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HoloNet Links #156

As mentioned last week, the new Tactical Flashpoint takes place on the planet of Manaan. Below is a brief video clip of this new planet. The video is from Dulfy. The look of the city takes me back to the Ahto City featured in KOTOR. The look of the city and environment are very clean, from white and grey structures, to the crisp blue skies and water.

Manaan video, 2.9 on PTS, dev notes, & more after the Jump…





This zone looked fairly big landing/starting area for just a FP. I’m still holding onto hope that Manaan becomes a full-fledged planet with an entire story arc like Makeb or at least a new Daily area like CZ-198.


Speaking of Manaan and the new Flashpoint, our own Heather was able to run through this new Tactical FP. I asked her a couple questions about it and here is what she said:

Without spoilers, what did you think about the new Tactical FP?

The new tactical flashpoint was great! It seemed really streamlined with less mobs, and the storyline was excellent. The setting was amazing to look at also, but no spoilers!


How were the Boss fights? Did they have some unique elements?

Boss fights are usually pretty easy for me, just remembering which enemy to target and avoiding things on the ground! I don’t remember anything being terribly unique and new though.


Compared to other Tactical FPs, how would you rate this new one?

I would rate this tactical flashpoint as much better than the previous ones. Less trash mobs to worry about, and more interesting story and location!



  • Galactic Strongholds on the PTS

As many of you know Update 2.9 is currently on the PTS. One of the biggest features in this digital expansion is Galactic Strongholds. After getting three of my characters copied onto the PTS, I ventured onto the PTS to start evaluating the new features. I was blown away by the size of the Strongholds.


Just going through the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace, I kept thinking, the weekly Community live streams do not do them justice. The other pleasant surprise was the ease to decorate and manipulate objects the way I wanted them placed in my Stronghold.

 nar shaddaa1


Like any new software there will be some “bugs.” I came across a few that seemed to be minor, but indeed things that need to be addressed. I mentioned earlier the ease of placing and manipulating objects as I want them was easy and that is true, but sometimes the objects would revert to the placement when first placed. I also noticed the droids you get through part of the intro Galactic Strongholds quest, tended to return to the default position they were placed when you interacted with them through an emote, like /slap.

Another issue I saw that could lead to some problems is other characters on your Legacy awarded instant travel to the Legacy Stronghold without having to go through the intro quests. This is mostly for those characters below level 10. Why do I say this? As of right now, the security terminal does not seem to work on the Stronghold unless the character is the one who activated or purchased the Stronghold. This becomes an issue because there is no way for a character to leave the Stronghold unless they have a Fleet pass and those below level 10 would not. I’m sure this will be fixed before even Early Access, but something to be aware of during testing.

The last real “bug” that caused me some issues was dealing with the new door features. I love the idea of doors on the rooms. Prior to this all doors usually led to an instanced area as opposed to opening an access to another room without a loading screen. These doors worked great for my first character upon unlocking the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace. The problem came when my Legacy characters were attempting to walk through the Stronghold. Some doors opened without even a click, but then again others would not open nor respond to me right-clicking to open the doors. I would receive an error message stating I was unable to reach that or too far away. These messages were received even when I was directly facing the door and right against it. I’m not mentioning these things to dampen anyone’s thoughts for the new expansion. I think it is a great expansion and filled with lots of interesting items and functionality. My hope is more of you will log onto the test server and help find more of these bugs and fill out a /bug ticket so BioWare can address them before launch.

I know many have also posted, tweeted etc. about the costs associated with Galactic Strongholds. Another thing I’m working on is to level up a character and purchase the beginning Stronghold and see what it is like for a beginning character to try and decorate, furnish and even attempt to unlock an extra room. I will let you know how it goes doing so. How has your testing experience been like?


Talk about a room with a view


  • Dev Blog: Lana Beniko’s Journal on Darth Arkous

lana benikoOn July 31st, we got more information on the story for Manaan in the form of a Dev Blog. The latest Dev Blog has direct ties to the Chapter One of the Forged Alliance story arc. The ties revolve around the primary NPC characters on the Imperial side, Lana Beniko and Darth Arkous. The blog is presented in the form of a journal entry by Lana Beniko regarding Darth Arkous. She writes about one of their adventures after having left Dromund Kaas. The brief entry is full of action even a bomb diffusing. All seems back on track for the two as the entry nears its end, but when Darth Arkous’ trip to Onderon has him making an unscheduled and mysterious landing on Manaan, Lana knows something is up. I strongly urge you to give this Dev Blog a read. Why do you think Darth Arkous went to Manaan and why all the secrecy?




