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Join Jason and Heather as they share their experiences in SWTOR. We look at information that came out of the New York Community Cantina. On the podcast, we discuss BioWare announcing one reward that will be offered for Season 3 Ranked PVP. Later we share our personal tips for getting the most out of the 12x bonus class mission XP.

All that & more in this week’s podcast…





Our very own Heather on GameBreaker TV The Republic


Newsnet and Beyond

Las Vegas Community Cantina date is set!

November 15th, 2014




New York Community Cantina images and hints on things coming to SWTOR


SWTOR_Rishii_Male_Concept SWTOR_Rishii_Female_Concept


screenshot of Rishi




NY Community Cantina Q&A via Unnamed podcast





Hot Rod themed Walker

Season 3 PVP rewards early announcement




Update 2.10.2




Community Buzz

Our Tips for making the most out of the 12x bonus class mission XP

1) Use any XP boosts before opening titles

2) Class missions give bonus XP, but try to complete heroics for planetary comms

3) As soon as you hit level 10 use fleet pass

4) Pick up a crafting skill to compliment your gear, gather resources to sell, or go biochem

5) Focus on gearing through comms every 10-15 levels or so. Remember FPs & heroics for comms

6) Utilize unused comms on your other toons via Legacy armor

7) Don’t do bonus quests in your class missions! They’re not boosted to 12x

8) At level 47, go to Makeb to level to 55 faster

9) Space bar will save hours, but I would only recommend if you’ve already seen the class story.

10) Always use the latest companion you’ve unlocked, as they will have the best gear, unless you are upgrading your other companions’ gear





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  One Response to “Episode 130: Rewards, Reveals & Leveling Tips”

  1. Looks like the Update will be Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014.

    Be sure to get your allotment of the 1credit slot machines!
    May the Force be with you all

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