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We are now less than 11 days till Early Access for Galactic Strongholds Update 2.9. One of the final major elements has been added to the PTS. Yes, Guild Flagships are now on the Public Test server ready to be tested. There are definite divides on certain elements relating to the recent PTS update, but here is where you come…copy your character to the PTS, login into the PTS and submit your feedback.

Details on Guild Flagships, Rakghoul event, World First info & more after the Jump…







  • Guild Flagships hit the PTS

Like I mentioned above, Guild Flagships are currently being tested. This was announced earlier this past week via the SWTOR Twitch live stream. Jack Woods and Eric Musco showed everyone the very basics of Guild Flagships.

guild flagships1

You can also get some more information by reading the latest PTS patch notes posted by Tait Watson. The live stream was actually showing action from the PTS and not a dev server. This was cool to see other players invited to the dev’s guild and even facing off against a player based guild at an objective.

I have not been able to test much of the new Guild Flagship features, but here are a few things we did learn from the live stream. The size of the Guild Flagships is massive. The $50 million credits grant the guild access to the Bridge, a massive room, and the ability to participate in the Guild Conquest events. To unlock the other rooms on the ship will cost credits and a new type of currency known as Frameworks.

guild flagships unlock1

These Frameworks can be found through loot drops of Conquest event Commanders and crafting. There are three types of Frameworks – Engineering, Command and Logistical. Depending on the room the guild wishes to unlock, that will determine which type of Frameworks will be needed. Ship occupancy will related to how many rooms the guild has unlocked on their Flagship. Guild Conquest events encompass nearly every type of gameplay in SWTOR. Once a guild selects an area they wish to conquer they can start to accumulate points towards their weekly goal. Once the weekly goal has been achieved does not mean the event is over. In fact in order to get the main guild reward the guild must finish in the top ten of the leaderboard found on the Guild Conquest interface. As I said almost every type of gameplay is represented in Conquest Events. Warzones, Galactic Starfighter, crafting, Operations, Flashpoints, Heroics, etc. are all things that can bring points in towards the guild’s weekly achievement.

 Imperial Guildship

Have you been able to test any of the new Guild Flagships or the new Conquest Events? If so please leave us a comment about your experience in testing in the comment section below.

Here is a link to the SWTOR Twitch video that discusses Guild Flagships and Conquest events.




  • The Rakghoul Plague event is happening

The infectious event is back. That is right the Rakghoul plague is alive and well. Tatooine is the location for the latest outbreak. To start your adventure you need to look for the hovering news terminals on each faction’s fleet. After watching a brief news report on the outbreak, it will direct you to go to Tatooine. This is the second time for the Rakghoul plague infecting Tatooine. Players will notice some similarities between these quests/dailies and those from event on Alderaan. If you are wanting to know more about the dailies, heroic and even event World Boss take a moment and read this posting at TOR Community. There are detailed descriptions on quests and even help on getting some achievements. Look through the highlighted links on their website listed for Tatooine. I also recommend reading about the rewards and unique drops for this event.

new Rakghoul event2

Oh, there is a new World Boss for this event. You can read about the World First to have taken down the new boss. Check out the World First article/interview on the SWTOR Strategies website.



  • Dev notes

TaitWatsonPTS Maintenance – 8/8/2014 | 08.07.2014, 04:39 PM

Hey everyone!
We will be taking the PTS down at approximately 9:00AM CDT on Friday, 8/8/2014. We estimate that it will be down about 6 hours, but will update you with any changes.



Make note of the maintenance as it will last about 6 hours. When PTS is back we will also make an update. Hmm, I wonder what changes we have in store for Update2.9?




TaitWatsonbugged and broken codex listings | 08.07.2014, 09:40 AM

We are definitely working our way through the list of bugged Codex entries and Achievements. I’m quite the completionist when it comes to those things, so it’s a personal goal of mine to see them all fixed. We’ve fixed a handful in the past few patches, and are going to continue getting those fixes out in the future!




Thanks Tait for the post and hopefully this achievement issue will be resolved soon. I love the achievement system and hoping they get it fixed. It makes it difficult to stay active on the achievements if we are still trying to figure which I still need and which are just bugged.




Star Wars Community News & Events

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  • Nightmare Guide website

Fail Raid is a new blog all about Operations in SWTOR. I first saw mention of this website on the SWTOR forum thread. Nightmare level Ops is the focus of this guide website. I have started my path down the operation road, but I am nowhere to this level, but it is great to see a guide of this nature. Right now the guides available are Dread Fortress and Dread Palace, which is a work in progress.

The guides for the bosses are very detailed. Mechanics, debuffs and other details of the fights are well written out with advice how to deal with each. There is also a setup section that states how the group should position before the fight and the reasons why. If you are looking for a place for help on the highest level of raiding go to Fail Raid.



  • SWTOR music video

This week’s video is a short clip, but really well done. Take Star Wars: The Old Republic and set it all to the movie trailer music from Guardians of the Galaxy. That is just what this week’s Youtube creator, CipherAgentFour, did. Not only did they set it to the music, but this four character group takes upon personalities having traits closely resembling those of the superheroes. This is another example of the creativity found in the SWTOR community. Check out the Guardians of Ascendancy Csillan Rose.


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