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Let’s meet another guild on Community Checkpoint. This time we welcome the guild, Remnants of Hope from the Jung Ma server. The Remnants of Hope contacted us via email about wanting to be highlighted. Upon meeting the guild and researching their website I started to see a definite focus on community. They have a passion for helping grow together as a guild and willingness to assist their fellow members enjoy all aspects of gameplay. We will learn more about their focus on growing the guild, their philosophy of PvX and putting “community first” in today’s Community Checkpoint.

It’s time to learn more about the Remnants of Hope guild after the Jump…






Before we get into the Q&A section, here is a guild video:


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  • Guild Q&A

How did Remnants of Hope get started as a guild? Is SWTOR the first game for this guild?

Remnants first began as The New Jedi Order on July 7th, 2009 on the Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG. Like many guilds, we have experienced much change over the years. Though not all of our founding members remain, there are some whom have called RoH home since the very beginning, and, more importantly, many whom have come to call us home in the years since. Few guilds can claim such a rich lineage of exceptional people as RoH, and our ranks continue to swell as we grow unhindered.


What faction and server are associated with the guild? Does Remnants of Hope have a presence on the opposing faction?

The Remnants of Hope guild is located on the Jung Ma server and represents both factions. Our Republic side uses the name Remnants of Hope while the Imperial side is called Vestige of Despair.



The guild’s server is a Role Playing server correct? Does the guild embrace roleplaying or were there other reasons for picking an RP server?

Our guild embraces Role Playing as one of many ways to enjoy gameplay in SWTOR. This is one of the primary reasons that our guild resides on a PVP-RP server to allow for an open environment where RP is readily accepted and encouraged.



On the guild’s website there is a section dedicated to PvX, can you explain that term and how Remnants of Hope applies this philosophy?

PvX is the term we use to mean that people in our community are encouraged to play the way they want in-game. From PvE to PvP, Role Play to Crafting to Starfighter and now Strongholds, we believe every aspect of the game has value to our members. Remnants of Hope works to create a diverse gaming community where no matter what aspect of the game you enjoy, there are members willing and able to play with you in whatever time you have, as well as providing help to those wishing to branch out to new game areas that may not have been experienced. Getting the most from the game and the community is the primary goal of the PvX philosophy.


Community is a big thing with the guild. What are some things that associated with a healthy community? What are ways the guild and its leadership help to promote a healthy community?

As we are a multi-game guild (serving players in Wildstar and GW2 besides SWTOR), the Remnants of Hope believe in a “Community First” mentality. The leadership of each game, along with the overall leadership of the community, work together to not only provide engaging in-game opportunities, but also vast social interactions across the entire guild. Such examples include our community Karaoke night where our membership from all games comes together to enjoy each other’s company (and some very good singing as well). It’s these kind of interactions and the priority placed on the “we’re in this together” mindset that helps us to maintain a healthy and thriving community.



What types of guild activities does Remnants of Hope do? Are these activities strictly in-game? What has been one of your favorite guild activities?

Remnants of Hope enjoys a wide array of activities both in-game and out. In-game, each aspect of the game (PvE, PvP, RolePlay, & Crafting) is run by a department head that coordinates various events with other members. This can include the common guild events (like Operations and group PvP) to some of the more diverse (such as World Boss Hunters Assoc., Datacron Seekers, and Rakghoul Runners). We even have guild events where members of both factions play together, such as our in-game Cantina night sponsored by our RolePlay department!

In the community, there are a plethora of forum games, interactive posts, special events through TeamSpeak and more to encourage our community as a whole to remain interactive no matter what game or faction is played.


The guild mentions allowing guild members to play as they want, does the ever make grouping for specific game elements more difficult? How does the guild work to not fall into the saying, “Jack of all trades and Master of none?”

Even though our guild allows players to play however they desire, our structure allows those who play a certain aspect of the game to meet with people sharing the same passion. Through our game departments (PvE, PvP, RolePlay, & Crafting) members can find experienced players in whatever aspect of the game they want to play. Our leadership in each department is dedicated to helping inexperienced or new players get the most of their game time and over time these members gain experience and knowledge to pass on to the next group of new members. In this, we retain the ability to have expertise in a given field while allowing for a diverse game play experience.



Has the guild or any members been able to play Update 2.9 on the Public Test server? If so what are the early verdicts for the Galactic Stronghold expansion?

Our community High Elder, along with several guild members have taken the opportunity to play on the Public Test Server and initial impressions are very good! We look forward to having this aspect of the game available to our membership as a whole. Each in-game department is exploring new ideas to get the most out of Galactic Strongholds for members who desire this aspect of game play.



Speaking of Update 2.9, what does the guild think of the recent reveals concerning Guild Flagships and Guild Conquest events?

Both Remnants of Hope and Vestige of Despair will be acquiring Guild Flagships and are initially excited about the Guild Conquest events. We see this as a new opportunity to provide engaging, community-driven activities in-game.



Is the Remnants of Hope currently recruiting? What steps do potential new recruits need to take to learn more and contact the guild about possibly joining?

Remnants of Hope and Vestige of Despair are always recruiting members seeking a mature, friendly, and open community environment.

To apply for membership, simply join our forums at There you can fill out an application along with find out more about our guild structure and what we have to offer to our community. If your application is accepted, you will be given a two-week trial period where you and the community can get to know each other better.

This is your opportunity to play with the membership and let us play with you as well. During the trial period, prospective members will have access to a vast majority of our forums and can participate in all gaming aspects of our community. During this time you will be asked to learn about our guild structure and leadership so you will know what’s expected as a member of our community.

After the trial period there is an interview and then based on your interaction with the community and your interview, the SWTOR Division Commander and Officers will vote on the success of your trials. If successful, you then become an official member of our community and from there, your journey within the Remnants of Hope begins!



That’s it for this week’s Community Checkpoint! I want to thank the members in Remnants of Hope guild for allowing us to learn more about them. If you are on the Jung Ma server looking for a mature, friendly guild, I would suggest going to the Remnants of Hope website to learn more and fill out an application.


What kind of guild is yours? Is it a Hardcore or Casual, PVP or PVE or RP, whatever your playstyle let us all hear about your guild! So, if you are in a guild or a leader in a guild, why not contact me and see if we can tell the community about what you folks are doing. Just submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, Look forward to highlighting more guilds here at Corellian Run Radio.




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