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HoloNet Links #154

It’s time for another HoloNet Links. This past week has gone by soo fast. I am getting excited by the news and coverage of Galactic Strongholds on the weekly live stream events on Twitch. Speaking of the live stream, make sure to watch the stream on Friday, July 18th and watch Chill from the OotiniCast have his chance to decorate the Dromund Kaas Stronghold. Besides watching a fellow podcaster on the live stream I’m eager to see the Dromund Kaas Stronghold for the first time.

Details on Twitch Live Stream, dev notes, & more after the Jump…






  • OotiniCast joins Live Stream

Decorating will never be the same. Chill from OotiniCast was invited by BioWare to join the stream on Friday, July 18th. According to the article on the SWTOR website, the stream will be live starting at 5PM EST/2PM PDT. Not only will Chill be on the stream, but everyone will have a chance for the long awaited first look at the Dromund Kaas Stronghold. Make sure to tune in live or check out their Twitch channel for the video after live stream is over. Below are the links, time and date.

OotiniCast banner1KaasCity skyline




Friday, July 18th @ 2:00PM PDT / 9:00PM GMT


First Look Preview: Customizing a Dromund Kaas Skyrise Apartment with SWTOR Fansite OotiniCast


Missed the last Twitch Live Stream from July 17th, click on the link to watch the video to see Eric and Courtney decorating the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace.



  • Dev notes

HillaryNicoleCalling all guilds! | 07.14.2014, 04:37 PM

Hey everyone,
It’s about tiiiime I start collecting the contacts from guilds in SW:TOR. I guess this is a bit trickier, as I will need a tad bit more information from you all, so I set it up in a list-type format:
Guild Name:
Guild Leader(s):
Primary Contact (email):
Website (if any):
Guild Size:
Focus (PvP, raiding, social, etc):
Any Additional Info:
Keep in mind that “not meeting requirements” is not a concern here.
The additional information is for my own record keeping, really. It gives me insight on each and every guild
Please send me a PM with the info above. I will email the primary contact as soon as I have it saved.
Hillary Nicole



The start of this week Community Coordinator Hillary Nicole is asking for SWTOR guild leaders to contact her through the forums. She is asking for the above information: name, size, contact info etc. Seeing how Update 2.9 will contain lots of new guild elements is a logical guess for the call-out to guilds. At the very least BioWare is making an attempt to reconnect with the guilds in SWTOR. Make sure your guild leader and/or officers are aware of this post from BioWare.




EricMuscoLegacy Storage? | 07.15.2014, 02:41 PM

Hey folks,
I know there are a few questions surrounding Legacy storage and although I can’t answer everything here are some of the bigger answers:
How do I get Legacy storage?
You will get Legacy storage for free with the completion of the “Introduction to Strongholds Mission” upon acquiring your first Stronghold. Legacy storage will also be craftable and is possible to appear on the Cartel Market. (In both cases this means it would be available on the GTN for credits as well)
If I add another Legacy storage to my Stronghold, does this add more storage space?
It does not. Adding more Legacy storage “units” will simply add another access point, similar to how the cargo hold works right now. You can increase the size by adding more bays (more in the next answer).
How big will it be?
Legacy storage comes, by default, with one bay unlocked. That bay will have 80 slots in it. You will be able to purchase additional bays with credits or Cartel Coins.
Can I transfer Bind on Pickup (BoP) items through my Legacy Storage?
This is still being worked on/decided in development. We should have an answer on this soon™.
I hope that answers most of the bigger questions you have.

 legacy storage1

We have a few answers concerning Legacy Storage. We know that we can get Legacy Storage by completing the Introduction to Strongholds, through crafting and via the Cartel Market. Seeing that it can be crafted or bought on Cartel Market means you could also purchase it by using the GTN.

We know the initial size of Legacy Storage. It will be an 80 slot unit. Adding more Legacy Storage units will not add more slots, but it can offer you more access points to Legacy Storage. The way to increase the number of slots in Legacy Storage is like adding my bays on your character’s bank via credits and Cartel coins.

The post below by Eric Musco deals with the BoP (Bind on Pickup) items in Legacy Storage.



EricMuscoLegacy Storage? | 07.16.2014, 03:47 PM

Alright folks, round 2! From what I can tell there were two big questions still on the table and here they are:
Can I place BoP items in my Legacy storage?
As of Game Update 2.9, you cannot place or “transfer” BoP items through your Legacy storage. I will say that this issue is something that we will continue to discuss internally and could potentially change in the future.
Can I access my crafting materials from Legacy storage?
Yes you can! The way it will work is that when you go to craft something, your materials will be pulled in this priority order: Inventory, Cargo, Legacy storage.
Thanks everyone!



This post is a follow-up by Eric Musco, concerning Legacy Storage. It looks like for now players will not be able to place or use Legacy Storage to give BoP items to other characters in a player’s Legacy. He went on to discuss how all craft materials with be pulled from all forms of player storage. The order, as you can see above, is Inventory, next Cargo, and then finally Legacy Storage.

My feelings on BoP in Legacy Storage, is that it should be something players can use. The items are bound to the player. It is not like BoP items are going to be able to be traded to other players. This would only allow players to utilize items they got in loots or on quests. How is this giving any type of benefit that would be thought of as near exploitive? Okay, quest rewards, but even then you would have to create another character that would utilize those same stats. Yes, but what about armor purchased using commendations? This would be a way for players to outfit another character with PVP or PVE gear and theoretically never have to run one daily with the character being outfitted. This might be looked as an exploit, but the player is still doing the work to gain the commendations nevertheless and the BoP equipment could not be traded or sold to another player. All of it would remain tied to that player’s Legacy. I’m sure there is a reason why BioWare is doing this, but I would love to hear what it is.




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  • Star Wars music video

This week I came across another Star Wars video. What do you get when you cross Star Wars with the Disney animated movie Frozen, well at least one great parody song. The Frozen song, “Do you want to build a snowman,” becomes “Do you want to kill some Rebels?” Yes, already you can see where this video is going. The story is about an Imperial pilot asking a certain Dark Lord if he wants to get back into the normal routine of pursuing the Rebels. Will he answer the pilot, will he get back to killing Rebels, check out the video to find out.


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