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Here we are at the halfway point of August and only days away from Update 2.9: Galactic Strongholds. Yes, August 19th will be the start of Early Access for Galactic Strongholds and the rest of Update 2.9. I am excited about this new update and for more reasons than player housing. The new Flashpoint that takes place on Manaan is one thing I’m eager to get to play. I’m anxious to learn more about the Forged Alliance story arc.

EA press Conference, 2.10 on PTS, GSF video guide & more after the Jump…



SWTOR TheronShanManaanSpeaking of Manaan, we did get another bit of background story. The narrative, found on the SWTOR website, is a look at Varko’s “forgettable” at the office. Varko, a Selkath, has a couple people stop by the office where he works. For whatever reason, these two seem a bit too interested. Read more about these two encounters. How do they factor into the story arc?

This past week has been Gamescom. During this gaming convention several of the leading game publishers held press conferences to announce new titles, showcase gameplay and give updates on current titles. Electronic Arts, EA, held one such press conference. During which time they gave about two minutes of time to talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic. They might not have mentioned any earth shattering details, but the fact, the huge game publisher took time to mention SWTOR, is a big deal. This means EA is once again seeing the worth this title has for their company. What does this mean? That is hard to determine, but EA talking about SWTOR is a good thing. Here is a link to watch the small clip from Gamescom via

Speaking of Gamescom, here is the official Galactic Stronghold trailer released during the gaming convention.


  • Bounty Contract week

Wow, another week another event, this time it is the Bounty Contract event. It runs from August 12th to August 19th 12:00 GMT. How many bounties have you collected? I will pass along some friendly advice, saving your collected contracts might be a good thing and see what might be added to the BBA reputation vendors. There might just be something to place in your new Stronghold.

 bounty_contract event

  • Update 2.10 is on PTS

If you don’t know by now, Galactic Strongholds is almost here, but the development doesn’t stop. In fact, BioWare already has the next update on the public testing server. Update 2.10 was added to the testing server this past Tuesday. This update is not as large as Update 2.9, but it does deal with some class changes. These changes to advance classes are delicate and need to be tested in order to get a since of how they will impact the balance between other classes. Currently the changes are centered on Sentinels/Marauders, Gunslingers/Snipers and Sages/Sorcerers. They are focused on the certain trees and specs within those advance classes. To get more insight as to what is being tested, be sure to check out the link for the PTS patch notes. Please note these are subject to change. From the patch notes, what changes are you excited to see or concerned about?




  • Dev notes

TaitWatson2.10 PTS Opening | 08.14.2014, 01:03 PM

Hey everyone,
We are opening up the PTS shortly! As a reminder, characters were wiped between 2.9 and 2.10, so you may need to recopy.



Once again Update 2.10 has been added to the PTS. Since the change to PTS characters had been wiped as Tait mentioned. So, you will need to again copy your character over to the testing server. Good luck testing and let us know what you think of the new class changes.




DavidDemareeFocused Feedback Discussion: Engineering Sniper / Saboteur Gunslinger | 08.14.2014, 01:09 PM

Hello Snipers and Gunslingers!
We appreciate your feedback and your concern about how much these proposed changes will improve the Lethality/Engineering (or Dirty Fighting/Saboteur) hybrid. We are also concerned about what these changes could do to the hybrid, so we are planning to make the following changes:

  • Restore Explosive Probe/Sabotage Charge to a 30 second cooldown, and restore the damage it lost when its cooldown was reduced.
  • Tweak the Imperial Auto Loader/Jury-Rigged Mods skill to now reduce the cooldown of Explosive Probe/Sabotage Charge by 4/8/12 seconds (up from 1.5/3.0/4.5 seconds).

We did not intend for the original change to Explosive Probe/Sabotage Charge to mess with the other specializations so much, and you all have brought up many good points about how it will affect the other specializations. Please let us know your thoughts about the proposed modifications above. As always, thanks for your feedback!




Not sure how many of you knew that there had been changes made to the Gunslingers and Sniper Advance classes. However the devs have returned explosive probe back to what it is currently on live servers. The change was impacting other specs and after listening to those currently testing they corrected it. Nice job BioWare and all those bringing the issue to their attention.





DavidDemaree2.10 DPS Parsing Thread | 08.12.2014, 04:04 PM

When the time comes that you can log onto the 2.10 PTS server (hopefully Thursday, keep your fingers crossed), please post your combat parses in this thread.
Please follow the same rules that can be found in this thread:



Are you one of those gamers looking to squeeze every bit out of your rotation? Are you constantly recording and reviewing your damage numbers? BioWare is looking for you to help test new class changes on the PTS. As you can read in the post above, along with the included link, on how you can help. This is your chance to make a difference in the development of your class.




Star Wars Community News & Events

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  • Star Wars Episode VII resumes filming

When Harrison Ford was injured on the set of Star Wars Episode VII, everyone held their collective breath. It seems we can all breathe easier now as filming looks to resume. According the article on Star Wars Underworld, filming with begin later this month. I know I am relieved. The kid in me has been eagerly anticipating the upcoming Star Wars movie. Let’s hope no more setbacks and remains on schedule for the December 18th, 2015 release.

 Star Wars Ep VII



  • SWTOR video guide

This week we have a video guide to share. The video is a beginner’s guide for Galactic Starfighter (GSF). YouTube user stuntwill posted the video. He has put together lots of helpful tips and suggestions geared for beginners, but can benefit most everyone playing GSF. The tips are placed on the video through annotations, so you can pause the video at any time to read, make notes etc.

GSF video guide

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