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HoloNet Links #169

As I started to write this week’s article, I realized in less than a week Thanksgiving will be celebrated here in the United Sates and the following day starts the shopping madness. Is it possible to have time pass so quickly that it seems almost part of a dream? Well, fast or not, the benefits of being with friends and family during the holidays outweigh the loss of time. Besides the quicker it passes, the sooner we will get to play the new expansion – Shadow of Revan.

Class Changes 3.0, Season 3 Ranked Rewards, & more after the Jump…








  • Corellian Run Radio is Streaming

Our latest episode #132, was the first podcast we streamed live. We will with live podcasts every other week, if everything remains on schedule we will be recording live November 30th, 2014. This will be only two days before Early Access to the new expansion, Shadow of Revan. We will be covering all the hot topics leading to the release of the new update and of course some fun along the way!

Be sure to follow the link to our Twitch account and follow us. We will see you then!




  • Sentinel/Marauder Changes in 3.0

Another week closer to the release of Update 3.0 and as we wait for the expansion, there are some more Discipline blogs. This week the blogs deals with the Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior classes and their Advance Classes.


First up are the changes to the base class Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior. The major change has to do with the ability Riposte/Retaliation. According to the blog, the ability still remains, but it has had some major changes. Let’s look at how this ability is being changed in the Advance Class, Jedi Sentinel/Sith Marauder. We will also look at the other changes mentioned in the SWTOR blog post.


For starters, Sentinels/Marauders have no access to the ability Riposte/Retaliation. The ability didn’t seem to be a good use of Focus/Rage and so the developers felt it would be better to remove this ability from the game for the Sentinels/Marauders. Another ability being removed from the Sentinels/Marauders rotation is Crippling Throw. The healing debuff from this ability has been added to Leg Slash. On the other hand, Sentinels/Marauders are getting two new passive abilities:


“Focused Slash: Slash, Cyclone Slash, Dispatch, Blade Rush, Merciless Slash, and Concentrated Slice refund 1 focus when used. In addition, Zealous Strike beats down its target for 45 seconds. Beat Down targets take 5% more damage from melee attacks.
Valor: Increases the amount of Centering built by 2 when activating abilities that consume focus, and reduces the cooldown of Valorous Call by 30 seconds.”


Each of the three specializations has gained at least one new ability along with three new passive abilities, one for each specialization. Along with these changes there is the new utility system. There are some familiar abilities there that a player might choose to learn. A couple new abilities are mentioned in the blog post:


Expunging Camouflage: Force Camouflage removes all cleansable effects when activated.

Just Pursuit: Leg Slash consumes 2 less focus. In addition, using Leg Slash against a target already slowed by your Leg Slash immobilizes that target for 3 seconds. This immobilizing effect cannot be applied to the same target more than once every 10 seconds.


Be sure to read up on all the upcoming changes for Sentinels/Marauders in the Discipline blog. Stay tuned for other blogs informing us about changes coming in 3.0 to the other advance classes. Don’t forget to check out the SWTOR Twitch stream Friday, November 21st, 2015. They will be going over the changes to Sentinels/Marauders.



  • Guardian/Juggernaut Changes in 3.0

Now we look at the other Discipline blog this week, the other advance Classes Jedi Guardian/Sith Juggernaut. Riposte/Retaliation is strictly a Guardian/Juggernaut ability and the use of it is based upon whether you are in the Soresu Form or not. If it is on, as in “tanking” form, then Riposte/Retaliation is based upon whether an enemy’s attacks are parried, dodged, deflected or missed hitting you. While when not in “tanking” form, the ability is enabled or triggers when your attacks are parried, dodged, deflected or misses the enemy.


Beside the change to Riposte/Retaliation, Guardians/Juggernaut received two passive abilities:


Focused Striking: Reduces the cooldowns of Sundering Strike and Warding Strike by 3 seconds each and increases the focus they generate by 2.
Single Saber Mastery: Increases the damage dealt by your weapon by 20% and grants a bonus based on your currently active form:
Shii-Cho Form: Increases all Force damage dealt by 5%.
Shien Form: Increases all melee damage dealt by 5%.
Soresu Form: Increases melee and ranged defense by 3% and increases the threat generated by Force Sweep and Cyclone Slash by 30%.


Here are some of the changes to the three specializations found in the Advance Classes Guardian/Juggernaut.


Defense/Immortal – The tanking spec according to the blog has remained primarily the same. There are some minor changes to how certain abilities will function when 3.0 goes live. The one new ability for this spec is:


Warding Strike: Increases damage reduction by 3% for 20 seconds, generates 6 focus, and deals weapon damage to the target with a series of quick melee attacks. Shares a cooldown with Sundering Strike.


