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December 11th, 2014 marked the three year anniversary of the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is hard to believe the game has been live for three years. On top of that, December 9th was the official full release of the latest expansion, Shadow of Revan. The game has really come a long way. From new planets, starship combat, housing addition in Galactic Strongholds, etc. the game has grown and looks to continue to do so for the near future. What is one of your favorite moments in the past three years in SWTOR? Please let us know in the comment section.

3 yr. Anniversary Promotion, Star Wars gift ideas & more after the Jump…





This past Tuesday was the official release date of the new expansion, Shadow of Revan. To help announce the release BioWare has posted a new trailer! Check it out.



  • Third Anniversary Promotion

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, December 11th marked the three year anniversary of the game. What is a birthday or anniversary without gifts? BioWare has a few gifts for players to help mark the occasion. First off, now through Monday, January 12th, 2015, you can purchase the Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Strongholds for only 3 credits. Yes, you heard correctly only three credits to purchase the above mentioned strongholds. These normally cost 5,000 credits.


Secondly, December 16th through January 12th, BioWare is giving away some decorations to help players furnish their new stronghold(s). The following decorations can be picked up on the Anniversary Personnel vendor located in the Stronghold and Crew Skills section of each fleet. Players can pick-up firework launchers for their stronghold, several paintings of different planets in the game, and a Holographic Projection of the entire SWTOR Galaxy. Below are pictures depicting some of the items.


If you have any questions about this Third Anniversary promotion, be sure to visit the official page all about the Third Anniversary.



  • Dev notes

AlexModny Now that 3.0 is live when can we expect GSF fixes? | 12.09.2014, 10:35 AM

Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by DamascusAdontise

So now that 3.0 is live, and all the other major bug fixes have been put through, when can we expect GSF to be fixed? Apparently they have been actively looking at it for over a week, with that in mind I would like to know:


1.) What went wrong?
There was a code bug in 3.0 that broke how some of the abilities (such as Engine Suppression on EMP Missiles) check to see if the character has unlocked the required upgrade. This resulted in the character having the ability, the player using the ability but the ability not activating all effects because it didn’t see the character having the upgrade.
2.) When can we expect a fix?
As of this moment the fix is slated for 3.0.1 but it hasn’t gone through QA approval yet so if they find issues there is potential for a delay.
3.) Will the fix include just things that broke in 3.0 or all the stuff broken for the last 7 months?
The fix will just include the abilities that broke in 3.0 via this code bug. I will give updates on other GSF issues down the line as I have updates.
I apologize for this issue to all our flyboys and flygirls. Cheers!



As with any software update, upgrade or patch there tends to be a few bugs. The latest expansion was no exception. The bugs were not just limited to new content or discipline systems. One area that seems to be feeling the bugs is with Galactic Starfighter. As the above dev post states, certain abilities are not working with everyone in GSF. The good news is that, according to Alex Modny, the ability fixes should be in Update 3.0.1. I believe that is possibly going to be live as early as Tuesday, but we will have to wait and see to be sure.




HillaryNicole Friday Community Stream with Towelliee | 12.10.2014, 05:38 PM

Some adjustments since this post was made: Towelliee will be streaming on his own, but we will be in our channel hosting him and answering questions that players may have.



For anyone still curious about the new expansion, this Friday, December 12th, 2014, Toweliee will be showing off some of the new expansion. From earlier posts it sounds like he with be battling Revan, but not sure if that is still the schedule. As Hillary’s post indicates there will be those in the chat channel to possibly answer some questions during the live stream at 1pm CST, December 12th.




Star Wars Community News & Events

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  • Star Wars Gift Ideas

As we near the holiday season, I found a few items that might be able to make that Star Wars fan on your shopping list smile when they open a present this season.

The first one I came across was a hardcover book and is perfect for the Star Wars enthusiast or the casual fan wanting a unique coffee table item. The Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy is a look at the concepts behind the movie scenes in these fan-loved movies. The book has 352 pages that showcase the original storyboards. This look into how they help think through the story-telling process. Also see some drawings of never before seen storyboards from episode V, The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Storyboards hardcover book $26.31 new

 star wars storyboards1


Sticking with the hardcover book, and also the artistic side of Star Wars, we see here one the books in the Star Wars Art series, Star Wars Art: Concept. This hardcover book has 176 pages highlighting some of the best concept art pieces from 1975 through present. The book was published October 2013, so the art spans 38 years. In that span there are concept art from video games, the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, TV shows, and even the graduate movie by George Lucas 1313. If you have someone on your gift list that loves Star Wars and loves art, this would make a great gift.

Star Wars Art: Concept hardcover book $27.19

 star wars concept art


Next up on the gift list, we have an Empire Strikes Back coffee mug. This 12 ounce coffee mug has iconic images from the movie, including the looming image of Darth Vader, which helps suggest the darker tone of this great Star Wars movie. If you have a coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate or maybe looking for a small collectible this Star Wars mug will work great, especially now that it is on sale at

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back coffee mug $7.99



The following item is perfect for the holiday season, especially for who celebrate Darthmas. It is that timeless holiday where AT-ATs pull a sleigh through the night sky with a driver so dark with the Force it could on be Darth Vader. The Ladies long sleeve tee, seen below, is just the thing for that female on your holiday list that tends to favor the Dark Side. It looks great and is on sale currently at

Exclusive Jedi Got Run Over by A Reindeer Ladies long sleeve tee $14.99



The final item for this Star Wars gift ideas list, we have the Imperial Handbook. This is the handbook for all Elite Imperial officers. This is similar to the Jedi, Sith and Bounty Hunter offers over the past few years. Each is unique in how they talk specifically about each of those paths.

In this one, Imperial handbook, it is as if you have been accepted into the Imperial forces and this is another part of your training. I love all these type of resource materials as they give you a lot of in-depth background research. The notations from well-known and sometimes less known Star Wars characters, lends itself to more of a realism.

This item will be an awesome addition to any collector’s collection. However, that level of awesome tends to come with a price and current the Imperial Handbook at is selling for $79.99.


If you have any other possible Star Wars gift ideas, please put them in the comment section below.



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