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HoloNet Links #159

How is decorating going in your Stronghold? Are you and your guild busy invading a planet? If you are part of Early Access then I’m sure you are busy with one of those or possibly both. I’m enjoying placing my achievements in my Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace. Have I mentioned these Strongholds are big? Yes, there are a few bugs and unexpected things that have popped up, but all in all Update 2.9 is great!

Details on Seattle Community Cantina, Dev notes & more after the Jump…





Maybe you haven’t been able to logon or possibly not in Early Access, you can read the latest Developer Blog by Jack Woods. In it he discusses Update 2.9, specifically the items in the Early Access. I thought it was nice to read the thinking behind Strongholds. How the design, decorating mechanics, amount of decorations and even locations of Strongholds were all considered when creating this expansion.

guild flagships1

Jack Woods goes on to talk about Guild Flagships. That finally all the SWTOR guilds can have a place for the headquarters or base of operations. Then it continues into the Guild Conquest events. It was not just giving guilds a large guild hall in space, but having it fit into Star Wars lore. Huge capital starships taking part in the conquest of a planet by delivering your “troops,” guild members, to the planet surface and also potential buffs etc. during combat is most definitely lore worthy.


Speaking of Guild Flagships, check out latest video



  • Tor-Fashion favorite outfit contest

Tor-Fashion is trying to reach a milestone of 1000 customized SWTOR outfits. They plan to reach this mark by hosting a contest with three winners getting 2400 Cartel Coins via Amazon Cartel cards. To learn more about how to enter and win, look below or go to the following link for details on the Tor-Fashion website.

 Tor  Fashion logo

How do I enter
Submit pictures of your character on your favorite outfit to tor-fashion between 1700 EDT 15 Aug 2014 and 1700 EDT 30 Aug 2014 (2 week window)

There isn’t a limit on how many characters you can submit.


How do I win?
There are three winning categories, winner of each one will receive a cartel coin card.

  • Most Upvoted: The post with the most upvotes wins. There is a thumbs up button on the bottom of each submission you can use to upvote if you like someone’s submission.
  • My Pick: I will choose my favorite submission.
  • Exile’s Pick: Exile ] will choose her favorite submission. NOTE: She’s really fond of ones based on characters outside of the Star Wars universe.


How to enter and how to win details from the following SWTOR forum thread link




  • Community Cantina

community_cantinaThe SWTOR Community Cantina will be at Seattle again this year. The Community Cantina will be on Sunday, August 31st, 2014. This will be the same time PAX Prime will be happening in Seattle, WA. If you are able to make it to the Seattle Community Cantina, I would urge you to attend. SWTOR always manages to have a nice reveal during this event. See below for details provide from the SWTOR official website.


Venue: Grand Hyatt Seattle (Rooms Princessa I & II)

Date: Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Time: 7-10PM PDT

Address: 721 Pine Street

Seattle, Washington, USA, 98101



  • Dev notes

EricMuscoRaise the NPC Limit -please- | 08.19.2014, 04:28 PM

Hey folks!
I know the NPC limit is certainly something many of you would like to see raised so I wanted to explain why it is in place currently. As most of you suspect already, it is a performance issue. Without going into too much detail, if someone’s Stronghold begins to load a large amount of NPCs it can create issues not only in your Stronghold, but in others as well.
As with all things we will continue to monitor this limit and raise it as we can. We want to give you the opportunity to place as many NPCs possible, but we also want to ensure you have the best experience in your Stronghold as well.
Hope that makes sense. Thanks!



I ran across this problem when I began running my Legacy through my Stronghold. My visions of a large indoor SWTOR Zoo might have to wait for now. Due to the fact it could hurt performance, I get why they placed a limit or placed NPCs. The issue I have is regarding the Stronghold prestige I have, but not allowed to use because of this limit. It would be nice if there was possibly a statue or hologram option for pets/companions. These NPCs holograms would contain no animations or sounds to save on load times. Just an idea I had.

Another related item has to do with NPCs as rewards for Galactic Strongholds. I discovered that you are only allowed to own five of the vendor look-alike NPCs. This happens to be a reward in the early part of your Stronghold quest line. Again, I understand the needs for limits, but shouldn’t the limit equal 16? This would cover one character per advance class and both factions. Maybe instead of an NPC as a reward the player gets their choice of MK-1 crafting module to be brought to one of the droids on fleet or the ones you received as rewards to place in your Galactic Stronghold. What do you think as far as the limit on NPCs as rewards?




TaitWatsonPTS Maintenance – 8/22/2014 | 08.21.2014, 04:29 PM

Hey folks!
We will be bringing down the PTS to apply an update tomorrow, August 22nd, around 10AM CDT (3PM GMT).
We will let you know once the server is available again!



Incoming…patch that is. Looks like the PTS will get another patch to the Update 2.10 testing. There are no details at this time what is getting patched, but stay tuned for details.




Star Wars Community News & Events

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  • SWTOR video guide

This week’s music video is a tribute to the Jedi Consular. The video is set to the song “The Day We Left Earth” by the group X-Score. YouTube user Star Seeker has posted this video. This reminds me of the early Class videos put together by BioWare. It showcases moments during the story quests and does so without giving away too many spoilers, if any. This video is really well edited and has transitions expertly set to the music. This video encapsulates a class that not only focuses on the Force, but seeks to know the connections between beings and the Force. What do you think of the video? Please let us know in the comment section below.


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