Vigilance/Vengeance – One of the two damage specs, it has a new ability called:


Vigilant Thrust: Thrusts your weapon into the ground, causing a Force-empowered shockwave that deals energy damage to up to 8 enemies within 5 meters. Stuns weak and standard enemies for 3 seconds. Shares a cooldown with Force Sweep.


Focus/Rage – The other damage spec has two new abilities coming in 3.0:


Focused Burst: Blasts the enemy target with a powerful burst of Force energy, dealing kinetic damage.
Concentrated Slice: Slices the target for significant weapon damage.


Besides the changes to the base Advance Class and the three specs, there are more changes coming with the Discipline system through utilities. As with many of the classes in 3.0, several of them have utilities that will be abilities or passives quite familiar to things currently in-game. The blog mentions the following two as a couple of different ones you might select to use.


Whiplash: Saber Throw immobilizes the target for 3 seconds.
True Harmony: Enure increases your movement speed by 50% and grants immunity to movement-impairing effects while active.


There are lots more abilities, and changes found on the SWTOR Discipline blog. Be sure to read up on all the coming Guardian/Juggernaut changes and stay tuned for other blogs informing us about changes coming in 3.0 to the other advance classes.




  • SWTOR Twitch Stream

Be sure to tune into the official SWTOR Twitch stream latest livestream event. Friday, November 21st, 2014 at 4pm CST, BioWare will be showing the combat changes coming in 3.0 to the Jedi Sentinels/Sith Marauders and Jedi Guardians/Sith Juggernauts.




  • Dev notes

EricMusco Commendations and Refund Timers in 3.0 | 11.17.2014, 12:25 PM

Hey folks,
As many of you know, there are changes coming to Commendations in 3.0. I talked about this a little bit previously, here, and one thing that came from that post were more questions. I thought I would make a one stop-shop post on Commendations in 3.0 and what would happen to them, so here we go!

  • All Basic, Classic, Planetary, Elite, and Ultimate Commendations that you have will become Basic Commendations. more on this below
  • The Commendation types “Classic” and “Planetary” are being removed from the game.
  • Warzone and Ranked Warzone Commendations are remaining exactly as they are now, and any Commendations you have will carry over to 3.0.
  • *Important* Any items that you have purchased prior to 3.0 that have a refund timer will become bound to you with the 3.0 update.

Quick note on all of the PvE Commendations collapsing into Basic. The conversion rate of each Commendation will vary, both above and below 1:1 most likely. We are still working out exactly what those conversion rates are but I will get you that info before 3.0. I know one of the concerns is what the Basic Commendation cap will become. The plan right now is that the cap will remain 1,000, however, when the conversions happen in 3.0 we will allow that number to go higher, temporarily.
Once we nail down those exact numbers I will let you know so you can plan accordingly. Thanks everyone.




Make to take note of this post concerning comms. First off, all current comms will be turned into Basic comms. There will no longer be Classic or Planetary comms in-game once 3.0 goes live. PVP comms, both Ranked and Warzone, will remain unchanged. Also make sure to read the bullet point next to important. It states, “Any items that you have purchased prior to 3.0 that have a refund timer will become bound to you with the 3.0 update.” So, if you were thinking of spending your comms on an item and then hoping to get a refund on that item, it will not allow a refund and the item will be bound to you.





EricMusco So Eric, how’d you land the jig at Bioware for SWToR? | 11.20.2014, 02:23 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by Macetheace

So Eric, how’d you land the jig at Bioware for SWToR? And were you always into Star Wars?

I impressed them with my sweet dance moves.



The quote of the year!



AlexModny Season 3 Furious Rewards Announcement | 11.20.2014, 02:33 PM

Good news everyone!
We are excited to show you the Season 3 Ranked Rewards! They are finalized and ready to go! We have already stated what the rewards are going to be here but now we can add visual clarification to all your furious quandaries! Tune in to tomorrow’s stream to see David and Musco show off the rewards (maybe Musco will even do some horrible decorating with the trophies???) as they review the Knight and Warrior Disciplines. Only 12 days left before the season ends so you know the drill, get in there and go ‘zerking furious!



Besides learning more about the changes coming to the Jedi Knights/Sith Warriors in 3.0, we will get to see some of the Ranked rewards for Season 3! Tune into the SWTOR Twitch channel Friday, November 21st, 2014 at 4pm CST.





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