  • Dev notes

TaitWatsonAny news on Guild Flagships? | 07.29.2014, 10:01 AM

Hey folks!
We are aiming to get Guild Flagships and Conquest onto the PTS later this week. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer!


EricMuscoPTS Maintenance and Our Streaming Schedule | 07.30.2014, 04:29 PM

Hey folks,
First things first, PTS will be coming down for maintenance at 9AM CDT tomorrow! The reason we are bringing down PTS is to start deploying the next PTS update which will contain Guild Flagships and Conquests. We do not have an exact day or time currently for when PTS will be coming back up. As soon as we know that timing, we will let you know!
Also, it is our plan that when PTS comes up, we will be hosting a stream to showoff Flagships and Conquests. As a part of this we are cancelling our normal Community stream this week (Friday) and our Thursday stream will be the stream to coincide with PTS. This means there will either be one, or no streams this week depending on when PTS comes up.
Thanks everyone,




It appears that this week’s streams have been cancelled as an update to these two posts. It was reported on reddit, after reading a tweet from BioWare. I, like many of you, am excited about testing the new Guild and Personal Conquest events coming in Update 2.9. However, it appears we will have to wait a bit longer. We do know a few things about Guild Flagships. These Guild ships will cost $50 million credits and that does not unlock every possible room in the ships. That was conveyed in last week’s SWTOR Twitch stream by Eric Musco. That seems a bit steep, especially for the smaller guilds. It looks like daily runs for guild members just to cover the cost. That said, I am eager to find out about how the quests work for guilds. I can report that there will be some crafting elements involved via new schematics offered on PTS. How do you envision these quests working? What type of quests would you like to see be a part of the Conquest events? Let us know in the comment section below.




EricMusco 07.24.2014 , 01:40 PM | #1

Hey everyone,
As of now you will have seen our initial patch notes for Game Update 2.9 and noticed something missing, class changes. There are a few reasons that there are no class changes in 2.9, I wanted to explain their reasoning and tell you when you can expect them.

  • Game Update 2.9 – Is a large Digital Expansion that brings loads of new features to mess around with. With so much going on in the update we knew we would get very little testing on any class changes on PTS. As such, we felt it would be risky to make any class adjustments in 2.9.
  • Game Update 2.10 is close! – We have bumped any class changes we were considering for 2.9 into Game Update 2.10. The reason is that 2.10 is only a few weeks later (currently slated for September 9th) and allows to give some “breathing room” around 2.9’s large update. While I am setting expectations, I want you to know that the class changes in 2.10, although there are quite a few, they are not extremely robust either. There is a good reason for that though…
  • Expansion! – As you might expect, I can’t go into details yet. However it is safe to say that when our “Rise-like expansion” comes later this year, you can expect quite a lot of class changes

Thanks everyone. I know there aren’t class changes, but go on PTS anyway and decorate your Stronghold!



With all the news surrounding Galactic Strongholds and new Manaan FP on the PTS, the dev post above was sort of missed by some. There are a couple key elements to glean from this one dev post. First off, many class changes slated for Update 2.9 were pushed back. Next Update 2.10 is currently schedule for release September 9th. That is roughly three weeks after Update 2.9 – Galactic Strongholds is released. Talk about quick turnaround. Speaking of Update 2.10, many of the larger class changes are being put onto the next large expansion Update 3.0. Update 2.10 will have some class changes, but no game changing ones. The large update still slated for late this year, Update 3.0, is said to have “a lot of class change.” What type of changes could they be? I am going to go out on a limb and speculate that there will be a third advance class added to the existing classes.




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  • Star Wars music video

All this talk concerning Manaan got me thinking about KOTOR. So why not get a music video about KOTOR? Thanks to YouTube user Johnny Medlar, I’m able to highlight the video below. It takes several catch phrases and voiced dialog from many of the companions in KOTOR. The genius of the creator’s video is to create a unique remix. Give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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