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HoloNet Links #173

If nobody has told you yet, Happy Life Day! Actually it was December 16th, but currently Life Day festivities are going on in-game. Actually there is a whole vibe of celebration with SWTOR in the midst of celebrating its three year anniversary and of course the latest expansion only ten days young. Lots going on in-game, what have you been doing in SWTOR? Let us know about your latest adventures in SWTOR.

Life Day activities, dev notes & more after the Jump…






  • Life Day Festival

snowballDuck! Splat…you just got hit with a snowball. Yes, snowball fights have again been breaking out all over the fleets, during Flashpoint runs and almost anywhere in-game. All trying to get those snow covered parcels. Snow covered parcels are an in-game currency used during Life Day celebration. They can be used to purchase items off the Life Day vendor.

The Life Day Master of ceremonies is located near the Galactic Trade Networks on both fleets. This is where you can purchase the snow ball item. Once purchased, drag the snowball icon onto an empty toolbar slot. Next, target an NPC or player who does not have the snowball “debuff,” then click the icon to send a snowball at them. Randomly a mission reward window will pop up to award you one snow covered parcel. 2014LifeDay vendor

Beside the ability to target players and NPCs for possible currency reward, you can locate an overheated droid and hit them for the chance to win a Life Day themed decoration. Don’t forget to check the Cartel Market for many other fun Life Day themed items. Happy Life Day to all!

 sleigh 1

Life Day festivities run through January 6th


While you are picking up your items at the Life Day vendor, remember to get your free three year anniversary items off the anniversary vendor. The vendor is located on the fleets near the Dromund Kaas and Coruscant Stronghold kiosks. These free items will be available now through January 12th. For more details read the SWTOR blog about the promotion.




  • Dev notes

CourtneyWoods The 12 Days of SWTOR | 12.17.2014, 02:06 PM

Happy holidays everyone! Beginning tomorrow, the Cartel Market will have daily surprise sales for the next 12 days (12/18/2014 – 12/29/2014). You can find out what’s on sale in game, but we will also be posting here and on social media the items going on the Market that day. The Market will be updated at 11:00am CT each day.

  • Day 1: Crime Lord and Blockade Runner’s Packs
  • Day 2: Coming Soon
  • Day 3: Coming Soon
  • Day 4: Coming Soon
  • Day 5: Coming Soon
  • Day 6: Coming Soon
  • Day 7: Coming Soon
  • Day 8: Coming Soon
  • Day 9: Coming Soon
  • Day 10: Coming Soon
  • Day 11: Coming Soon
  • Day 12: Coming Soon

May the Force be with you!



During this celebration, be sure to look in the Cartel Market for the daily deals marking each of the twelve days of Life Day. Some of the retired packs are being brought back. If you have wanted an item that had been retired, this might just be your chance. Good luck to all!




EricMusco An Update on The Furious Title | 12.15.2014, 01:31 PM

Hey folks!
I wanted to tell you about a change coming to one of your titles, the Furious. As many of you pointed out, this title already existed in game prior to the end of Season 3 rewards. We really apologize for this happening, it was an unfortunate oversight on our part that it got through and we want to correct that oversight. As of 3.0.2 anyone who currently has The Furious from Season 3 will have it replaced by Fairly Furious. If you still want to have The Furious title, you can just jump on over to Makeb and defeat the Golden fury to earn it.
Now, one thing we also know with Season 3, is that some of you weren’t the biggest fans of the titles. We are always looking to improve our PvP rewards, and titles are no different. So although we are only changing The Furious title, we know you would like to see improved titles in the future. Please continue to make suggestions around titles and rewards you would like to see for future seasons.
TLDR – We are changing The Furious title reward from Season 3 to Fairly Furious since it previously existed in-game. Thanks everyone.



Wow, talk about a /facepalm. I generally love the direction BioWare has made with rewards, but to overlook a title that is already in the game is not a good thing. The weird thing, I was going through my titles and saw the Furious title. I thought, um there was a mistake because I have never played one ranked PVP match.

I get that mistakes happen. Heaven knows I have made my fair share of them, but to change the title from Furious, because it already was in-game, to Fairly Furious seems to lessen the achievement of Ranked PVP. Personally, I think the titles should be reversed, with Furious going to Ranked PVP and Fairly Furious going to those defeating the Golden Fury droid in Toborro’s Courtyard. What is your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below.




EricMusco Goals for Addressing Server Concerns | 12.15.2014, 01:24 PM

Hey folks,
At our fan event in Las Vegas, one of the things we stated is that we are working to address the concerns of things like queue times and uneven server populations and that we would provide an update before the end of the year. As you might expect we’re not ready to tell you exactly what we are working on yet, but we did want to go into what our goals are for next year.

  • To address issues of queue times across all types of content, both PvP and PvE.
  • To rethink how we approach “server separation.”
  • Remain sensitive to things like character identity.
  • The continued ability to define your chosen server playstyle, PvE, PvP, RP, RP-PvP.
  • We also would love to use this opportunity to enhance/create social systems. It’s a big ole’ galaxy and we want it to feel that way.

In the coming months we will be releasing more details. We appreciate your patience as we work towards these goals.




Well, true to their word BioWare has given some information about the thinking going into the new system to help with queues in PVE and PVP. They also stated during the Las Vegas Community Cantina and at the EA Press Event that not many details would be given. Again they were true to their word. Although there is nothing concrete to this post, it is interesting what aspects of gameplay they are looking at when formulating the new system. Will it be one big server? Could it be a fusion of true servers with other servers used to help fill queues? At this point, it is all speculation or a pure guess as to what it will be. Do you have an idea or something you would like to see BioWare implement to help queues? Write out your suggestions in the comment section below.




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  • SWTOR music video

This week’s video is from the YouTube user LMG. He is covering Life Day festivities and also shows items from the event. The video is informative on how the event works and also where the vendors for Life Day items are located. The video is a little over 13 minutes. He does a great job previewing items and giving advice. He also discusses, displays some of the third anniversary promotional items and how to get them. The artwork looks great. Be sure to go to the YouTube user’s video and let him know what you thought.


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