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HoloNet Links #167

Only one month to wait. That’s right only one month till the expansion Shadow of Revan goes live! Have you leveled up all the characters you had planned? I am getting closer on my Sith Sorcerer. As we get closer to the launch of the expansion expect lots of details coming from BioWare. Speaking of which, today, November 7th, starts the showcasing of the changes in each advance class during the SWTOR Community streams on Twitch. We have the entire schedule and even details on some changes coming specifically to Commandos/Mercs in 3.0.

Commando/Merc Changes, Jung Ma Server event & more after the Jump…





  • SWTOR Twitch Schedule

Once again reminding our followers that November 7th starts the Advance Class streams by SWTOR on Twitch. The first stream will be Bounty Hunter/Trooper Friday, November 7th, 2014 at 4pm CDT. Here is a link to the SWTOR Twitch channel and a link to the schedule for the live stream events.



  • Commando/Merc Changes in 3.0

Commando1BioWare posted the first blog on advance class changes. This Discipline blog, a term used by BioWare, has outlined some of the changes coming to the advance class Commando and its Imperial mirror, Mercenaries. BioWare states in the blog, that “Trooper changes, overall, are the most drastic.” Of course not everything is set in stone, since testing is still an ongoing process.


From reading the blog, the changes seem mostly centered around making the class and the Commando/Merc advance class easier to maintain resources. Having played a Commando Combat Medic through mid-level, trying to keep your group healed seems to be more about resource management than anything. The changes seem to be geared to keep Commando/Merc healers on more of an even playing field as other healers. One area that seems a bit confusing to me, for the Combat Medic/Bodyguard, is the change to the basic attack no longer being used for healing. Instead the Healing Discipline has a new ability called Med/Kolto Shot. This allows healing to be done without loss to resources and ability to heal no matter what cell/cylinder is active. Yes, the no changes in resources are great, but why add another ability? Does this mean resources are generated with new ability? If not does that mean the Commando/Merc have to figure in their rotation two abilities that did what the one ability did prior the 3.0? I would suggest getting rid of the new ability and maintain the current system of requiring the proper cell/cylinder active to heal using the basic attack. We learn that the main heals are restricted to the Healing spec.


The two damage specs look similar, but yet have changes. Most of the changes are improvements to existing abilities or the more powerful ability that replaces the lower level one. Where the Commandos/Mercs will be very different, will be the more mobility to the advance class. Through the use of utilities a Commando/Merc will be able to use certain channeled abilities on the move! Imagine seeing a Commando using Full Auto or a Merc using Unload as they are running at you! That is a scary thought for PVP and very helpful in PVE.


Bounty HunterThere are lots more abilities, utilities and changes found on the SWTOR Discipline blog. Be sure to read up on all the coming changes and stay tuned for other blogs informing us about changes coming in 3.0 to the other advance classes.



  • Jung Ma Server Event

I was checking out the Community Content threads on the SWTOR forums and came across a post for a server event on the Jung Ma server this Saturday, November 8th, at 8pm EST.

“Hello honored Citizens,
The Remnants of Hope would like to formally invite you to an exquisite occasion. Imperial and Republic alike are all invited to. There will be a bar with the most high end drinks across the galaxy to compliment the luxurious feast that features cuisine from all cultures and heritages. We will be celebrating a night of achievement for all those great works done in the name of progression and the ideals of Hope.


We interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news. We just received word that a Voss official has just been murdered. We can’t say for sure who it was as we are still learning what happened and we intend to protect the privacy of the official’s family, but we can say he was a member of the government. This murder was unprecedented and appeared to have been deliberate. A statement has been released that the official was in fact a target and that was not a random occurrence. The murder took place in the Tower of Prophecy. No information has been released on the suspect but he or she is considered extremely dangerous. Investigators have reason to believe that the suspect is still on Voss and they have advised the public to be on alert and to STAY AWAY from the Tower of Prophecy. We will bring you more information as we get it. You will now be returned to you scheduled broadcast.


Hope is what drives us all and can be the reason we stand. We hope you join us for a night you will never forget at the Tower of Prophecy on Voss. It will be the most joyous of occasions and a party people will be dying to get in. We hope to see you on Saturday November 7th at 8 pm EST


This sounds like a good time and a bit of mystery will be happening on Voss. Be sure if you have a character on the Jug Ma server you head over to Voss this Saturday, November 7th, at 8pm EST.



  • Dev notes

CourtneyWoods Game Update 3.0 Class Changes: Commando + Mercenary | 11.06.2014, 05:00 PM

In case y’all were wondering – we will be putting up the Powertech and Vanguard blogs tomorrow morning!



I have not been able to write up about the Powertech/Vanguard blog, but be sure to keep an eye out on the main SWTOR site and make sure to attend the SWTOR Community stream today, November 7th at 4pm CDT. They will be going over the Bounty Hunter/Trooper class changes coming in 3.0.





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  • Star Wars Episode VII has a Title

The movie has wrapped up shooting and about the same time we have been given a title for the film. According to an Entertainment Weekly article “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens” is the name given to the newest film in the saga. Titles in Star Wars films, as with most movies, mean something. In this case, what does it mean? When “Return of the Jedi” ended it seemed to me the Force was very much alive. Perhaps it has taken Luke these past 30 years to establish a new Jedi Academy to begin training new Jedi. Could this be a possible awakening the movie title is referring to? It looks like we will have to wait for the first trailer or possibly when it is released in theaters December 2015. Let us know what you think of the new title in the comment section below.

 Star Wars ep VII


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