Nov 062014

SWTOR Twitch Schedule

SOR5Straight from the SWTOR Community Team, here is the upcoming schedule for the next four Community streams. These streams will be focusing on the individual advance classes and upcoming changes when update 3.0 Shadow of Revan goes live.

Schedule after the Jump…




11/7/2014 FRI at 4pm CDT: Bounty Hunter / Trooper

BH-Trooper icon

11/13/2014 THUR at 4pm CDT: Sith Inquisitor / Jedi Consular

SI-JC icon

11/21/2014 FRI at 4pm CDT: Sith Warrior / Jedi Knight

SW-JK icon

11/26/2014 WED at 4pm CDT: Smuggler / Imperial Agent

Smuggler-IA icon

Check the SWTOR streams and stay tuned to CRR for details for more details on Update 3.0



  2 Responses to “SWTOR Twitch Schedule”

  1. Of course the Warrior is next to last.

    I’m convinced this game and the developers hate them. I mean, we did get stuck with Broonmark, afterall…

  2. @Noremac Thanks for the comment!
    Well, that is better than last like the Imperial Agents lol.
    I’m convinced that Warriors and Agents have such amazing new utilities that they had to hold them to last, because of rush there will be to these classes 😉 I can hope.

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