronze – can only visit


The rest of the video was basically showcasing the Coruscant Skyrise Apartments. Coruscant Stronghold is very expansive. The city setting is very well done. The attention to details like flying speeders and skyline elements really capture the feeling and look of Coruscant.


As they were placing items in the apartment, they were also answering some questions. Here are a few things we did find out:

Dueling will be allowed in Strongholds. This was an answer to a question from the previous week.

Strongholds on neutral planets can be displayed as Republic, Empire, both factions or private.

Strongholds will be considered resting areas.

Guilds can purchase their own Strongholds to be used as a headquarters. This will be interesting to see how the functionality for what members in a guild can place what items. Could there be potential for looting? We will have to stay tuned.

When you visit other player’s Strongholds, you can click on an item. By clicking on an item you can find out what a player did for a particular item – Cartel Market, credits, reputation item, loot, achievement, or crafted item.

If you haven’t seen the video from July 10th, be sure to click the video link and see what you might have missed. Remember the Galactic Living streams will be continuing during the regularly schedule stream times every week.

Here is the link to the video for the Galactic Living stream #2.


Here is another look at the Tatooine Homestead video. Enjoy!


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  • Star Wars video

This week for a video, I found something a bit different. The following fan created Star Wars film has been making its appearance on several news feeds. According to an article by ESPN, the movie, titled “Retribution,” was written and directed by University of Georgia football player, Christian Conley. The story, costumes, and effects are much what you would expect in a Star Wars movie on any level. The twist in the movie is the setting. It is filmed on the University of Georgia campus. It seemed like it shouldn’t work, but it does. The campus setting and extras seem to flow into this well written story. There are some funny moments with a few cameos, including one with the UGA football coach. This is a really well put together film. I look forward to seeing more from Christian Conley, possibly gridiron to the silver screen.



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