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It has been an eventful week with the release of Early Access on Tuesday for the Shadow of Revan expansion. I have been able to enjoy some of the Early Access content. There has been a lot to take in; from new story content, new planets, lore, NPCs, all the way through the new Discipline system. The expansion adds a lot to this game, and like any new updates, there will be glitches and yes, there are a few. Thus far, all and all this expansion seems to be really good.

Dev notes, Datapad entries from Rishi & more on 3.0 after the Jump…







I think the best thing in the game has been the new areas. I absolutely love Rishi. The setting is really good. This has the feel of a Caribbean “pirate” village. I know it sounds odd, but it totally works. The surrounding jungle areas are beautiful. I love the ability to explore areas to reach objectives. Of course this is not an open-world concept, but it feels very open and not confining like I consider Oricon or even Makeb. The element of verticality through small, climbable, rocky hills and several rope bridges is fun. The rope bridges are see-thru, meaning if you use the bridges to climb over enemies, some can still see you and target you.


The story elements, that I have seen so far, are excellent. I finished off the Agent story element. I liked that some of my choices from my story quest were brought up in the dialog. Of course, I would have loved more of it, because BioWare does such a great job with the story elements. Speaking of story, BioWare made a change to some side quests. There are new side quests that become dailies. There are still elements of voice-over, but when you click on the quest giver a mission pops up you can accept or deny. If you want to, you can listen to the entire dialog or start on the quest once you click accept.


A new element I have only tried once, so far is new Tactical Flashpoints in solo-mode. This takes the mini dungeon and makes it even more accessible for everyone to experience the story. How is this done? Well they give you the latest droid from the GSI droid division. Upon entering the solo-mode, the droid arrives beside you. This is not a different companion option, you are allowed whichever companion you wish to take.


In my opinion, the droid is like a mechanical Treek on mega stims with lots of health points. The droid can heal and also does a great job tanking. Despite all the advantages the droid can only take so much damage, but never fear, just click the droid support button and another droid will appear as needed. Now, the Flashpoints in solo-mode have been “dumbed-down,” but the whole idea is to remove a barrier for players seeing all the story content. I think once the bugs get worked out, this would be something BioWare should do for other flashpoints in the game.


Another huge element in Update 3.0 is the new Discipline System. I know there have been numerous articles about this new feature. Most of it was from watching the SWTOR Community livestreams and speculation. I will be first to admit, I was thinking all doom and gloom for my Marksmanship Sniper. I haven’t got into the actual numbers, but just going by how fast NPCs die during questing, it feels very close to how things did before 3.0. Some of the areas I was worried about the new utility systems seem to offer a way to fill in for changes to skill trees. It will take some time to get my rotation all worked out, but not nearly as painful as I first thought. I haven’t been in an Operation yet, but with the new utilities should make next Op interesting.


Have you been into Early Access? If so what have you enjoyed or liked the most? What has been something you felt needed tweaked a bit?




  • Rishi: Places of Interest

Interested in learning a little about the planet Rishi? Well BioWare thought as much, so they posted a Developer blog about this new location. Hmm okay it isn’t a travel brochure, it just happens to be several datapad entries from someone “visiting” Rishi. The person happens to be a prospector named Rondo. The entries are those sent to his wife telling about his adventures and mishaps on the planet. The entries form a story, but what exactly happens is for you to find out. Go over to the SWTOR website and read about Rondo’s adventures.




  • SWTOR video of PVE armor in 3.0

SWTOR forum user, Jhordi, posted the following video about PVE gear in update 3.0. It is a very nice visual look at some of the new armors sets found on vendors on the fleets. If you haven’t had a chance to look at the vendors since Early Access started, this is a great way to check them out. Let us know what you think of the video and be sure to leave your comments for the video’s creator on his YouTube channel.




  • Dev notes

EricMusco Missing Solo-Mode Droid! | 12.03.2014, 05:07 PM

Hey folks,
I thought it would be helpful to make a post covering all of the information I could think of around Solo mode Forged Alliances. There can be some confusion getting into them, especially if something disrupts you part way through. Here is some advice to help get you through!
Things to note to access solo mode:

  • If you have already completed Forged Alliances in full, you cannot access solo mode in 3.0.
  • You can only complete each Flashpoint in solo mode, only one time, per character.
  • You must have the Mission “Prelude to Shadow of Revan” in order to access solo mode. You get this Mission from a terminal on your ship.
  • As a part of solo mode, you must enter the Flashpoint directly, you cannot use Group Finder.
  • Once in the Flashpoint, you will have [SOLO] in front of that mission to know you are all set. You should click the icon next to the Mission in your Mission Tracker to summon a special droid companion to help you (the key to solo mode!)

I started into solo mode Forged Alliances, but something happened and now I can’t access it.
Try the following steps:

  • If you are not in a group, the phase door will appear purple if you are in solo mode.
  • If you are not, reset the instance and try going back in. If that doesn’t work…
  • Talk to the droid/person outside of the Flashpoint and see if they have a quest to offer.
  • If they do, you should be able to start the Flashpoint in solo mode.
  • If you cannot, try abandoning the quest for just the Flashpoint (not the prelude) and then try talking to that NPC to accept solo mode.
  • If that does not work, abandon the Prelude and the Flashpoint quest. Go back to your ship reaccept the Prelude, go to the Flashpoint and talk to the NPC. He should be able to grant you solo mode.

Hopefully these tips should get you back on the correct path of being able to run solo mode Forge Alliances!




Getting the solo-mode to work is a bit tricky. The above tips help if you do run into troubles. Remember to keep in mind, if you have done the Forged Alliance Flashpoints before 3.0 then you cannot do them via solo-mode. The only way to get to do the two new flashpoints via solo-mode is through the questline.

If you are having any issues follow the guidelines above and if those fail to work, be sure to fill out an in-game ticket.




TaitWatson Scheduled Maintenance: December 2nd, 2014 | 12.01.2014, 01:31 PM

Hey everyone!
Two things!
1. Patch notes will be posted later today!
2. The patch is big. I know some people have concerns about the filesize of the 3.0 update, so I thought I would let you know that internally we are showing roughly 2.5 gigs for the update from 2.10.3a. This number will fluctuate depending on your client version and your region (ex: French and German assets are different sizes than English).




Obviously the Early Access has already been sent out, but for those that have to wait till the 9th I wanted them to know. The expansion is big. As the post by Tait, talks, the patch is over 2 gigs. If this might cause some issues for you, you have time now before the full release of Update 3.0.




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