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HoloNet Links #164

Hi, and welcome to another edition of the HoloNet Links. It is great to be back after healing up from my surgery. Last time writing the article is was still September, it does not seem like it should be October already. Although, seeing the leaves change color, here in North America it is Fall. It won’t be long till frosty mornings and even that first snowfall will be here before you know it. Speaking of being here before you know it, the end of the year is approaching quickly and it will be exciting to see what is in store for the game. The upcoming expansion 3.0 is scheduled to be released by the end of the year. I wonder what changes the expansion will bring to SWTOR.

Patch notes, dev notes & more after the Jump…






  • Patch 2.10.1 & 2.10.1a

While we wait to see what will be revealed in Update 3.0, we did get a couple of patch updates, Update 2.10.1 and 2.101a. The first bit of news states the Bounty Contract Week will be returning October 14th and last till October 21st, 2014. I am excited to see this event return. I plan on collecting some more contracts to use as currency for some decorations found on the BBA reputation vendor.


The Update 2.10.1 gave the game some minor fixes and minor adjustments. Right off the top, guilds will no longer be able to summon members to get the +10 flight datacron. It looks like back to leading groups through utilizing class skills like pull and harpoon.

 swtor_fleet +10 datacron

BioWare has made a few fixes to a couple Flashpoints. On CZ-198, there has been some adjustments to a couple of the bosses in each of the Czerka related Flashpoints. The changes will affect both story and hard mode versions of these Flashpoints. Another Flashpoint change has to do with the new Tactical Flashpoint: Legacy of the Rakata. The shuttle at the end of the Flashpoint, has been modified so players can use. I am very happy to hear this. Is it a ground breaking change? No, but it does clean up the minor detail of being told to use the shuttle.

 SWTOR_RakataPrime shuttle1

On top of these changes, there have been some fixes to a few achievements, ability to complete a couple bonus missions on Makeb and new sounds for Rancor mounts when they are activated. Be sure to read through all the notes for more on Update 2.10.1.


As for Update 2.10.1a, it cleared up the issue with Legacy Fleet pass and Legacy Travel cooldowns. After the previous update there were issues with the unlocked travel cooldowns not applying. Thank goodness for them getting this fixed on Thursday and not waiting till next Tuesday to patch this.





  • Dev notes

TaitWatson Guild Flagship – Glitched Crew Rooms | 10.02.2014, 03:38 PM

If anyone is experiencing this issue, could you please post here with which deck (command, officers, etc.) and the general area within the room (back left, right of the door, etc)? We were able to reproduce the issue, but we want to make sure we catch all of the impacted rooms. Also, make sure to list your Faction so I know if you’re in a Harrower-class Dreadnaught or Valor-class Cruiser.

Here is the beginning post:

<Champions of Valhalla> Server: Shadowlands. Faction: Republic.
Our guildship does not allow us to decorate the back crew rooms on the crew deck. We’ve unlocked the rooms, and can see the hooks, but it will not allow us to interact with the hooks at all. We unlocked this crew room on 9/15 and still cannot decorate it and I’m told that other guilds are having similar issues…

 guild flagships2


It appears some guilds are unable to decorate certain areas of their guildship. If your guild runs into this issue, please be sure to post to the above thread and give the information specified by Tait Watson. Hopefully this matter will be corrected in short order. If we hear more we will pass the details along to you.





TaitWatson Set Piece Bonus Lost | 10.02.2014, 01:53 PM


Originally Posted by Sindariel

It’s a visual bug. Switch zones and it’s fixed.

Sindariel is correct – it is a visual bug, and the set bonuses are still there. I will still make sure the team is aware of the visual bug and see what we can do.




This would freak me out if I looked and visually didn’t see my set bonus listed. At least the issue is only visual in nature and not a real loss of a set bonus. It appears from Sindariel, that if you switch zones the bug will be fixed. I wonder it resetting the UI, by hitting crtl U two times in a row would resolve the issue. It looks like the dev team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.





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  • Article looks at the top Villains in Star Wars

Have you ever thought about which Star Wars villain you would rate as the best? This past week there was an article that looked at a possible top ten of the best villains in Star Wars. Who would top your list? Well the list found in the article by Mike Krumboltz, had Emperor Palpatine as number one with Darth Vader coming in at number two. To see the rest of the villains from three to ten be sure to go check out the article. If we added SWTOR villains, where would Darth Malgus fit into this list or maybe there is another baddie you would like to see in the top ten? Let us know in the comment section below and I will tally the results for next week.

 emperor palpatine



  • SWTOR fan-made music video

YouTube user Axurion Exeiro posted this week’s video. It is a short music video promoting the guild Amersu. The beginning of the video utilizes various cutscenes, some from Galactic Strongholds. The track in the background during the first part is a dialog of the actor Mel Gibson from We were Soldiers. After the dialog the video picks up pace thanks most in part to the music from the group Black Veil and song titled In the End. The video clips also feature more clips of the guild members in combat. This is a really nice promo video. The pacing and selection of music really are well done. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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