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HoloNet Links #161

Now that Labor Day has come and gone the closer we get to Fall. Hard to believe we are even mentioning autumn, soon to be followed by Winter, but one thing at a time and next up is Update 2.10. It is still scheduled for release on Tuesday, September 9th, 2014. This will bring the third and final part of the Forged Alliances story arc. Much like part two, we have learned where the next Tactical Flashpoint will take place, Rakata Prime.

Rakata Prime, dev notes & a guild music video after the Jump…





  • Dev Blog from Rakata Prime

Like I said earlier Update 2.10 is less than a week away. So it only stands to reason that the newest Developer Blog helps set the stage for letting us know that something is going on Rakata Prime. In this Developer Blog, we have another story style entry. This story is from a smuggler’s point of view and a female perspective.

This is a fast paced story with the female fleeing for her life from some “natives.” The nice thing is the smuggler is just what we think a smuggler should be, brave, fearless, but also uses her brains to outwit her pursuers. She is not alone in this story. Her friend Dom is there to help her out. Dom is a droid, D0-M9.

So, we have an exciting chase, quick thinking and an even a companion to help save the day. It seems like the story has it all, but now there is the mystery element that comes into play. As the story states Rakata Prime has been deemed a historical planet, so to speak; and all travel to and from the planet is off limits.

Rakata Prime2

Now that isn’t out of place, nor is seeing officials trying to stop her, as her ship is attempting to leave the sector. As they starting to get the coordinates for making the jump, a Republic starship immediately tried to intercept. Just as the smuggler and her droid are about to get ready to make the jump to lightspeed, an Imperial starship appears. However it is not looking to engage the Republic ship, in fact it is seemingly helping the Republic vessel to try and capture the smuggler’s ship. This is the puzzle, what would have Republic and Imperial starships appearing to work together?

To find out more be sure to read the latest Developer Blog and get ready for Update 2.10 coming September 9th.




  • Information on Rakata Prime

Since by all indication we will be going to Rakata Prime in the near future, I thought we might want to learn some more about this planet. If we check out the Wookieepedia page, we learn first off the name of the planet is actually Lehon. Of course if you played Knights of the Old Republic, you have already been able to see this planet and are aware of the connections the Infinite Empire and the Star Forge have on this planet. Yes, the Infinite Empire that was ruled by Soa…heard of him? This looks like a great way to draw close this story arc by going back to what is seemingly the start and end of the Rakata. Hmm it also ties strongly into another powerful lore figure from the Old Republic era…Revan.

Are you excited to be heading to Rakata Prime in the next update?

 Rakata Prime1



  • Dev notes

TaitWatson [Bug] Personal Conquest Reward not delivered | 09.04.2014, 02:04 PM

Hey folks,
We are working on getting this fixed, but there is a preventative measure you can take to avoid missing out on your rewards:
There is a Mission in your Mission Log regarding the Personal Conquest. Drop this Mission PRIOR to reaching the cap and you will get your rewards. The same goes for the Guild version of the Mission, and it must be dropped prior to the end of the Conquest Event.
I will be adding this to the Known Issues, and will let you know when I get more information regarding a fix.



Over the past week, there have been issues with some servers not letting players logon, and other server issues. However, this particular bug is bad as it will prevent all your hard work during the Conquest Event to go unrewarded. Be sure to go through your quest log and remove the quest associated with Personal Conquest and also for the Guild related quest. These have to be removed before your achieve the cap for the events. This is a preventive measure so you do not miss out on your earned rewards.




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  • SWTOR video

This week’s music video is from the guild The Jedi Brotherhood. Yes, we have shown other music videos by guilds, but this one has also incorporated a walkthrough like view of a couple areas in some Strongholds. The camera work is really nice from action shots of Jedi seemingly leaping over the viewer’s head and of course the end sequence which I will not spoil. Now combine those elements with an upbeat energized music track and that is what I consider a great music video. If you are curious about the guild head over to their website, be aware it is still under construction. If you would like more immediate answers the YouTube user Alex Greenwood has stated you could send him a message there.


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